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Comment: Re:Installation problem? (Score 1) 120

Your an idiot. You can put fuel in any aircraft that may have small amounts of water and it would potentially cause a fatal crash. In fact it has done so. You can install breaks wrong, but just forgetting to install them at all, you can get tire pressure wrong, ..etc. You cannot make a thing that is impossible to somehow use, install incorrectly or otherwise break.

Comment: Re:They wore him down. (Score 1) 245

This is infact false. They don't even work then. The "believe" they work is when the tester, typically well trained in interrogation techniques, catches you in a lie. They don't use the polygraph machine for this *at all*. It is a classic give someone enough rope trick and they will eventually contradict themselves.

The sqiggly lines on the page, have zero information about if someone is lying.

Comment: Re:The trick... (Score 1) 245

To need a trick is to imply that a polygraph works. It doesn't. The guy who made up the polygraph test went on to wire it up to plants and claimed that the plant could tell when your thinking of harming the plant. The guy was a whack job. A government institution that puts any stock in a polygraph is a laughing stock.

All a polygraph test is a Dick behind his proverbial bones/tea leaves that gives a reading based on nothing more than if he/she likes you.

Comment: Re:The trick... (Score 1) 245

The other method is to simply be born a psychopath with an absence of conscience

No you fucking don't. Polygraphs don't work. THEY ARE BULLSHIT. Reading fucking tea leaves is as effective at detecting a lie as a polygraph. The guy who "invented" the polygraph when on to show that if you hook up the polygraph to a *plant* it can *read your mind*. This shit is crazy. Even worse is the credibility of any organization at all that puts any stock into a polygraph test.

Long story short. You can just lie to defeat (what does that even mean here) a polygraph.

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