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Comment: Re:I smell a rat. (Score 1) 115

by davydagger (#47428999) Attached to: Use of Encryption Foiled the Cops a Record 9 Times In 2013
still thinking far ahead.

most of the time its going to be stuff they either steal or copy, without letting you know who's taken it, and they are most likely not going to do anything to you to get the passwords/keys.

uncrackable encryption protects against this.

You can use rubber hose cryptography on one person. You can use rubber hose cryptography on a handful of people.

You cannot routinely beat people for information, with anything other than a fairly obvious hard police state that would make it impossible for most of America to ignore.

Comment: It'd be worth it if it did transcoding (Score 2) 357

If in addition to playing sound it had general purpose sound cards for audio proccessing and transcoding (lets say HW ogg, flac, opus, mp3, aac, etc..) exposed to the OS, it would be worth it.

Or mabey if it had a built in amplifier, with vaccuum tubes, or a XLR or 1/4 inch inputs/outputs you could jack it dirrectly into a guitar or amplifer.

Comment: Re:What haven't they lied about? (Score 1) 201

there is plenty of public outcry. You here it everywhere. In every bar, in every street corner, where there are *people*. From conservatives, to liberals, to anarchists, capitalists and socialists alike.

You won't here it on the TV, the radio, but you'll here lots of it in the printed press.

This is going to make glenn greenwald's career.

Comment: Re:What haven't they lied about? (Score 2) 201

I think that has more to do with how the voting system is set up, and less to do with collective ignorance.

Collective ignorance of the US population is yet more propaganda they tell us to accept their abuse of our neighbors.

We don't have a choice at the voting booth, because of systematic elimination, and exclusion of canidates that oppose the system, and systematic corruption of any that might get through.

the USA was never a democracy, and what little bits of democracy that exist in the system only date to the early 20th century (i.e. 17th amendment).

Our constitution, declaration of independence, early government, where *not* written by men of the people, crowd sourced, or in any way shape or form made by either democratic, nor popular movements. They were written by the pre-existing state governments as existed under the crown.

Not since the civil war, has anyone, anywhere, really, had any voice in opposing the system of government, and the federalists have cemented any opposition to federalism as support for the confederacy.

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oh yeah, your right. I mean no nerd ever killed them selves facing 35 to life for technical infractions related to accessing publicly available scientific files.

No nerd ever lost their job, and is on the run from US law enforcement for exposing unethical mass survialence and harrassment by the US Government.

No nerd was ever arrested for trying to do the right thing and exposing unethical or dangerous computer behavior.

No nerd was ever arrested for modifying his own video game system, that he bought, and then blabbing about it on the internet.

No nerd was ever targeted for being either a terrorist or a school shooter by rampant paranoia from authorities.

but yeah, your right, nerds are left alone by the system.

Comment: Re:I smell a rat. (Score 4, Informative) 115

by davydagger (#47379867) Attached to: Use of Encryption Foiled the Cops a Record 9 Times In 2013
that is somewhat bullshit.

9 times out of 10, someone trying to crack your encryption is not going to be someone who is able to use that amount of leverage. Most likely they are going to subversively copy your data, or

As far as I am concerned, I don't need my encryption to completely uncrackable. If all encryption does is provide tamper evidence, and doesn't allow undetectable snooping I am OK.

Also, ability to crack encryption in an investigation/forced to decrypt for trial, is not the same as undetectable mass survailence. If all encryption does is force cops to go back to needing warrants and subopeanas, and due proccess, I think its done its job quite well.

Comment: Re:Yeah, right. (Score 3, Insightful) 360

you don't understand how these people work, and how they think.

The concept of a scientific investigation as seen on CSI is a work of creative fiction, nothing more. The capablities of the US government to deter threats including profiling the target with the largest brush feasibly possible, then trying to fuck with the people who fall under whatever target they made up enough that they point fingers at someone else, and whoever has the most fingers in their dirrection looses.

Hypocrisy and the fact that they might be targeting their best chances to do what most people think they do is not relivant.

After they label people as "extremists", they then use excedingly long jail sentances, other threats, and attempts to ruin their social lives, and a split from mainstream society as leverage to get these people to work for the NSA or other government or capitalist agencies.

They can then denounce everyone not explicitly helping them as terrorists.

The fact that most nerds, anyways still say "fuck the system" is a tribute to moral character, more absolute ideas of freedom, and knowledge of history that isn't dependant on the 2 year TV news election cycle, is a tribute to the moral fiber of the computer enthusiast, something that mainstream society lacks.

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by davydagger (#47345595) Attached to: Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing
very acurate actually.

There are all kinds of LRFs on the market, and tanks and other military equipment use them.

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by davydagger (#47309061) Attached to: Bill Gates To Stanford Grads: Don't (Only) Focus On Profit
>Here are some more interesting facts. The majority of tax payers who fund government spondored cancer research cannot afford the drugs their tax dollars helped produce.

Along with the scientists, technicians, and even plant workers loading palets. Agree 100% Do you know why? Because exists a system that is set up to make men at the top of the large corporations money. Not just that, it dehumanizes, and even strips the achievements from the people who actually did the work behind the vaccine.

Science is not done *because* of capitalism. Science is owned by capitalism because capitalism used leverage to create a monopoly on science.

Bill Gates is not a hero. The reason the rest of us can't afford cancer drugs is because capitalism deprives us of the right to have them. Same thing with the malaria drugs. No amount of charity will change that.

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