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Comment: Re:Communism is the only way forward (Score 1) 870

by dabadab (#46582183) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

What about the impending failure of capitalism?

Yeah, what about it?
I have grown up in a socialist country and I was told that the capitalism will fail anytime (though it did not stop people from trying to escape there from our socialist utopia to the hell of capitalism, even though they could be (and many of them were) shot dead on the border). And here I am, thirty years later, and the doom of capitalism is still impending while "the only way forward"-communist has failed spectacularly.

So please, lecture me on how communism is the only way forward.

Comment: Re:He's entitled to spend his money as he wishes.. (Score 1) 112

by dabadab (#46572329) Attached to: JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla

I'm amazed at how much negative feedback this is generating.

He is spending money to fuck with other people. And not in the literal sense. Frankly, if he would donate to a campaign to ban disabled parking spaces I would be a lot more understanding because there he could gain something. But supporting prop 8 is just pure jerkage.

Just because an individual may not support gay marriage does not mean they also hate gay people.

In my experience, yes, it does.
There may be some pseudo-rational mumbo-jumbo but it almost boils down to outright homophobia.

Personally I would prefer it if the state would just wash it's hand of the 'marriage' issue altogether. Introduce civil unions between people and award benefits and/or tax breaks accordingly.

So you propose that in the future marriage be called civil union, because...?

Comment: Re:Gender Balance (Score 0) 545

by dabadab (#46160373) Attached to: Getting Young Women Interested In Open Source

So how come there is no push to get women in high risk jobs, like oil wells, private security companies, mining, etc?

The question is: how would society gain anything from that?

Because it seems rather clear that getting women with the right talents to jobs where productivity largely depends on talent and can be quite high with the right people (of which there is a shortage) is a move that helps society.

Comment: Re:Never gonna happen, because of how OSS works. (Score 1) 299

by dabadab (#46089835) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: An Open Source PC Music Studio?

It's impossible to write plugins similar to VST

That's a very strange claim. It's not just possible to write plugins similar to VST (e.g. there is DSSI, which can also host VSTi plugins with the dssi-vst wrapper) but you can also build native Linux VSTs.

Granted, your reasoning is hard to follow, so I may have missed something and perhaps you mean something else entirely.

Comment: Re:Nothing to see here (Score 1) 418

Sorry DRM is stupid all day. Give me the non-DRM-laden version every time.


Physical media has serious problems (like being inconvinient to handle, not really backupable, dependent on other devices to use it, etc - and it may have DRM on it at the end). You don't have to go back there, you can just move ahead and use the ethereal formats without the DRM-nonsense.

And with the right Calibre plugin you can de-DRM any ebook from Amazon automatically.

Comment: Re:The NY Times overlooks the fundementals (Score 1) 67

Just take a look at this article. If you see the same in the print edition then you should come off your acid trip. And it's not that it is gorgeous in its full glory - it is also implemented correctly. On the desktop it does not overload the CPU, it is absolutely enjoyable on mobile devices, hell, it renders OK also in lynx. And note the correct use of videos: you are not expected to watch it like TV, it just enhances the text.

Comment: Re:Please read the PCWORLD disclaimer (Score 2) 148

by dabadab (#45198753) Attached to: Dell Ad Says Windows 8.1 Apps Will Run On Xbox One

I fully expect these to be a re-built subset of applications, not binary compatible but code compatible.

Actually they are most probably talking about the "Windows Store apps". These contain both x86 and ARM binaries, run sandboxed, fullscreen with the Metro UI, so I see no reason you could not run them on the X1. However I also do not see much reason to be excited by this functionality - only time will tell, but I do not see huge potential in running dumbed down, simple apps on a gaming console.

Comment: Re:Greed knows no bounds (Score 1) 164

by dabadab (#44562067) Attached to: US Horse Registry Forced To Accept Cloned Horses

They're not the government. They have no "fairness" obligation to everyone.

But they are a business and as such, they are subject to business regulations.

I don't see how they can be accused of holding a monopoly when "no other horse breeding registry allows cloned animals ..." indicates that they ain't the only game in town.

To be a monopoly, you don't have to have 100% of the market - just like Windows does not have 100% of the desktop OS market and there are quite a few other desktop OSes, yet it definitely has a monopoly in that area.

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