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User Journal

Journal: Wow! My first karmic stalker! 2

Journal by cp.tar

Well, took me a while just to think up a headline... and I'm still not satisfied with it. But this is the thing that made me actually write something in my journal (ta-daah!), so whatever.

I've heard of Overrated trolls before; one user actually explained me how he loved to simply strike random posts in random moddable discussions with five Overrated moderations.
Well, it does take all kinds.

However, that was a year or so ago. I may have been his victim a few times, but whatever; it is really of no importance.
Especially that now I have my own fan who mods nearly all of my recent posts as Flamebait. That's... personal. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling akin to finding severed fingers in your mail, but without all the blood stains and the fear for your loved ones.
Somebody actually cares.

Now, of course I've considered the possibility that my posts were moderated fairly and in good intention. After all, Flamebait mods are meta-moddable, so unfair mods of that kind are not a really feasible long-term strategy. And sometimes I do get a tad heated on certain issues, so my posts can (and usually do) go either way. Or both ways.
Well, you get the picture.

However, all this started happening fairly soon after one of my comments that was meant to be funny produced a decently sized flame. It was rather fun watching its moderation between classes; about once an hour, I would bet myself whether it went up or down.
Anyway, I got several friends and a few foes in that discussion; apparently one of them really really likes my posts.

What can I say... knock yourself out, whoever you are. Your attention flatters me.
I mean, they say that assassination is the purest form of criticism. So you must really really want me to take a note of something.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

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