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Comment RedHat 2.0 in the beige box (Score 1) 136

A floppy, a CD, and a couple manuals. 0.9 kernel and fvwm as the X window manager. Found it for, I think, $25 at a Software Etc in the Red Cliffs Mall in St George UT. Since OS2 was a couple hundred and I was looking for an alternative to Windows 3.11 I picked it up.

I remember a Comdex in the late 90's when Linux was going corporate and every company seemed to be basing their distros off of Red Hat and SuSe and I asked an engineer why they didn't use Debian. The reply was "The problems with Debian are Deb and Ian".

Comment Logging Out (Score 4, Insightful) 172

I know that people posting "I'm done here" is usually a sign over short term anger -- but I am feeling utterly compelled to abandon this site. After the years of general decline and now these actions by Dice Network I really don't see any other option.

Seeing the abuse of SourceForge by Dice was cause for concern
Seeing that they were actively denying the acceptance of stories reporting this was distasteful
Seeing the earlier Slashdot "story" that essentially put words in the complaining code maintainers mouth while downplaying everything was alarming
Being fed this one sided propaganda piece by Dice/Sourceforge/Slashdot is simply taking things too far.

Fact of the matter is people put their trust into SourceForge to host their code repos -- SourceForge decided to no longer act as a trusted partner and started hijacking popular software to repackage it with adware for their own profit -- profits not share with the creators or maintainers of the software nor done with their consent.

Such behavior is exploitative to those who have labored to create those OSS Projects and SourceForge's actions not only damage their relationship with the Developers of those projects, but is an affront to the entire OSS Community world wide.

Due to the actions of Sourceforge and The Dice Network's use of Slashdot as a propaganda tool to first quash all discussion of their actions then disseminating these ridiculously slanted "stories", has caused Slashdot to lose all credibility. I now see Slashdot as a news source to be on the level I view FOX News and will for now on hold them in the same regard

*logging out*

The unfacts, did we have them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude.