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Comment A complete ban, or just less than .5g/serving? (Score 2) 851

Right now, a serving of food can contain .4g of transfats per serving and legally list "0g transfats" on the label.

Does the FDA regulation still allow this, or will partially hydrogenated oils of ANY amount be banned?

It will be interesting to see what coffee creamers like CoffeeMate will do, since they use a tiny 1 teaspoon serving size and are something like 50% trans fats so they can easily say "0 trans fats" on the label. Most people use something like a tablespoon and end up with a gram of a half of the transfats in their coffee.

Comment Re:This guy hasn't done his research. (Score 1) 648

Because they both compile to IL, VB was forced to add up all the C#/C++ constructs (eg exception handling, etc) and it lost it's "ease of use/newbie" value when it became VB.NET. Don't you remember all of the screaming that non programmers did when they switched? They couldn't follow along.

Comment Re:Why would you need this for throttling? (Score 1) 163

I suspect the special issue here is they don't want ANY of some types of streaming, even if it low bandwidth. So they want to be able to inspect what is being sent across. You can stream audio at relatively low bandwidth, and so if they simply throttled the bandwidth that may allow people to make a phone call, which is a huge no no on most carriers.

Comment Re:Physical keyboards make no sense anymore (Score 1) 544

Except ....your last sentence doesn't apply to the historical users of slide phones: People who send emails for a living. They may need that keyboard at night. Lets call them power users. The rise of the everyman using these phones means that the phone makers can ignore the power users and still make money.

I also do not agree with your reasons for why they are not produced - your suggestions have been refuted elsewhere in the comments - For examples, the keyboards have been very reliable and rarely fail.

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