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Comment: Re:It's the Dick Chaney Playbook (Score 2) 534

Well, I am someone who normally voted conservative. I voted for Obama specifically because I did not like the Executive Branch power grabs of the Bush administration.

Basically, I believed the Obama's bullshit about an open government and I've never felt so duped.

I learned my lesson though, I will never vote for a republican or democrat again. They are both assmunches.

Comment: Neutrality is required for last mile competition (Score 1) 270

As a consumer I pay for a certain amount of bandwidth. How do I make a choice if I only get that bandwidth when I use certain services and the rules are so complex that I can't figure out when I am not getting what I paid for because the provider sucks, or because I have the wrong one for the services I want.

+ - Chinese General personally reveals complicity in 9-11 attack->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes ""It was not a coincidence that the 9/11 attacks took place right after
then President George W. Bush declared the US rivalry with China."

" The switching of strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region is
inevitably introducing gaps in the attention paid to international
terrorism, which is the real threat. We simply want to point out the
loopholes of the US diplomatic strategy out of goodwill to help it avoid
another 9/11."

  — Major General Luo Yuan, deputy secretary general with the PLA Academy
of Military Sciences


(taken from )"

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by cs668 (#45490915) Attached to: Project Rescue Expert Todd Williams Talks About (Video)

It is also interesting that given the amount already spent they still have 60% of the system to build. They don[t have any way to distribute the funds yet , they made the front end without building the parts that would actually pay for the services.

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by cs668 (#45191217) Attached to: DHHS Preparing 'Tech Surge' To Fix Remaining Issues

The problem isn't that it was the lowest bidder. The problem was that it was probably the company that gave the most $$ in backroom deals to secure the contract with no sanity check on whether or not they could actually deliver!!

Here is the scenario. You go talk to a lobbyist about getting access to XYZ congress critter because you want to pitch your company for a federal contract. Next thing you know you are told that if you donate X hundred thousand here and Y hundred thousand there and show up to these 3 parties the contract is yours. You don't know the Washington ropes so you bow out and some company that does know the ropes gets the contract, but they don't have the tech chops to pull it off because they are better at backroom dealing than getting the job done.

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by cs668 (#44757901) Attached to: Why One Woman Says Sending Your Kid To Private School Is Evil


So free lunch and breakfast makes up for ~$1200 per child. That still leaves a lot larger expenditure per pupil in MPLS. I guess all that I am trying to say is that $$ can not solve the problem. If kids are not taught to value education they won't, and if they are not asked about their homework every night they won't do it!

The schools can not parent the kids, but we expect them to. If we can't get the parents of the kids in MPLS to make school a priority then it will not be for the kids either. No amount of $$ will fix that, and no one is even willing to talk about that for fear of being branded a bigot.

PS I immigrated to the US when I was in the 3rd grade. I didn't speak the language and there was no ESL at the time - so I do understand that it can be challenging. But, I also get tired of it being an excuse.

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