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Has anyone claimed that they do? What difference does it make why women love the show? The fact is that they do. As a male it is also one of my favorite shows. Well until it turned into too much of a soap opera. I think the setting is a big part of the appeal. So the point the above poster made is valid. Yes, people do quite enjoy seeing the 1950s of America portrayed in fiction. The fact that it isn't a politically correct period does not make it any less interesting. It may even make it more interesting because it is so different from today.

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But then there's gay men that act all girlie - those fuckers are scary.

You are seriously afraid of them? Why? Are you also afraid of girls? Admittedly in Bangkok, ladyboys acquired a pretty fierce reputation over the years for ass kicking in general and mugging in particular, but I think they aren't considered so violent anymore.

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Misogyny is still very much widespread and I am fed up.

Meanwhile the rest of us are fed up with paranoid schizophrenics like yourself who believe women are being persecuted everywhere. There are countries where women are not treated as equals and I think most first world guys are against that. These would be the same guys you are mostly addressing right now.

Based on my own observations attractive women are treated better than most people in general. They are "more equal". There are plenty of studies to demonstrate this. Ugly women, like ugly men, are routinely discriminated against OTOH by nearly everyone. But it isn't due to their sex. It is due to their unattractiveness. Unattractive males are also treated badly and paid less.

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Are you seriously trying to argue the merit of a film based on ticket sales? Or about which hole some character in the film likes to fuck? How about artistic merit? Creativity without regard for how many widgets you get to buy after it is released.

How about art having some fucking integrity for a change instead of basing content on opinion polls? Not every film even needs to have sex in it at all. Hence neatly sidestepping the whole issue of forcing guys to watch other guys sucking on big fat cock because it is better for them.

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You misunderstand the problem

Actually I think you are the one who misunderstands the problem. There is no real problem. Bioware is well known as the LGBT developer. That's what they do now. They cater to the lesbian audience. It's basically lesbian romance fiction with some boring combat thrown in. This article is just marketing for them. Trying to drum up business by claiming that all other developers should be exactly like them and only hire lesbian writers to write about lesbian characters for a mostly lesbian audience.

I don't see anything wrong with Bioware catering exclusively to one particular sexual orientation and attempting to appeal exclusively to those lesbians of lesser intelligence who think Harlequin Romances are great works of fiction. But I do see something wrong with them trying to claim that everyone else should be doing the same and that if they choose not to then they must be racist sexist bigots. Bioware is arguing in favor of self-censorship and their own form of sexism. Discrimination against the majority is still discrimination. IMO censorship is still wrong even when it is self-censorship or corporate profit motivated censorship.

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What community? People who think Biowhore is a bunch of psuedo-PC racist fucks themselves discriminating against heterosexuals and sucking on EA corporate cock? Oh sorry slurping on corporate cunt I guess since Bioware is mainly a bunch of carpet munching dykes whose badly written Harlequin Romance-esque characters really only appeal to other Lesbians and perhaps anyone with a sufficiently low IQ to think the bad writing is clever and repetitive popamole gameplay is the height of fun.

Because Bioware has chosen to discriminate against the majority instead of the minority does not make them right. It's discrimination itself that is the problem. A writer should have the creative freedom to choose whatever protagonist he/she wants based solely on creative reasons, not based on making sure that every sexual orientation, race, religion, and philosophical viewpoint is evenly represented. Lesbian authors who only write about lesbian characters are every bit as 'bad' as heterosexual writers who only write about heterosexual characters.

Of course neither of the writers who only write about characters of their own sexual orientation are bad. It's the people encouraging discrimination who are the enemy of creativity everywhere and the ones who are wrong. Writing in both novels and video games should be based on what the author thinks makes for an interesting character and an interesting story. Period. As someone who dabbles in a bit of writing myself the aggressiveness of the LGBT community would make me want to give them all a wide birth and not include any non-heterosexuals in my fiction. Period. There's no real reason to. No pressing need. Plenty of good stories to tell that don't involve worrying about sexual orientation.

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I think what he's saying is that what is called 'homophobia' is not just a misnomer but an intentionally dishonest one. Homosexuals aren't widely feared. It's not that people are afraid of getting bitch slapped by roving bands of girlymen. People who hate jews are known as anti-semites. That is an accurate label because it is about hatred and a desire to oppress or hurt/destroy jews. They aren't called jewphobes because fear isn't the problem.

People who hate people of African ancestry do not usually just hate them. They also feel contempt and often fear as well. Our terms are really overly simplistic. Nevertheless the term 'homophobic' is unusually unfortunate and its dishonesty is intentional IMO.

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But intent to contribute to infringement on a mass scale should be

I disagree. Intent in and of itself should never be against the law. I could say, "Please everyone go out and download games and films and music and commit as much copyright infringement as possible." Maybe some people will be persuaded to do just that, but I have no direct control over such people. They are responsible for their own actions and decisions.

I could also tell people to consume illegal drugs and tell them on what street corner they can find some. None of that should be illegal. It's all communication, all speech. The mere imparting of information should never be against the law.

It is never in a civilization's best interest to prohibit the free flow of information. Although it may be in some individual's financial interest to do so. It is precisely for the benefit of a few rich and greedy people that such laws are created in the first place.

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So there was a discrepancy between prediction and observation for the AGW model. Why haven't we heard about that before? Only now that the observations are consistent with theory do we find out about it. Yet more evidence that climate scientists are not real scientists.

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