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Comment Re:SPF+DKIM (Score 1) 217

How about he fucked up? Seriously you seem to be jumping every post going "But he DID THAT!!!!"

Simple logic, if 10+ plus people did xyz and it worked flawlessly(just in this thread), and the OP "claims" to have done xyz, but it didn't work. The most basic simple answer is that the OP messed up xyz.

Seriously, what is more likely:
1. That everyone in this thread is lying about setting up E-mails servers just cause
2. Their is a mass conspiracy targeting just the OP?
3. The OP didn't configure something right....


Comment Re: As someone who experienced both..... (Score 2) 345

A huge part of that issue, is why? Trains are much more efficient so why does it cost 4-5 times as much to take the train?????

I would LOVE to take the train to NYC, but I can't justify pay 4 times as much. Hell, If I could get a train ticket for 40 dollars I'd be all over.

Back in May I looked at train service to get to Philly. They want 100+ dollars ! ??? Are you fucking kidding me?

Comment Re:Current plan (Score 1) 155

Umm I think you need to visit a VZW store, EVERY smartphone they've built for years as a SIM slot. And yes they use the SIM to auto authenticate the CDMA portion.

You DO know by the end of 2016 VZW will be producing LTE only phones? right? hello?

(can't believe I responded to a troll AC)

Comment Re:Current plan (Score 1) 155

As of last July, you could still upgrade your phone (paying full price) and keep your data plan. I even bought my LG G3 at a VZW store because no one else had it yet. ( I did have to listen to them try and talk me into switching. I finally told the guy "I'm rich I can afford to pay full price :P )

If your current phone uses a micro sim you can just buy your phone online and swap the sim. That's what I plan to do for the next upgrade.

(unlimited for life :P )

Comment Re:And still we do not know what can of worms... (Score 1) 172

I heard home versions were all non-blockable, but the enterprise versions you could.

Most companies won't go anywhere fucking near Windows 10 unless they can test in-house with their software before pushing it out to the users machines.

Personally, I'm hoping that shit is the first thing hacked so you can block updates.

What will probably happen is they'll fat finger a update, trash a tens of thousands, or more people's computers. The publicity shit storm will force them to allow blocking of updates.

I personally always wait a couple days before updating.

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