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Comment: NO (Score 1) 320

by danielt998 (#39345115) Attached to: Mozilla Debates Supporting H.264 In Firefox Via System Codecs
If Mozilla doesn't support it, it will hopefully never become a standard, which should be good for the open web. If they do choose to, we will be stuck with an evil proprietary video standard forever. I like HTML5 video because it prevents the needs for proprietary software and standards and FREE software codecs can be used. If companies decide to use proprietary codecs then we are back to square one...

Comment: 'preventing terrorism' rather than saving lives (Score 3, Insightful) 189

by danielt998 (#39091439) Attached to: UK Plans More Spying On Internet Users Under 'Terrorism' Pretext
It seems odd to me that the UK's priorities are 'preventing terrorism' rather than saving lives. Not many people die from terrorism a year and this would prevent very few of them.(Let's be generous and say one a year) Are there not other things on which they could spend the money that would save more lives than this. I don't see how deaths from terrorism are any more serious than accidental deaths. Building HS2", for example will probably save more lives than this as a by-product by decreasing the number of car journeys, which are far more dangerous than rail ones. Why do people give terrorism 'special powers'. In what way is a death because of terrorism any more serious than a car death? Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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