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Comment: No Brainer (Score 2) 108

by darkain (#46302809) Attached to: Sochi Drones Are Shooting the Olympics, Not Terrorists

So the cost of PURCHASING a drone is about the same as RENTING a helicopter for the same time? With the drone, of course, being re-usable, and creating significantly less impact when comparing the results of a potential crash, and can get much MUCH closer to the action.

This is seriously the best of all worlds. Now if only we can get away from the mainstream stigma of the term "Drone", such as going back to the term UAV instead? Really, the only down-side is ignorant media perception of these devices.

Comment: Re:missing the main point (Score 1) 380

State-wide, you say? About 24 hours after it hit California, I got two of them a few minutes apart... Up near Seattle WA. Yeah, no idea why, either. I'm on T-Mobile, not AT&T, too. Same cryptic message. Just tapping anywhere on the touch screen made it go away, I couldn't even screen-cap it.

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