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Comment: Re: Only 30 Grand? (Score 1) 426

by crashumbc (#48793157) Attached to: Chevrolet Unveils 200-Mile Bolt EV At Detroit Auto Show

And that does not include the fact that your maintenance is outrageous compared to electric.

What? I agree with most of what you said, but this is crap. Diesels are extremely cheap to maintain and last an extremely long time. Getting 200-300k miles on a diesel engine with no maintenance is common. You'd replace a electrics batteries several times at a huge cost in that frame...

Comment: Re:Maybe one day, but not by 2025 (Score 1) 405

Yeah, They'll start dribbling out in 5-8 years. The first serious roll-out will start around 10 years with 1/3 jobs replaced coming 20-30 years out. Its just a matter of sheer amount of robots that need to be built.

Anyone who doesn't think its going to happen is seriously deluding themselves. Pretty the only that can stop it is a global meltdown of modern civilization or earth destroying event (man made or otherwise).

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