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+ - Open source NAS Clustering

Submitted by dago
dago (25724) writes "I've been searching for a solution to make a "network raid" out of different NAS and storage servers, each with 2-4 HDD. In particular, I'm looking at a way to aggregate that space in a RAID5 way, to have a large, redundant space for backup and archiving. Access would be via SMB/CIFS or FTP and performance doesn't really matter.

I've already tried solutions like Lustre or GlusterFS, but they doesn't seem to provide directly "RAID5 over TCP/IP", just stripping, mirroring or both (RAID 0, 1, 1+0). On the commercial side, "scale out NAS" products usually requires to buy new, specific hardware and aims at very large installations.

Did anybody already aggregated NAS storage using open source components ? How ?"

Comment: VMWare Workstation (Score 1) 695

by dago (#28178287) Attached to: Keeping a PC Personal At School?

As said in the title, install ubuntu and let them use a dedicated virtual machine with windows XP.
Make a snapshot after the initial installation and always revert to this snapshot.

Of course, there are other virtualization solutions, so you may have your preferences, but VMWare may still have some advantages over others (dual screens, sync USB, ...)

Comment: And the Swiss will vote in May (Score 5, Interesting) 217

by dago (#26462645) Attached to: Biometric Passports Agreed To In EU

as the parlament changed the law to introduce biometric passports, a group of citizens sucessfully launched a referendum.
As a result, they're going to vote on this in May, so this will be a good indicator as the people will directy decided.

And before other people jump on the democracy aspect and representation in the EU, don't forget that many EU government/parlament (including mine) already introducted biometric passports and are directly elected.

It will be also difficult to guess what the swiss result will be as they already 'confirmed' different EU decision in such referendums.

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