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Comment: Re:Perl still around? (Score 1) 65

by creimer (#49827289) Attached to: Perl 5.22 Released
The expired Microsoft site license was the reason why every programming course had every flavor of Java. I took Perl because it wasn't Java, but the class got cancelled on the first day for not having enough students. Perl fell off my radar since then. The only reason I picked up Python was because I worked at Google for a while.

Comment: Re:Perl still around? (Score 1) 65

by creimer (#49826001) Attached to: Perl 5.22 Released
The last time I heard about Perl was in college ten years ago. I was taking Perl because it wasn't Java. The college couldn't afford to renew Microsoft site license for a few years, hence every programming course had every flavor of java: strong, black and hot. Long story short, the Perl class got cancelled.

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 3, Funny) 200

by creimer (#49823989) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison, and ...

If he raped children, killed scores of people, etc, okay, but life in prison for selling drugs on a website?

I heard on the radio several years ago of some got who more prison time for raping a dog than molesting and/or killing a child. Since was talk radio with people calling in, animal right activists screaming that the guy should have gotten more prison time and concerned parents screamed that the guy should have gotten less prison time. Talk about screwing the pooch.

Comment: Re:In Office Politics... (Score 1) 557

A company party that I didn't go to ended with the supervisors being shit-faced drunk, the vice president taking off his pants to dance on the table in fish net stockings, and one of the directors throwing money at the PR girls to get them to take off their clothes. That made for a fun highlight video at the monthly company meeting, as those who were drunk didn't remember a damn thing and were quite horrified to see themselves up on the screen.

Comment: Re:How to avoid managing H1-Bs (Score 1) 557

I've been working for the government for a year and my contract was extended for another year. The majority of the technical staff is white. Everyone starts work at 7:00AM and out the door at 3:30PM. Slackers find themselves on the unemployment line in a hurry regardless of their race.