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Comment: Prefer Co-op (Score 2) 214

by cyclomedia (#49300079) Attached to: Gabe Newell Understands Half-Life Fans, Not Promising Any Sequels

I have 3 brothers, back in the day we played Doom, Doom II, Duke Nukem, Quake, Quake II and Unreal coop with 2 to 4 of us doing the whole game. Half Life came along and Coop was out the window, we fired up "Multiplayer" and found ourselves in a warehouse with a bunch of guns, no monsters and no way out, like, WTF do we do now!???

Comment: 3D Printed Records (Score 1) 433

by cyclomedia (#48599593) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

AFAIK all 3D printers use cartesian coordinates, to 3D print records we'd need radial coordinates like this - a flat disc platter which sits on a turntable. The turntable rotates and the printing head starts at the middle and moves outwards, printing the record in reverse onto the platter. Simples

Comment: Passwords are bad (Score 1) 280

by cyclomedia (#47466703) Attached to: Selectively Reusing Bad Passwords Is Not a Bad Idea, Researchers Say

Just bad, every site has different rules, at least one I use restricts the length to something daft like 10 chars. The should at minimum print the requirements (must have uppercase, digits etc) next to the password box, because as soon as I get into the reset-password screen for the umpteenth time and read those requirements I remember which password I used on that site.

Doesn't change the fact that requiring users to somehow remember or securely store a bunch of random gibberish to do anything on any website is just a bad system. Don't blame the users for using post it notes or things like password123 when the SYSTEM is dumb.

Comment: My Job (Score 4, Interesting) 310

Just my job, generally. They've no idea how to run a software business, think agile means throwing a constant stream of changing requirements and bugs at you until the minute before "go live" ... then they get annoyed at YOU for not being able to put out an emergency patch release within 24 horus (took me two weeks to track down and destroy a nasty bug, but that was my bad, apparently, not management for letting a piece of shit out the door). then there's finding out that our Prototype area of the system is being released to the public in a fortnight. Via a press release that one of our team happened to notice. And then there's the fact that despite my recommendations the manager decided the best platform was Silverlight with a VB backend. Oh and instead of using the .Net EntityFramework or in fact ANY standard components we'd write our own from scratch. Then be stuck with it for 3 years.

Comment: Re:painted into a corner... (Score 1) 403

by cyclomedia (#47054395) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can <em>Star Wars Episode VII</em> Be Saved?

If I ever get around to it I'm going to re-edit the entire of the 6 films into 2 films mirroring the style of KILL BILL. heck STAR WARS even has the same numbers of letters in the words and the cover can be luke + lightsaber instead of Uma. That way you only need 2 / 3 handy flashbacks from the prequels to get back story and you can miss out a load of ewok garbage too. Just got to try to make Part 2 less talky

+ - Website Emulates Amiga OS

Submitted by cyclomedia
cyclomedia (882859) writes "The Decibel Kid — the "AudioVisual Artist" responsible for last summer's Ipswich Zelda Map — has unveiled his new website. Modelled on Amiga OS it supports chaning the wallpaper, window dragging, resizing, minimising and that z-index shuffle button too. The mobile site is a completely different beast, modelling itself as a low-res LCD display."

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