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Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 183

Nobody with any stature on the right believes any of those things.

No Establishment Republican believes that BS, but the base that listens to conservative radio does and they are the voters. Which is why Congressional Republicans are suffering a massive case of swamp fever and can't get anything done.

Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 183

You haven't been paying attention to the Right Wing echo chamber in recent years. President Obama will suspend the Constitution via executive order (never mind that George W. has issued more executive orders), activate the FEMA camps (hello, Oliver North), send all the white men to be executed by guillotines (paper cutters) and send all the white women to be raped by black men (white fear). Angry old white people believe this will happen any day now (For the pedantic, a democratically elected government can turn into a dictatorship by convincing citizens to trade in freedoms for security from terrorists.)

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 100

Whenever a Comcast truck is in the neighborhood, I know my Internet connection was FUBAR. It took me a month to convince a Comcast rep to send out a technician to check out the service box on the pole. Surprise, surprise, surprise. The last technician installed a bypass filter backwards that cut off my Internet service. Fortunately, I still had a 56k dial-up account with another ISP during those outages.

Comment Re:Extremism is Over-Simplification (Score 2) 477

It really depends on whether or not the Bible is the literal word of God. I do not. So I'm incline to believe that the cosmos is billions of years old and not 6,000 years according a biblical timeline. Of course, some people believe I'm not a Christian because I don't put blind faith in the Bible.

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