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Comment: Disappointed and Using a Webtop Now (Score 1) 52

by defective_warthog (#41591249) Attached to: Motorola's Whacked Lapdock Can Make Raspberry Pi Base
I'm in the process of relocating and have been using my Droid4 with the Lapdock made for the Bionic as my only non 4 inch screen internet access device. It will likely be another two weeks until I can get my PC's back online. I paid $120 for the lapdock, much less than a new laptop. The phones could definately use more RAM; that would improve the performance. Also when VZW rolled out ICS the Webtop went to crap without Firefox and Flash. Of course I've installed those. I only trusted the motel computers to print out files that I downloaded to the phone and then moved to a USB stick using the lapdock. Three weeks in West Virginia and I have found a decent place to live and a union carpenter job. Don't fuck with me, I build your house your office.....

Comment: changing habits (Score 1) 415

Is not going to rest on the purchace of a device. If you want to read more you will find a way to read more. My preferance is books; the search function provided by my brain becomes more powerful with each use. Buy your device and read the fine manual. -off reading to the spousal unit from a book we read together nearly twenty years ago...

Comment: Winston Roofing (Score 1) 421

by defective_warthog (#40544441) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Beating the Summer Heat?
I live in 27106. I've been working on a roof in Advance, NC. We start at 6-6:15 am. I fiigure +30 for temp on the roof over air temp. My crew is off the roof before it gets really hot. I think most US people are a bit spoiled; no ac, oh splinters on my deck, my pet is severe_condition, sometimes i hear my_child has severe_condition, will there be dust? Geez lady! I am going to change out your front door! Of course there is going to be dust! And Yes the dreadful outside air is going to come inside your house! This is July so hot air will be going in; I can wait for it to rot out some more and do it the second week of November; just before Thanksgiving, that would be nice. I left my back door, to the house, open twice this week. Kids, go get your knees scrapped, get some sketter bites, catch some lightening bugs. Humans can and do adjust; I think I'll go outside now. -mark the carpenter

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.