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Comment: Re: Taxicab vs Uber (Score 1) 138

by amiga3D (#49764489) Attached to: <em>A Beautiful Mind</em> Mathematician John F. Nash Jr. Dies

Maybe so, maybe not. I guess once you're over 80 life may seem a little less precious. I'm almost 60 and it hurts every day to get out of bed. I don't know if I want to live to be that old. The real benefit from safety belts is at slower speeds though. Why get concussions and broken bones from 30MPH fender benders? Wear a seat belt and maybe your shoulder is a little sore from where the harness caught it.

Comment: Re:Taxicab vs Uber (Score 2, Interesting) 138

by amiga3D (#49763817) Attached to: <em>A Beautiful Mind</em> Mathematician John F. Nash Jr. Dies

In a high speed accident anything can happen of course. The real benefit is in lower speed accidents. In the past at speeds under 50mph many people were dying or being crippled for life without the use of seat belts. Properly belted in those are almost entirely walk away accidents. At really high speeds I'm not sure it makes that much difference. I remember back in the early sixties I was 5 years old and my Dad was driving his 59 Ford (on skinny bias-ply tires) with the needle on the speedometer right between the 00 on the 100MPH mark. The car had no belts at all and I was standing on the front seat gleefully yelling "pass another one daddy" as my father sipped on a jug of moonshine he had sitting on the floorboards between his legs. He's 90 now and when I remind him of it (he loves to criticize MY driving) he almost cries. It's amazing any of us survived. But hell it was fun.

Comment: Re:older generation is totally clueless about tech (Score 5, Insightful) 133

by amiga3D (#49757961) Attached to: NSA-Reform Bill Fails In US Senate

While this is true of many there are those that do excel with tech. I also know that there are many of the younger generation who think that because they know how to use twitter they are special somehow but when their laptop wont boot they bring it to this old man to fix.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 2) 360

Poland has reason for those grudges. They got raped time and again by the bear and that kind of horror doesn't go away quick. The fact that Putin is grinding up the Ukraine makes it seem likely that a country whose asshole still hasn't healed from the last fucking the Russians gave them would get more than a little nervous. Hard to blame them.

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