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Comment: Re:pacific northwest (Score 1) 124

by delt0r (#49510979) Attached to: Drought and Desertification: How Robots Might Help
How much energy? about a little more than oil. No desalination is far more energy intensive. That is why there are things like aqueducts and long pipe lines already.

The problem as i understand it, is a lack of fresh water in the first place. This implies desalination *and* pipe lines. Also expensive water.

Comment: Re:Mis-use=reviewer don't do their job (Score 1) 208

by delt0r (#49510815) Attached to: Social Science Journal 'Bans' Use of p-values
I review in a fairly wide range of Journals (ones i have published in). From biology to computer science to math and statistics. Often the stats is sloppy and misinterpreted. So reviewers, begin the same group of people, have the same flawed ideas about that sort of thing.

People put far to much faith in "science" and mostly scientists. We are just people, like everyone else. We have the same failings and just because we never left University, it does not make us special.

Comment: Re:Pointless. (Score 1) 106

by delt0r (#49510697) Attached to: In New Zealand, a Legal Battle Looms Over Streaming TV
Lets not forget the copyright warning letters stuff that was also passed under the "emergency Christchurch" whatever it was. The guy is a crook. But not as stupid as he looks, for example copyright warning letters from ISPs is only for NZ copyright material *and* it has to go to a tribunal to disconnect the person. So none of this automated DCMA letter crap.

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