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Comment Re:Maybe a good thing (Score 4, Insightful) 409

OTOH, this appears to still happen if the phone itself is reset to a factory image. It doesn't seem to be that much of a security risk if instead of refusing to work, the phone, after being reset, would renegotiate encryption with the sensor. There's no data to be stolen in that scenario. And there's other mechanisms to prevent a stolen phone from having resale value.

It's still a security risk. You could imaging intercepting new iPhones, replacing the fingerprint sensor with a compromised one containing a backdoor, then reimaging the phones, putting them back in the box, and selling them to your target. After your target loads their sensitive data on to them, you could then retrieve it using the compromised sensor.

I agree this is somewhat contrived and Apple is likely just looking to block third party repairs, but it still is a valid security risk.

Comment Re:My brother (Score 1) 406

In my case, it really was the ads just getting too annoying. I never used to block ads when they were just a .gif banner at the top of the site, or a static image in the sidebar. Popups began the annoyance, and I blocked them but not ads in general for a while. I think it was X10 and their pop-under ads that provoked me into using a general ad blocker.

Same here. I tried hard to never block ads to make sure the sites got their revenue.

But for me it was the video ads. I started getting annoyed and distracted when animated GIFs were used, but the extra audio that I couldn't turn off pushed me over the edge.

Now if the site can't be viewed with both NoScript and AdBlock, I just go elsewhere.

As far as I'm concerned, advertisers and site owners have done this to themselves by designing their ads specifically to piss me off.

Comment Re:Is this a joke? (Score 1) 14

Is this a joke generated by a text bot? Or simply a super poorly written Slashdot summary? Why can't the Slashdot summary explain what this supposed "sound wave technology" does right from the beginning? Or are we all already supposed to know about this technology?

It's always off-putting when you read TFM and the PI can't concisely describe the technology in technical terms, but it's never clear if it is the PI's fault or the journalist's:
"It’s basically ‘yelling’ at the liquid so it vibrates, breaking it down into vapour,” Rezk said.

It does make one skeptical though as often someone will try to rebrand an existing scientific art as "innovative" by using awkward language to describe it in a new way.

It looks like they're dropping the liquid onto a vibrating surface, which drives a shock into the liquid, and the liquid sprays off when the shock reflects from the free surface of the liquid-air interface. Maybe....?

Comment Re:jamming (Score 1) 168

2.4GHz allows very directional antennas. It is possible to hit a drone with a spot beam without wrecking all 2.4GHz comms on the ground. They must have tought of this - otherwise, the device won't be legal.

Jamming radio communications is illegal regardless of how selectively you do it.

So is warrant-less wiretapping. Right? :)

Comment Re:Background (Score 0) 313

That’s a bad call but by information security standards it’s not unthinkable: it’d be called a white hat intrusion, seeing how much of the firewall was down by probing the other side and assuming your own data was revealed exactly the same way. It does matter, but you still have to fire the guy.

It's definitely not "white hat intrusion!" Clinton and Sanders are competing against each other. The Sanders campaign took advantage of a known and unpatched exploit to steal data. If they were just worried about their own private data, they could have moved it to a private server.

This is like breaking into someone's house and photocopying their private documents to test a bug in their security system, because its the same as yours. It is illegal and appears malicious, regardless of the actual intent.

Comment Re:This is so ridiculous (Score 1) 414

A functioning Stellarator or any other working fusion system would cure most of the radiation problem (make your own magnetic field).

I've been wondering about the practicality of laying a planet-circling coil, superconducting would be nice too, for the purposes of covering the whole planet with a sufficient field. Would be easier to try on the Moon first.

Actually, it'd probably be best to get the technology to work on earth first. At any scale.

Comment Re:Race to the bottom (Score 1) 145

Why do we always trade on THEIR terms?

Because, at the end of the day, most people only care about getting what they want as cheaply as possible. And Congress supports this view with their trade agreements, because they are afraid of not getting re-elected. This is why illegal immigration is really a manufactured problem in the US as well. Companies want the cheap labor more than the government cares about people breaking their immigration laws.

Realistically, even if everyone wanted to pay more for locally made goods, manufacturers would still try to sneakily outsource production and charge more for "locally assembled" goods to make more of a profit.

The only real solution will be time. The Chinese quality of life is increasing to the point that the urban components of the population expect more government regulation and better treatment. These new health and safety regulations are making it too expensive Chinese companies to compete with Vietnam, India, and other countries with less manufacturing oversight. Thus, the problem will move around the globe until we run out of countries willing to whore their population out. Of course, this could go on for a while....

Comment Fantastic! (Score 5, Interesting) 118

This is actually great news for many who were pro-space exploration.

After their wildly successful lunar missions, NASA got stuck in LEO decades ago and has never been able to escape. It's continuously drained all of their money and talent into stationkeeping for the US military and corporations and eliminated the possibility of human exploration in space.

Ultimately, I think this is just gamesmanship. The government won't let NASA completely abandon LEO, it's really a strategic asset. However, they may have to cough up more funding or split the agency to support both LEO efforts and actual space exploration. That is likely what NASA wants.

Comment Let's rethink our emergency response system (Score 1) 676

Let's not kid ourselves about what's going to happen if you are caught in an active shooter situation:

1. 5-10 minute emergency vehice response, after my 911 responder takes 2 minutes to determine the situation, after it takes me 2 minutes to duck, cover, and call. So now we're at 8-14 minutes of me sitting in a building with an armed shooter.

2. Depending on how heavily armed the attackers are, the initial police may not enter immediately and wait for SWAT. I don't really know how long that takes, but even if it's 5 minutes, it's too long when someone is just intent on killing as many people as possible.

3. No one getting slaughtered has a gun because carrying one is stigmatized by the government and fellow citizens and you can't carry it in most buildings that post against it anyway (but your attacker can!)

Basically, if you're a soft target in the US, you're fucked. The government considers you soft because you're not really that important. And they don't want you carrying your own gun so they can keep you in line.

This isn't really a sustainable solution as terrorist attacks increase, but it's generally easier for the government to let some number of people get shot all at once, and then use that tragedy to fund their overseas excursions, then it is for them to let you defend yourself.

Comment Re:3.5mm? (Score 2) 412

Meh. Keep the 3.5mm connector, shrink the rest of the phone down,and fill the remaining space with extra battery. Seriously, how much thinner do phones need to be? I'd prefer some extra battery life, thanks.

Agreed! The phone is already too thin to hold onto without a case right now.

Also, Apple could just make a new 1.5mm female connector jack that was thinner than existing ones. For example, the female conductor could only contact some of the male connector on two sides, not all the way around. But I'm sure it's more profitable for Apple to have us buy their marked up new male connectors...

Comment Re:drunk drivers (Score 1) 350

Mountview cops have been known to pull drivers over who are going too slow because they suspect they are drunk drivers who are being extra careful to avoid being pulled over by the cops. If you are in a bar late at night in Mountview someone will often warn you don't drive too slow when you drive home.

And for those of you who don't get out of Mountain View very often, the police do this everywhere in the world.

They'll often pull you over for speeding with the intent letting you off with a warning if you don't qualify for a for a larger infraction (drinking, drugs, warrants).

It lets you know that they're out there, doesn't alienate the public as much as giving frivolous speeding tickets does, and gives them an opportunity to catch people that are doing things more egregious than speeding.

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