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Comment Re:What's up with the system logging me out at ran (Score 1) 1818

If my IP changes, then yes, I have to log in again. It is pretty annoying.

I assume it was introduced to stop accounts from being hijacked through stolen cookies. If you have to keep that function, it would be nice for Slashdot to recognise that I log in often from 3 or 4 unique IPs, not just one. Also, allowing the cookie to work from a subnet of IPs, rather than a single IP, could help those who are often assigned different addresses with their internet connection.

Submission + - Sony Unlocks PlayStation 4's Previously Reserved Seventh CPU Core For Devs (

MojoKid writes: Toward the beginning of the year, it was revealed that Microsoft was going to "unlock" the seventh core on the Xbox One's processor, enabling developers to eke just a bit more performance out of the console and offer more flexibility at resource utilization. It appears that Microsoft's move would inevitably be followed by Sony, as reports are now coming in that this will be made available on the PlayStation 4 as well. This subtle change was highlighted in the latest changelog for the FMOD sound engine which is labeled as a "LowLevel API." While the unlocked core could take on FMOD duties if developers want it to, it's now not going to be tied to any single purpose. Developers could make use of this core, for example, to boost AI performance, or any other process that has a heavy computation requirement. It could also be used to simply help ease overall system load.

Comment Re:How about neither? (Score 1) 375

Yep, you're right that console pirating definitely exists. Though as a whole, piracy rates are very low on modern consoles, to the point where you could consider them negligible. Therefore his point stands about prices not being lowered in the face of effectively 0% piracy. Effectively, media companies are using piracy as a strawman to push their agenda.

Comment Re:Anything can be stable with enough drugs (Score 1) 73

*shrug* I'm just trying to be helpful and point out that you're acting as bad as the original poster, therefore your response loses significant worth. That's a pretty good reason to be polite. It's up to you whether you want to take the point, or let loose with more ad hominem responses.

You also need to look up the definition of condescension and pretentious. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

That's it from me. I'll respond no more on this topic, so feel free to have the last word.

Comment Re:Anything can be stable with enough drugs (Score 1) 73

s/Wrong, you ignorant fuck/Here's something you may be interested to learn/

  Phew, now I can read your otherwise informative reply without bemoaning your inherent hostility. Yeah, I know, the OP was just as bad. Don't let that detract your response, though!

  Something else to add to the discussion. The name "duck tape" _may_ be because of the duck cloth backing. Another theory on the name comes from the tape being waterproof like a duck. Even one more theory is that it was named after the DUKW amphibious vehicle.

Comment Re:Pass (Score 1) 12

We're not after perfect performance for the first generation of VR. We're after decent performance. By all accounts, this has been achieved. Reports about the PS VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive all say that it is very involving and responsive. None have mentioned resolution being an irritation or distraction.

Whether VR is hype or not is too early to tell. It could be the next generation of computer interface. It could just be all steam. Nobody yet knows.

Comment Re:I am no vegan (Score 1) 317

Well, from my experience, it is a form of self-sufficiency. Hens are sourced from local places, because keeping roosters is not very polite for neighbours. Yes, feed can be needed to supplement their food source, but chickens will eat all sorts of kitchen scraps, including egg shells themselves, and will eat bugs around the garden, and also any pulled weeds. Much better than throwing it in the garden waste bin. You don't want to rely on grain for their feed, as a wide variety of food will benefit them more. If you have a family that generate a good amount of food scraps, your reliance on feed will be minor.

Raising hens for eggs is not for everyone, that we can agree on. But it is an option, and is open to quite a large number of people. Also, I think it's a positive activity, and worth the effort. It's also a great family activity.

Comment Re:I am no vegan (Score 1) 317

You will not make self-sufficiency obsolete and unnecessary. Eggs from chickens will always occupy that segment, that is, until people can produce their own artificial eggs.

The recipe to make eggs obsolete: artificial yolk contained in a fine membrane, surrounded by artificial whites, in a convenient container, for a price point significantly less than what the egg industry can farm it. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's likely a very long way off. Until then, the egg industry will still be there.

There's always a way for one will. But one way for many? Sure, why not. I look forward to trying out my first artificial egg breakfast. If they can make egg yolks coagulate at a higher temperature, I may even prefer them.

Comment Re:I am no vegan (Score 1) 317

Yep, I agree that backyards aren't going to feed the whole US. But, it will feed the house that has the backyard, which is kind of the point of such a setup. Hence the original query has been answered.

As for rolling chicken coops, where there's a will, there's a way, my friend. Do a google search on what people have built. Ingenuity abounds.

If Hampton Creek pull off a near indistinguishable liquid yolk/white product at a price point below eggs, I'm sure we'll be moving to their product pretty quickly. It'd actually be quite convenient when producing cakes and such. Though, the liquid stuff can't replace a sunny side up egg on toast, with a rich yolk that flows like molten nutrition when the sac is cut. Nor can it be used in a Korean restaurant, when you order a bibimbap. Plenty of other types of meals that require that certain mix of whites and yolk that only eggs can give.

The other "need" is for self-sufficiency. All good and fine if a company wants to produce eggs for you. If you want to make them yourself, your only option is to raise chickens.

Comment Re:I am no vegan (Score 1) 317

All excellent points. I agree with most of them, well, except for the backyard space. Canada/US are both quite big. There would be plenty of people with backyards big enough to support a few hens.

There are solutions to the cleaning up issue. You can get a rolling cage that effectively spreads the waste around the yard. This deals with the stink problem too, as the waste is dispersed and is allowed to break down before it becomes offensive. Has a good side-effect of providing fertilisation for the yard.

I've got no experience with dealing with racoons and coyotes, so can't really comment. I'm sure a sufficiently sturdy cage could fend them off, though.

Care, feed, cost per egg, and all that jazz, well, that's a bit of a strawman argument, as the original question was how to avoid dealing with those associated with the egg lobby. If you have to work a bit more, pay a little extra, then that's the cost of trying to achieve your ideal.

I applaud Hampton Creek for doing what they're doing. There's certainly a place in this world for their products. Though they will never completely replace the need for eggs, or the need for some people to raise hens for self-sufficiency, consequences of such notwithstanding.

Comment Re:I am no vegan (Score 1) 317

Well, it wasn't a suggestion for every single person in the US. I'd imagine that it'd be quite difficult raising hens in a studio apartment, or any apartment, for that matter. Given enough backyard space, though, it's feasible for anyone to do. Especially if you cook at home and produce a good amount of green waste.

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