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+ - An Open Source Social Network That Don't Suck?

Submitted by cyphgenic
cyphgenic (455493) writes "Why isn't there an open source social network web application that doesn't suck? There are a few packages on freshmeat that are pre-alpha or just plain don't work because there's a lot of hacking to be done. There are some packages that cost you money, which makes you think that they haven't really figured the data structures for social networking. They are learning on your dime. There are some packages that look like a scalability nightmare waiting to happen.

So, what gives? Why won't friendster open source itself? Why won't any of these social networks open their code base? I'm pretty sure it could benefit from the wisdom of crowds."

Newfound Planet Has Earth-Like Orbit 126

Posted by Zonk
from the hooray-for-earth dept.
Raver32 writes with a link to the Space.com site, and an article discussing an extra-solar planet that looks a lot like ours from a distance. At least, its orbit does. The planet is located about 300 light years away, in the constellation Perseus. It circles its giant red star every 360 days and was discovered by 'looking for wobble', the shift in a star's movement that hints at orbiting planets. "The discovery could help astronomers understand what will happen to our sun's brood of planets when it exhausts its store of hydrogen fuel and its outer envelope begins to swell. When that happens in an estimated 5 billion years, our sun will be so big that it will engulf the inner planets and most likely Earth. But long before that happens, life on our planet will have perished and its seas will have boiled away."

The beer-cooled computer does not harm the ozone layer. -- John M. Ford, a.k.a. Dr. Mike