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stonemirror writes: "There's a lot of blind panic out there over the discovery of a database file on the iPhone which contains dated location information. Without actually looking at the data, a lot of folks have proclaimed that the "iPhone is tracking your every move". I actually did take a look at the data, and it's not doing anything like that."
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In France, WiFi is in the Army band. I can tell you that even Army abandonned wavelengthes are always monitored. Some of the WLAN frequencies are not for public usage in some departements. The law say you must stay under 300mW in power, and can't link between networks.

When I was in charge for the maintenance of a local FM radio, a specialised hardware seller put us a 900MHz link transmitter between our studio and the FM broadcast system. It was outside the GSM use, we didn't find any transmitter on this frequency (that frequency was once bellowed to broadcasters technical transmission), we were under 1W of power, but we had to switch this off as the Gendarmerie asked us to do so.

Comment: Re:Solution: Public Key Auth (Score 1) 327 327

I just notice something strange :
I worked for a french big SMS premium company as a "content creator", and made a listing for the used first names for France, other countries of Europe and North Africa.
And this listing is closely following Feminine French first names, then starts an alphabetic list of feminine Arabic first names, then Anglo-Saxons, then in fact a mix of everyone.
There is datamining.

But strangely, most of them are old First names (We never used them for personnalised logo for mobile phones, we rarely had 40+ aged people who used SMS premium).

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