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Comment Re:VBA (Score 1) 427

Had a client insist on using Excel for data entry into a database... wrote an entire fucking SQL front end using VBA in Excel, which in itself was tricky since Excel's SQL access is "supposed" to be read-only (just SELECT statements). Discovered an exploit in Excel 2003 (maybe earlier now? I can't remember) that allowed for INSERT and UPDATE statements to process through as well. The exploit still worked in Excel 2007 when we switched everything over to XSLX files which could be directly processed by the server so no more need for hackish bullshit. (tho, if it were MY choice, we're fuckin ditch Excel a decade ago for what we're doing)

Comment Gigabit isn't everything... (Score 1) 253

Gigabit isn't everything... My locally owned ISP is considering the same thing with DOCSIS. The problem? It is only Gigabit DOWNLOAD, with still shitty upload. Why is this an issue? Remote storage backups and generally uploading large content (like videos) to the internet. Sure, the slower upload "works for most uses", but so does the slower downloads. The whole point of more bandwidth is to open up the availability to more types of applications. We already have the download bandwidth to stream 1080p content and possibly 4k content on the connection I have with my current ISP. The only advantage I'd get with the faster download at this point is quicker downloads of massive content that isn't streamed (Linux ISOs and packages for example). So unless they give us that sweet glorious Gigabit UPLOAD like Google has, this really isn't doing that much to change end-user experience.

Comment How Many Libraries of Congress? (Score 1) 114

How many libraries of congress is that!?!? Oh wait, we're not talking about network traffic here. But, we ARE talking about archiving and searching through tweets. So the question comes up: the library of congress is archiving all public tweets. Do they honor the fact they're deleted off of the source material? And how easy would it be to search the library's archive vs Twitter's archive?

Comment Re:B2B only (Score 2) 82

Secondly, they're only talking about B2B Apps (as in phone apps or little web tools). The freemium model has been working out well for VMWare with their "Player" product encouraging people to get "Workstation" and their "Hypervisor" product encourage people to get the full "vSphere" suite. Oracle is doing this with the acquisition of Sun and MySQL server, trying to convince users to switch over to their Enterprise Server products. There are plenty of other examples in this space, too.

Comment Color Support (Score 1) 233

Serious question since I've not touched GIMP in years (or any other Linux graphics utilities), but one of the primary reasons why I've stuck with Windows/Photoshop is simply for color management. Does GIMP+Linux support proper color management, ICC profiles, 10/12-bit displays, 16/32-bit per channel within images, CMYK color, Adobe RGB color space, and ProPhoto RGB color space? These are all tools used in various aspects of professional graphics design. Also, designers love to hand me AI files instead of PSDs, can GIMP open and render these too? Photoshop can at least import and rasterize AI files, as well as PDF documents.

Comment OTA TV (Score 1) 319

In my area, I get free OTA TV. Subscribing to the bare minimum cable package, which is *JUST* the same channels as OTA provides, is $18/mo. The only advantage I would have is a more reliable signal, as with bad weather the OTA sometimes drops in and out a bit. A "standard" cable package, the next tier up, starts at $53/mo. Now, let's compare this to Netflix, which starts at only $8/mo.

So, why is cord cutting huge? Because we all want to save a buck or two... or $40! Really, look at the difference there. It is $18/mo for the same service that is already free, only slightly more reliable. Or $8/mo for unlimited streaming. Or the getting an actual cable package at $58/mo!? Seriously, what would you choose in this scenario?

Comment Re:What's the big deal (Score 4, Insightful) 134

Or how about a super successful PR guy, by getting his story right to the front page of /. and probably many other tech sites. "Hey, if he can get a silly story about himself everywhere, WHAT CAN HE DO FOR US!?" He just PRed the hell outta himself right in to the pocket books of many new clients.

Comment Re:What does that mean? (Score 1) 56

eBay, Amazon, AirBNB, Pizza Delivery, Airlines/Trains/Public Transit... just to name a few. Now you can pre-pay and pre-order with the Subway app. Starbucks offers the ability to pay tips with a popup notification right after you swipe your starbucks cards at a register at their stores. GreatClips offers appointment signups via their app, plus discounts for people who use it.