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+ - Programming Trends on StackOverflow

Submitted by damian2k
damian2k (2358426) writes "This animated bar chart shows the top 25 tags on StackOverflow each month, measured by monthly question counts. The y-axis shows percent and represents the proportion of these top 25 tags per month. The candlestick shows the minimums and maximums to date.

The trends listed below refer to the proportion of the top 25 tags, as shown in the chart and not the absolute number of questions. You can see these trends by watching the animation and looking at the final chart.
  • Up — javascript, android, jquery, html, css, json
  • Steady — java, php, python
  • Down — c#,, .net, sql-server
  • Tag replacement — ios replaces iphone

+ - Big Ball of Mud Design Pattern->

Submitted by damian2k
damian2k (2358426) writes "In Big Ball of Mud, Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder propose that the default (and most common) software architecture in use is the "Big Ball of Mud" pattern and go on to discuss six additional patterns and activities that it gives rise to: "Throwaway Code", "Piecemeal Growth", "Keep it Working", "Shearing Layers", "Sweep it Under the Rug" and "Reconstruction"."
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+ - Pricing hacks of online retailers->

Submitted by damian2k
damian2k (2358426) writes "The well known and less well known tricks that online retailers employ to encourage you to buy products and services from their website. Pricing hacks of online retailers covers tricks such as the power of "free", per-customer limits, dynamic pricing, time limits, the 9 factor, easy math, pay what you want, freemium, no dollar signs and X for $X."
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+ - Coding tricks of game developers->

Submitted by damian2k
damian2k (2358426) writes "Game developers often experience a horrific "crunch" (also known as a "death march"), which happens in the last few months of a project leading up to the game's release date. Failing to meet the deadline can often mean the project gets cancelled or even worse, you lose your job. So what sort of tricks do they use while they're under the pump, doing 12+ hour per day for weeks on end?

How about changing the background story of a game to suit a bug, or even just leaving the bug in there and making it a humorous feature of the game! There's also the game studio who keep a pair of white gloves handy, just in case you need to code up some particularly nasty hack and you don't want to feel dirty when you do it! Read more at the article here:"

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Comment: Chinese number combos (Score 1) 102

by damian2k (#38467528) Attached to: Chinese Developer Forum Leaks 6 Million User Credentials
english 'iloveyou' is at #26 but the Mandarin for the same is 'wo ai ni' ... 'woaini1314' is at #83. the 1314 means "forever" ... because it sounds like forever when pronounced in Cantonese. At #93 is '5845201314' - when pronounced in mandarin - 'wo fa shi, wo ai ni, yi san yi si'. ... which sounds like - "i swear to love you forever and ever"... More here:

Comment: Re:The Internet vs. Cable TV (Score 1) 283

by damian2k (#38444662) Attached to: Law Professors On SOPA and PIPA: Don't Break the Internet
I think the analogy you are after here is that media corporations really want a "CLOSED" Internet that is compliant and fully under their control, as opposed to an "OPEN" Internet which they can't control ... its the inevitable swing back to a closed technology, as happened with the telegraph (started off open then became dominated by western union) and the telephone (started off open then dominated by AT&T). The problem is that the technologies behind the Internet will make it extremely difficult to pull this off, but this may be the first salvo in the battle.

Comment: Re:computing power scales exponentially (Score 1) 156

by damian2k (#38339264) Attached to: World's First Programmable Quantum Photonic Chip

I suspect this is powerful enough computing power that there will be an argument to keep it restricted to "the cloud". Too much power for the average citizen, more than anyone but a terrorist would need, that kinda thing.

Erm, that's what they said about the first ever computer, you know, the quote that went: "there is a global market for a total of 8 computers" or something.

Comment: two classes of people with computer skills (Score 1) 1

by damian2k (#38311824) Attached to: Malaysia mull compulsory registration of tech work
> The draft Computing Professionals Bill proposes to create two classes of people with computer skills:
> - A lower class of “Registered Computing Practitioner” — people without degrees in computing; and
> - An upper class of “Registered Computing Professional” — graduates in computing

Erm ... so these two have the same acronym ... RCP
they would be better off going with CM (code monkey) and SE (sofware engineer) ;-)

+ - Businesses Can Lose Millions To "Technical Debt"->

Submitted by
MojoKid writes "Sometimes, innovation isn’t just about new and compelling products, but about new ways of looking at problems. CAST Software released a report on application software health that examines the cost of “technical debt” to a company’s bottom line. Technical Debt is calculated as the cost of fixing the structural quality problems in an application that, if left unfixed, put the business at serious risk. The study looked at the structural quality of 745 IT applications, which represent 365 million lines of code. There were five categories the study measured, namely security, performance, robustness, and the ease of software transferability and changeability. The primary result: companies incurred an average technical debt of $3.61 per line of code."
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+ - Malaysia mull compulsory registration of tech work-> 1

Submitted by Viceice
Viceice (462967) writes "Hot on the heels of recently passed legislation further restricting Freedom of Assembly, the National Front led Malaysian Government is now working to make the registration of all Tech workers mandatory, making it an offence punishable by a stiff fine and jail for anyone to plan, deploy, service and maintain any computing system without a license.

A leaked draft of the legislation has ignited a backlash among the IT community, which fear the law, when passed, will be devastating to the tech industry in Malaysia."

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+ - New Australian court victory for Samsung against A->

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes "Samsung will finally be able to launch its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in just in time for Christmas after the High Court lifted the ban preventing its sale in Australia and refused Apple's expedited special leave application. Apple had attempted to appeal an earlier court ruling overturning the ban."

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% APL is a natural extension of assembler language programming; ...and is best for educational purposes. -- A. Perlis