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Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 180

It would make sense nowadays to plan for solar energy when building a house. If you must be off grid there are ways to make it work. I'd use propane for heat and cooking though. It's reliable and really nothing beats a gas stove. I really think that a battery breakthrough is just around the corner. If they can get the cost of batteries down then I think Solar will really take off.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 2) 180

Well sure, it's easy and cheap to go off grid if you don't really want all the modern conveniences like a washer, dryer, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc. I could probably do without a lot of things but there are limits. It's still cheaper to buy electricity from the power company that generate and store my own. I see the day coming that will change though as technology marches on.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 2) 180

You sound like some sort of religious fanatic. I'm all for solar and off grid but it's not cost effective yet. It's getting better but there's no way for me to go off grid as that's a huge outlay of money and it'll take many years to recoup the investment. DC appliances cost way more than their AC alternatives. I priced a DC air conditioning system and it was prohibitively expensive. I can see this getting better but we're a decade or maybe two away from solar being more affordable than being on the grid. I plan to start small and build a system a little at a time as I can afford it and it makes sense.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 0) 151

Evidently you failed to understand what I wrote. I don't really give a shit about homosexuals one way or the other. It's really irrelevant to me what they do and with whom (as long as I am not involved). It's about this recent drive to make it seem like it's natural and normal for one man to have sex with another man (or a woman with a woman). It's perversion clear and simple. It's neither natural nor normal. The primary reason for sex is procreation. I know we use it as recreation nowadays but it's primary function is continuation of the species. I fail to see how anyone can argue with that but I guess when something like homosexuality is involved people will do anything to make it seem normal. Why, I don't know since it's okay in today's society to be abnormal. I do not believe that people are born homosexual. It's a ridiculous statement and there is no proof whatsoever to support it.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score -1, Flamebait) 151

You really think nature meant for a male to have sex with another male? Or a female with a female? Nature designed sex for procreation and without a male and female you don't have that. I'd say that if a man desires a man either he made a choice or maybe it's a kind of birth defect. Given that rampant homosexuality is a recent phenomenon I'd say either we've had a huge rash of birth defects or either a lot of people decided to dabble in perverted sex. It's a common thing in decadent societies. I'm not really against homosexuality just all the foolish attempts to say it's normal. Anyone can see it's not. I don't care who's dick you suck as long as it is not mine.

Comment Re:Population/Area has to be a factor (Score 1) 278

When I was in Spain back in 1982 the rule was that roads were made for cars and people had to watch for traffic. No one ever stepped off in front of me while I was there. Never. I think maybe the rule that pedestrians always have the right of way has created a false sense of safety in pedestrians. They get so used to jumping in front of cars that always stop so that when someone isn't paying attention and they jump they get squished. I always wait, even at crosswalks, for traffic to stop before I step out. I've noticed that a lot of pedestrians just stroll out there without even looking up to see what's coming. Most of them actually. Yes, the driver is at fault. That don't make the victim come back to life though.

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