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Comment Re:The Science In a SciFi movie... (Score 1) 163

I'll admit I haven't seen the move or read the book, but where in hell does he get the seeds and fertilizer to grow plants in Martian soil?

There is a plausible explanation in the book for this (the mission had neither fertilizer nor seeds as such). My recommendation is to read a book - it's not that long and quite enjoyable.

Comment Re:Valve is the lever moving the PC gaming world (Score 5, Informative) 57

Valve mostly uses the Source engine and it already supports Linux, so a lot of Valve games are already Linux+SteamOS games.

The Linux port of CryEngine does not mean however that the existing CryEngine games get a Linux port overnight as it requires further work on the game developer's side (at the very minimum a recompilation but I guess there will be lots of small things and also it may be a problem if they use any third-party lib that does not support Linux)

Comment Re:Snake oil is everywhere (Score 1) 668

One particularly salient point, brought up by many, is that the treatment is "untested". His treatment doesn't work because there are no studies to confirm this.

No one addresses the evidence.

Huh? Studies ARE the evidence. Anecdotal data is not. And it seems like that Burzynski is working hard to NOT have any studies done.

Comment Re:One word: Cloud (Score 2) 246

What kind of kid who at least *thinks* he might be capable of hacking the school's system wouldnt be aware of cloud storage/backup?

Dunning and Kruger wants to have a word with you.
Basically it comes down to this: it is exactly the kid who is not aware of cloud storage (and is pretty clueless about computers in general) is the kind who thinks he might hack the school's computer.

Comment Re:Industrial revolution was a disaster... (Score 1) 289

India and China were devastated, they had no clue of what was hitting them, they were reduced abject poverty and penury, to less than 5% of the GDP.

That smells fishy.
Was their GDP really reduced or all that happened was that the European GDP made such a huge jump but India's and China's stayed on the level before?
Do you have any solid data to support this claim?

Comment Re:Thunderbolt (Score 1) 392

And USB 3 does not do everything I use Thunderbolt for on my Mac

You should update your infos.

including ferry USB3 over the same wire as video.

It's actually a feature of USB3.1 and that's what the new MacBook does. It has a single USB C connector on it, nothing else (apart from an audio jack), and it's used for charging, video out, peripherials, whatever.

without eating a ridiculous amount of CPU power as required by USB

That was a problem of USB2.0.

Comment Re:Not unambiguously bad (Score 2) 318

A comment like this could have only born in a mind that is far-far removed from war.

I'm not a pacifist, but I do think war should be a last option. And it should be messy and painful so that we'll try to find ways to end it.

You don't know shit about wars. Being messy and painful are in practice have nothing to do if a war is ended or not - it just affects how much people suffer.

Comment Re:Vietnam war (Score 2) 307

My father is distrustful towards the government even though he is liberal

You know, a basic tenet of liberal democracies is distrust in goverment - that's why we have all these checks and balances, the need for transparency, etc. So I would expect each every liberal to distrust the goverment.

Comment Re:Can some one explain the efficiency claims? (Score 1) 65

The most easiest way to explain is that it is made up by the submitter: this claim is not present in the linked article.

What IS there is the following:
"Using a light beam to charge a smartphone could be as quick as many wired chargers, the researchers found, depending on the size of the PV panel."

It is certainly true, however, the best panels being rated at about 190 W/m2 max output you would need a PV panel about three time the size of an iPhone6 to charge it as fast as its wired charger does (or six times the size if you want to match a 2 amp charger's speed) - all of it presuming ideal conditions.

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