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Comment Re:Worst taxi experiences ever... (Score 1) 124

Funny, my experience was totally the opposite. I found them honest on the fair price before i hopped in. Informative on where to go, and even gave tips about where locals would hang out. Every time it was about 1am and i wanted to get away from the strip to a decent pub. Of course not much is open at that time. But there are few places. Afterwards i was taixing back to the strip. Again no issues. Of course i was moderately sober and didn't want to go to a strip club, in contrast to just about everyone else.

Comment Re:I'm not submitting (Score 1) 47

Oh i understand that idea. Fact is, it doesn't work out that well in practice. The hard bit is always the company. And lets face it, your not going to be able to afford the lawyers or the 2-5 years of legal battles to enforce the patent anyway. So its either a marginal idea no one gives a shit about. Or its taken from right under your feet. There are many many examples. Patents Protect patent attorneys and lawyers. No one else.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 576

Your numbers are way way off. First of all there is about 500M people in the EU zone. The 2-5 million immigrants represent sweet fuck all (1%), and to claim something as ridiculous as 100% taxation wouldn't work goes to show how far your basing numbers on faith and prejudice rather than logic and fact. There are more tourists going to cheap hotels every day. We have the infrastructure and the means if we give a shit. But we don't.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 576

He is in fact a total nutbar. I in fact worked with his old supervisor and somehow ended up on his mailing list about 8 years ago. It use to be Science community conspiracy theories and stuff preventing him and his wonderful inventions from being recognized. Turns out he just wouldn't submit his thesis. His rants are always just like this one and has been doing a long time. Pity he got some attention this time. And as someone in the field no one should be using tree finder anyway.

Storm in a tea cup by a total nut bar.

The program isn't debugged until the last user is dead.