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Comment: Re:Mass transit (Score 1) 384

by amiga3D (#46816333) Attached to: Will the Nissan Leaf Take On the Tesla Model S At Half the Price?

I loved mass transit when I was stationed in Germany. You could set your watch by the busses and they ran regularly. Waiting times were minimal. None of that applies anywhere I've been in the US but maybe the real big Metro areas might be better than what I've seen. Then there are crime issues that didn't seem to exist in Germany.

Comment: Re:Snowden / Putin (Score 2) 168

What kind of drivel are you spouting? It's not like you know anything about history. 250 years ago the'd have hung the bastard for sure. No one likes a traitor who runs off to another country to spread animosity for his homeland. If he'd gone to the Times or something I'd call him a whistleblower. Going to China and then Putin? We need to hang his sorry ass.

Comment: Re:Budweiser trucks seen nearby (Score 1) 330

by amiga3D (#46805377) Attached to: Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

I spent 3 years in Germany from 85-88. Great beer and I drank many different varieties. I've had Czech beer also, in fact the best beer I ever had was from the Czech Republic. I mostly drank a german beer called Muenster Brau or some such. I used to get a case or so delivered to my door every week where I lived near Mainz. It came in a brown heavy bottle with a white flip top. The wines there were off the chain as well. I enjoyed many a winefest. Man I enjoyed those 3 years, I highly recommend Germany to anyone. Lots of history and really nice people. Clean and beautiful and some great food. So you see I speak from experience.

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