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Comment: Positives and negatives (Score 1) 283

by spaceyhackerlady (#48677505) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...

I feel here are positives and negatives to being older.

The positive is a depth of experience. An inherent patience to work through problems, looking for the right answer. My boss can - and does - tell me "Laura, figure out XYZ and see if we can use it in our company." This will keep me busy for extended periods.

While it's not strictly age-related, I find many "younger" companies have views on work/life balance that are incompatible with my own. I do not eat, live and breathe my work. When I go on vacation I go, and make damned sure I'm out of cellphone coverage when I do.

Also, many "younger" companies have messages I do not believe in. A prime example is local media darlings HootSuite. Since I don't buy the problem, I can't be part of its "solution".


Comment: Re:Many DDR3 modules? (Score 2) 132

by ChrisMaple (#48667167) Attached to: Many DDR3 Modules Vulnerable To Bit Rot By a Simple Program

So, other than fixing the dram design, the solution is to refresh more frequently. A software fix might be a high priority background program that forces a full refresh at regular intervals (probably a big performance hit). If the CPU does its own dram control, there might be a register that affects refresh rate, or perhaps a microcode fix.

The problem is analog in nature, which suggests that optimized and very clean supply voltages, and very clean and precisely timed control signals might reduce or eliminate the problem.

In any case, this means that manufacturers need to fix their designs and test them more thoroughly.

Comment: Re:Bar joke (Score 1) 83

by ChrisMaple (#48664467) Attached to: How a Massachusetts Man Invented the Global Ice Market

If Obama is not a native-born citizen (at least one US parent or born in US) and he's not naturalized or here on a valid visa, then he's an illegal alien. I've never even heard a suggestion that he's naturalized or here on a visa.

Given that it was YEARS from the time his citizenship was first challenged until valid-looking papers were provided, there's good reason to believe those papers are forgeries.

I'm making no claims with regard to whether he is legally qualified to be president, I'm just pointing out that it looks suspicious.

Comment: Re:Floating Sovereign Nation (Score 1) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48658301) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

With his libertarian-no regulation ideas, no doubt his floating nation will simply discharge raw sewage directly into the ocean.

There are 2 answers to this. One is, it won't happen because no multi-millionaire wants to live in the middle of a sewer. The other is, if he's far enough off shore, so what? Who's hurt? It might even encourage beneficial ocean life.

Comment: Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48658289) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

If you're rich, you can buy the services of a chemist to manufacture HGH, or buy the services of a chemical engineer to build a machine that produces HGH. Or you can sail your yacht to a place where it's legal, and hide it onboard. Or buy it on the black market. Or create a company that legitimately manufactures the stuff, and siphon off some of it for personal use. Or get some from a buddy who owns a plant that manufactures it. Or slip your doctor a few extra large greenbacks. Or if you're really smart and persistent, learn how to make it yourself.

Why the hell do you care? How is he hurting you?

Comment: Re:Won't work (Score 2) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48658253) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

A nation implies a government with standing at the UN plus a military.

Sorry, just wrong. There's nothing about being a nation that requires that the UN recognize it. And one of the Central American or northern South American countries has no military, just a police force. Apparently, its neighbors aren't evil enough to consider it worth invading.

Comment: Re:Running? (Score 2) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48658221) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

Welfare: inefficient government-run money stealing program that discourages the creation of goods.

Building codes: Are you aware that in one of Boston's tonier regions, vinyl window frames are illegal? Residents must use wood. Not all aspects of building codes are good.

Minimum wage: If you're 5 years old and want to buy a comic book, you probably can't do anything that anyone is willing to pay you minimum wage for. But you might find a neighbor willing to pay you $2 an hour to pull weeds from a garden, and you might even be worth that much. Why deny the child the ability to earn a comic book? Why deny him the training that may help him to be more successful later in life?
It's also well established that the effect of minimum wages in the United States especially hurts young Negros. Minimum wage laws are racist.

Weapons: weapons laws in the U.S. are capricious at best. Limitations of the caliber and firing mechanisms on firearms are silly. Laws on garrottes, brass knuckles, and knives vary by state and in some cases by city.

Comment: Re:I am a scientist in real life (IAAS?) (Score 1) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48658093) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years
The average life expectancy for a white male aged 40 in the United States is an additional 38.6 years. This guy looks to be in good health and is actively maintaining his health. That gives him an excellent chance of getting well past his mid-eighties, even without the heroic measures that his wealth makes available to him.

Comment: Re:Wish he would create Galt's Gulch (Score 1) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48658055) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

Poor people are poor for a reason. I've seen people who are poor because they have nothing to offer. In that case, his life would not be helped by a poor person. That also applies to those who can work but refuse to do so.

Just to fill out the list of reasons that people can be poor, there are those that are spendthrifts, and those that have had so much stolen from them that they can't recover.

Comment: Re:Hahahahahahahahaha LOL (Score 1) 439

by ChrisMaple (#48657929) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

The evidence for HGH causing cancer is scanty. Far more likely is HGH encouraging the growth of cancer cells, since what HGH does is encourage the growth of those cells ready to grow. HGH is highest in youth, but youth is not when cancer is most prevalent.

There's lots of accumulated cell damage in old age, and in old age the mechanisms for removing damaged cells are weaker. HGH may make it more likely that a bad cell reproduces out of control.