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Comment: Re:Like PayPal is a bank? (Score 1) 301 301

by cypherwise (#35807142) Attached to: Facebook To Be 'Biggest Bank' By 2015
Agreed. There were some true gems in this there though:
1) This guy is the 29th ranked Facebook user. - WTF does that mean? 60% of the time he works every time.
2) Zynga is worth $12 billion. - Maybe in Zimbabwean dollars.
3) "Rutkowski asked Schmidt what Google was doing with “Web 3.0” and Schmidt replied Web 2.0 was just a marketing term and that he was “the inventor” of Web 3.0." - I'm pretty sure he got trolled by Schmidt.

Taking a quick peek at the Founder Institute's web page it looks like the type of business Tom Cruise was running in Magnolia. This is getting filed in my "Check these asshats predictions!" folder to be opened in 2015.

Comment: Re:for pete's sake (Score 2) 339 339

by cypherwise (#35800980) Attached to: AT&T Lowers Data Access To Just $500/GB
Do you worry the Australian government will use that leverage to control the Internet more than they already do? I remember there being stories about them blocking a lot of websites and wanting to censor various things. Perhaps, having good access with good crypto with Tor or other routing mechanisms will outweigh any pestering they try to do. Who would run/administer the actual network?
The Internet

+ - Decentralizing the Internet - Big Brother ->

Submitted by mspohr
mspohr writes: Eben Moglen is in the NYT ( for the FreedomBox Foundation ( ) which is an attempt to "Decentralize the Internet so Big Brother Can't Find You". The events in Egypt have shown that in spite of the Internet's inherent decentralized design, it can be subject to government control.

The FreedomBox is an attempt to improve decentralization by the use of small plug servers running a free software stack.

Looks like an interesting and useful project.

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+ - 84,000 domains got ICEd->

Submitted by cypherwise
cypherwise writes: It looks like ICE, DHS's Immigration and Customs Enforcement wing, redirected 84,000 domains during "Operation Protect Our Children". Out of those 84,000 only 10 were found to be hosting child pornography. The DNS entries were changed at the registrar level to point to which contains an interesting message from the DoJ and DHS claiming the site you are visiting contains child pornography. That's two botched operations in the past few months. What's next?
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+ - Do Vibrating Molecules Give Us Our Sense of Smell?->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit writes: That tingling in your nose may not be allergies. In a provocative new paper, a team of scientists suggests that tiny molecular vibrations give us our sense of smell. Some experts are skeptical, but if the work holds up it could upturn over a century of physiological research, as well as help engineers better design artificial noses that can assess food quality and even sniff out explosives.
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+ - LSE tackles market close IT problem->

Submitted by DMandPenfold
DMandPenfold writes: The London Stock Exchange has taken steps to resolve a system problem that occurred at 4.30pm yesterday (Tuesday), which saw a delay to the start of the closing auction and knocked out automatic trades during a 42 second period.

The problem occurred a day after the high profile launch of its new matching engine on the main equities market, based on the SUSE Linux system from Novell.

Sources close to the exchange today told Computerworld UK that the problem yesterday involved a system linked to the matching engine.

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+ - Who Is Anonymous' "Commander X"? Not This Guy->

Submitted by jfruhlinger
jfruhlinger writes: HBGary, a security firm working with the FBI, earned the wrath of Anonymous by investigating their membership using data-mining techniques. But it turns out that perhaps those techniques don't produce the best results: Benjamin De Vries, the man HBGary apparently fingered as Anonymous' "Commander X," is an organic gardener who, in an interview with blogger Dan Tynan, says "I couldn't hack my way out of a paper bag."
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+ - Dual-core smartphone runs Android and Ubuntu->

Submitted by nk497
nk497 writes: ARM is showing off a test handset at Mobile World Congress, which runs Android 2.3 and Ubuntu 10.04 at the same time on a Texas Intruments OMAP 4 chip (check out the video here). ARM envisages a time when the only computer you’ll ever need is your smartphone and with Nvidia announcing it will be putting quad-core mobile processors into tablets by autumn and smartphones by Christmas, that prospect looks to be approaching faster than anyone expected.
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