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Comment Re:We need a world-wide effort in space (Score 1) 70

well it is not really that far over budget. If you check it properly rather than the media version of budget. But yes it does show that this sort of cooperation is expensive just in overheads alone. I mean they took 10 years to decide where to build it! Shesh. That is a lot of wages that need a budget for something that hadn't even broken ground yet.

Comment Re: Experimental engines (Score 1) 70

So we should assume something that would create free energy and violate every single well defined "engineering rule" out? It would mean every bridge and building will fall down. Conservation of momentum and energy would be false if this worked. Period. Also there ZERO theory behind the emdrive. None. Oh he had some hashed out bullshit that was shown to be wrong a while back. But they can't fix what is wrong with it. Basically they guy couldn't do his math so said "whoo dude i found a propellantless drive".

Good engineers and scientists don't assume that when they get a results like say free energy or momentum that they invented something. They assume they made a mistake. And the few that don't at least acknowledge a mistake after it was pointed out to them.

Comment Re: Experimental engines (Score 1) 70

I am not the GP. But yea the EMDrive is total bullshit. It is made up physics that was *shown* to be wrong but they went and did experiments that *showed* nothing outside errors and claimed it worked anyway. If it did work it would be a free energy device and it would mean all the laws of physics are different everywhere, like say in paris vrs NY. Since none of that is true and we have over 300 years of *experimental evidence* to back that up. The EMDrive is bullshit.

Comment Re:Experimental engines (Score 1) 70

The thrust of a EM drive is comparable to an ion thruster. If anything they claimed was even remotely true. It would be easy to show. But it is not true, it is bullshit. Turns out you can't get propulsion out of bullshit. Many have tried before. Hell even on of the EMdrive experimenters has a patent on an anti gravity drive. Yea real credible science right there.

Comment Re:Spare us the hype (Score 3, Insightful) 93

Or you could you know look at the data. There is a lot more than just this study about this. Fact is the data is not nearly as clear cut as the summary claims. What is clear is how crops handle not using pesticide, they don't. You know organic crops use pesticide right? You think you can just ask all the insects to be nice to your crop just because you decided it organic?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 93

You got a citation for the lacking of nutrition part? You won't find one. Because every study ever done has shown no real difference (well not quite true, one or two have shown organic to be *worse* because of the presence of fungus) between modern farming, and organic or whatever flavour of the week it is for "better nutrition". Proper blind studies have shown people can't tell the difference in taste either. Again not quite true. Some have shown people believe the "freshest and tastiest" is the modern farmed stuff.

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