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+ - IOS vs. Android: Which Has The Crashiest Apps?->

Submitted by
creativeHavoc writes "Forbes author Tomio Geron takes a look at data accrued by mobile app monitoring startup Crittercism. After looking at normalized data of crashes over the various mobile operating system versions he compares crash rates of apps on the two platforms. He also breaks it down further to look how the top apps compare across the competing mobile operating systems. The results may not be what you expect."
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Comment: Re:So no more 20% personal time? (Score 3, Informative) 165

by creativeHavoc (#36829520) Attached to: Google To Discontinue Google Labs

While many were left wondering, Google tells me that the company has no changes to announce with regards to the 20 Percent Time program; killing Labs doesn’t mean the discontinuation of the one day a week Googlers get to spend on “projects that aren’t necessarily in [their] job descriptions.” “We’ll continue to devote a subset of our time to newer and experiment projects,” Google representative Jason Friedenfelds tells me.

Comment: Re:Voting is a waste of effort (Score 1) 307

by creativeHavoc (#35624266) Attached to: 'Canadian DMCA' Copyright Bill Dead Again
Here is the value:

Since in power, here is a small list of Harper Government actions...
Shut down parliament to stay in power (more than once)
Obscured access to information, removed media access rights to politicians
Puts out favorable press releases saying "Harper Government" instead of "Government of Canada"
Forged documents to cancel funding
Withheld information about F35 and prison program costs from parliament
Trying to copy America in ways that even Americans are learning were huge mistakes
Fired Veteran affairs ombudsman for sticking up for veterans
Non-stop attack ads. Media manipulation.
G20 failures
Scrapped long form census
Tried to remove a law which would prevent news organizations from lying to us
Cut funding to the court challenges program. This program gave various groups and individuals the financial ability to challenge federal legislation, including cases related to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The list can go on. The secrecy, lies, and anti-democratic actions stemming from this Harper government needs to come to an end. Don't waste tax-payer money electing another conservative minority. End this now.

There are always secrets and lies, but the number of things Harper has done or tried to do to change Canada from what I have grown up in to some other monster is unprecedented. Your vote can help make sure he does not get the chance to keep it up.

If nothing else, vote to make sure there is a minority government. Or, if you find a candidate or party you actually like, vote for them... at the very least you are giving them $2 and saying "keep trying."

Comment: Tour... (Score 1) 554

by creativeHavoc (#35582796) Attached to: Firefox 4 Released!
I just upgraded, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to take the tour. I click on everything and nothing actually does anything. Then I looked through the javascript and found out the link to enter the tour, eventually got to a page that loaded, but then none of the tour steps on that page worked. Also, loading up that "welcome to ff 4, what's new" page looks like garbage in every other browser. The exact same, but garbage. I know it doesn't NEED to support anything besides FF4, but why doesn't it? What is so unique to FF 4 that it cant at least display in chrome or opera?

Is it possible that software is not like anything else, that it is meant to be discarded: that the whole point is to always see it as a soap bubble?