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Comment Mod parent up, facts != troll. (Score 1) 429

There are national security implications in selling off that particular brand. Never mind the entire bit about China being the eternally broken copier, creating junk wherever it goes. One need only see the parallels between the Lenovo case and the IBM one. Second, China has not been known for quality throughout history.

Comment Re:cancel the h1bs (mod parent back up) (Score 1) 368

Too many qualified Americans rejected so that H1Bs can replace them (for the same money). Makes no sense whatsoever. Cancel the H1Bs.

Same with the L1's and other areas. Have an indefinite moratorium on the practice on the condition that it can only return in a more regulated, transparent, citizen-friendly format.

How true, and it's a shame that they modbomb you in such a way.

Comment There are other things first. (Score 2, Interesting) 368

1: Cancel all H1/L1 programs indefinitely, but with a condition that they return at some point in a more regulated form. 2: Reclassify transplant manufacturers as import manufacturers of that particular nation and tax accordingly. 3: Zero taxes on businesses that would comply with a strengthened "Patriot Business" standard. That is, loopholes would be removed. 4: Domestic preference for education and funding thereof at all levels. 5: Put a moratorium on new fuel taxes or changes that effect an increase of any kind. 6: Revert all of the environmental standards for vehicles to 1980's standards.

Comment Giving the transplants more ideas? (Score 1) 175

It's enough that they can't do affordable performance (read: more than an I-4 in a car that is under $20k new and isn't a compact) - this makes the Smartcar look huge. No thanks, but I'll take mine with a bit more muscle and metal per dollar, from the Big Three. The other problem with a nanocar - you don't scrape the ice off of it - it's already coated the whole car.

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