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+ - Website Emulates Amiga OS

Submitted by cyclomedia
cyclomedia (882859) writes "The Decibel Kid — the "AudioVisual Artist" responsible for last summer's Ipswich Zelda Map — has unveiled his new website. Modelled on Amiga OS it supports chaning the wallpaper, window dragging, resizing, minimising and that z-index shuffle button too. The mobile site is a completely different beast, modelling itself as a low-res LCD display."

+ - Sneakers Movie Remixxed as electronica tune

Submitted by cyclomedia
cyclomedia (882859) writes "The Decibel Kid — The artist responsible for this summer's Ipswich Zelda Map — has released a music video comprised of elements of the 1992 film Sneakers, combing electronic dance music with film geekery AND computer geekery: The software used is a MIDI controlled "video sampler" he coded himself using (brace yourselves) C#.Net and DirectX, allowing on the fly triggering and looping. A little info on the inner workings of the software can be gleamed from this early demo video on YouTube"

Comment: Re:Not as stupid as it sounds (Score 1) 266

by cyclomedia (#44957643) Attached to: 'Eraser' Law Will Let California Kids Scrub Online Past

or the human race itself could grow up, and we could collectively acknowledge that we ALL did and said stuff when we were younger that on reflection probably wasn't that wise. It's like we're all living under a single big fat lie

When everyone's bad deeds and naked photos are on the internet, noone will care.

Guess that would put a bunch of tabloid newspapers out of business though.

Comment: Re:Visual Basic (Score 1) 254

by cyclomedia (#44957515) Attached to: The Most WTF-y Programming Languages

I grew up in C, C++, Java and - for £income purposes - trained up in c# .Net ... but 5 years ago I moved into a shop and you know what, I actually quite like it now, the feature set is 99.99% on parity with C# and i actually LIKE that it's in english, in C# we have obscure words like virtual & abstract while the VB equivalents are overridable & mustinherit .

I think part of the hate against VB (shocking pre .net days aside) is snobbery from people who consider themselves "proper" programmers who think that if the code is too to understand they'll loose their hard earned super-clever status

it's like programming languages are deliberately designed to use obscure terms, syntax, symbols and squiggly characters for no reason other than to obfuscate it from puny humans

Comment: Re:Better plots? (Score 1) 1029

Like ignoring the mainstream/chart music industry and supporting local/DIY live bands, musicians, DJs & poets?

In my experience people get terrified at the thought of paying circa £3 to go see a handful of acts that they've never heard of. They'd much rather stay in their comfort zone than risk actually liking something that Big Media hasn't pre-approved for them. Fucking sheeple.

+ - How to manage development when requirements change but deadlines do not? 1

Submitted by cyclomedia
cyclomedia (882859) writes "Over a number of years my company has managed to slowly shift from a free for all (pick a developer at random and get them to do what you want) to something resembling Agile development with weekly builds. But we still have to deal with constant incoming feature changes and requests that are expected to be included in this week's package. The upshot is that builds are usually late, not properly tested and developers get the flak when things go wrong. I suspect the answer is political but how do we make things better? One idea I had was that every time a new request comes in — no matter how small — the build gets pushed back by 24 or even 48 hours. I'd love to hear your ideas or success stories. (Unfortunately quitting is not an option)"

Comment: Re: If it makes you sleep well at night.... (Score 2) 375

by cyclomedia (#44193153) Attached to: How Old Is the Average Country?

OT: My other half is a music/arty promoter type person and last year she was at Edinburgh Fringe chatting with someone who does a similar job in the US. She was telling this person about a recent gigs she'd put on in an Arts centre, a converted medieval church. ~Said person remarked words to the effect "Holy crap, your venue is older than my country!"

Comment: Re:Changing requirements mid project (Score 2) 641

by cyclomedia (#44175913) Attached to: Things That Scare the Bejeezus Out of Programmers

This. One of these represents where I currently work, one of them represents when I was self employed, guess which one is which:

Monday: Dev team commences work on todo list, Customer commences testing and evaluation of latest build
Friday: Latest build given to Customer for evaluation. Bugs and new-feature-requests given to dev team
Notes: Dev team happy. Customer happy watching progress as project continues. Project delivered on time.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay, Thursday: Bugs & new features are constantly delivered to dev team, all of which expected to be delivered by Thursday.
Friday: Build probably doesn’t happen because a new feature was dreamt up Thursday morning and half of dev team is scrambling to get it in place, and then it’s buggy anyway
Notes: Dev team under constant pressure to deliver ASAP, stressed, mistakes and bugs creep in. Customer continues to want to see shiney new idea #743 yesterday.

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