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Comment: Re:this is ridiculous (Score 2) 440

by darkain (#48610243) Attached to: Federal Court Nixes Weeks of Warrantless Video Surveillance

Interesting on this point.

One of the clients that I manage, the cops came to their house. They asked the resident to allow the cops to setup security video cameras in my client's back yard. The client's back yard faced the back yard on the next street over of a suspect of a crime (not sure if drugs or something else). The cops came in and installed all their own video equipment to point at this other house to monitor them 24/7, from my client's property, NOT from a public location.

So, this is like your scenario of someone turning over security footage from their own cameras, only taking it one step further because the cops installed security cameras on private property (with permission of course... but what did they DO get get that permission, I don't know)

Comment: Full Screen (Score 1) 567

by darkain (#48573753) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

This article has the same bullshit mentality that Windows 8 Metro has... The assumptions that windows MUST ALWAYS be full screen. Guess what? I NEVER do this, There is no point in doing it. I like having my windows tiled on top of each other where I can see the corners behind which ever window I'm working in, so when the status changes in another app, I can see it instantly. Switch between apps is as simple as clicking on the various VISIBLE windows, rather than switching away from the apps, to the taskbar, then back to the apps (think about this task in a multi-monitor setup). And on top of that, their only case study seems to be for reading fixed-width content? The whole world doesnt revolve around just this one type of information display...

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