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User Journal

Journal: Amiga video pinouts

Journal by deimtee
The preview shows that this will lose its nice formatting, but you should be able to work it out.

1 xclk* External clock
2 xclken* External clock enable
3 red Analog Red
4 green Analog Green
5 blue Analog Blue
6 DI Digital intensity
7 DB Digital Blue
8 DG Digital Green
9 DR Digital Red
10 CSYNC* Composite Sync
11 HSYNC* Horizontal Sync
12 VSYNC* Vertical Sync
13 GNDRTN Return for XCLKEN
14 ZD* Zero Detect
15 CI* Clock Out
16 to 20 GND Ground
21 -12V Max 50mA
22 +12V Max 100mA
23 +5V Max 100mA
* indicates active low.

have fun.
\ 1 2 3..........11 12 /
\ 13 14 ......22 23 /

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