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Journal Journal: Rejected submissions

This journal entry is not grousing. I fully understand that the poopoo head adminstrators of slashdot are fully in their right (being owners of the site and all) to put up whatever old or duplicated junk they want or not. I don't take it personally when stuff I submit gets rejected. I don't doubt that, regardless of how awesome the stories may have been, I'm just poor at writing summaries. This is cool by me. I'm just along for the ride.
  This journal entry is for keeping track of stuff that I thought was cool or funny or interesting at some point in time for some reason or another. If you had already seen these things 18 dozen times before I decided to share, fine, you're the reason why comments on this entry are not enabled. You don't have to read this note or anything that follows. In fact, I'd suggest you don't as doing so will give you an incurable brain disorder that makes some words illegijnbjkbngb.

(How stupidly simple would it be for /. to include the year in the datestamp?!)
  Microsoft's We Share Your Pain (WSYP)
Friday January 20, @04:47PM
  ACLU's Conditional Defense of Free-Speech
Wednesday May 31, @08:32AM
  No sex please, robot, just clean the floor
Tuesday June 20, @11:45AM,,2087-2230715,00.html
  E-monks Wednesday July 12, @04:31PM
  Captain Kirk To Be Roasted
Friday August 04, @04:09PM
  Real-time song start announcements
Monday August 07, @02:56PM

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