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Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 316

The CBO gets their data from the IRS. If you think everyone is lying then point to your own solid analysis based off of IRS data.

The CBO only uses the data they are told to use. For example, specifically the report that you linked to omitted payroll taxes, which make up 34% of all federal revenue (income tax is 42%). When you factor in that the percentage of their income that the rich pay in payroll taxes is vanishingly small compared to the percentage of total income that the rest of us pay, those little bar graphs look completely different. If you factor in total income instead of just adjusted income, it skews the results even further away from what the Tax Foundation is claiming.

See, that's how your citation is useless. The CBO was just doing their job by reporting on only the data that Congress allowed them to use. And that friend, is how you use statistics to tell a lie. It's how congress does it and it's how the "Tax Foundation" does it.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 316

And the data - is it in question? It comes from the IRS data itself, and has been published by the Tax Foundation for years and years. If it was in error, wouldn't someone have caught it by now?

Yes, it's in error, and yes, the Tax Foundation has been "caught" more than once.



The Tax Foundation is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 1) 60

The BBC isn't perfect but it's less imperfect than almost anything else of its size.

The BBC is an instrument of the confluence between government and corporations. It's mission is to maintain the status quo. The run-up to the Iraq War and fallout from the 2008 financial crisis are two recent examples of their inability to be "independent". They are a tool of control. And North Koreans don't need more control. They already have plenty.

Comment Re:What purpose does registration serve? (Score 1) 183

Hunting and fishing licenses are also to ensure the proper level/age/gender of animals, or at least close to it, is hunted, for conservation, etc. purposes

No, no they are not. Licenses don't do that. The only thing licenses do is make sure that someone has spent money. Only enforcement does that. Enforcement already happens; they have wardens out all year making sure that people aren't poaching. I live in major hunting country, so there's lots of them here.

For most big game, there's also a tag attached to the license, which much be attached to the game animal when taken. Tags do serve (with enforcement) to ensure that the right number, age and gender of animals are taken. Other game species have daily limits, but those could be enforced without any sort of specific licensing. Of course, the license fees generally pay for the enforcement, so licenses do help manage hunting for conservation. License fees generally pay for lots of other conservation measures as well.

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