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Comment: Re:Way to piss off customers, Apple. (Score 1) 158

Especially since Apple keeps the number of stores per state extremely low, thus it increases the number of customers in store and creates an illusion that there's more demand than there really is. Again, brilliant marketing - if only they had the hardware / software to justify buying it.

Comment: Here's the thing (Score 0, Troll) 731

Everyone discriminates. You choose physical / personality traits that you require in someone to date / marry / have sex with. You choose your hobbies, bands, etc. You say "I love McDonald's" or "I hate White Castle". EVERYONE DISCRIMINATES.

Business owners are supposed to (and used to) have the right to refuse service to anyone that they didn't want to work with. Then with the Civil Rights movement, they decided that for blacks to have equal rights, business owners had to lose their rights (yeah, I don't get the logic either). This issue came up recently with the cases of both a photographer and a baker being forced, under threat of fine and jail, to work for gay couples getting married when the business owners were against gay marriage for religious reasons. This law was written because of the fact that other governments in the country have been forcing people to work for others against their will. If people didn't have to be afraid of being forced to do something they find immoral, then there wouldn't have been demand for a law to protect them from it.

Instead of just allowing businesses to operate how they want and customers deciding who succeeds and who doesn't (can you imagine how fast Walmart or McDonald's would go out of business if they put up "No blacks allowed" signs?), people want to decide that by opening a business, you lose any right to decide how you live your life and who you associate with. It's idiotic, to say the least. The only reason that people currently are opposed to the "religious freedom" law is because they don't like THAT religious view. However, when this law is used to allow a black business owner to tell KKK members to go to hell and he won't serve them, maybe you'll realize that it's a two-way street.

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 79

by Totenglocke (#49274609) Attached to: Judicial Committee Approves FBI Plan To Expand Hacking Powers
Sad, but true. No one will ever do anything to promote real change and actually following the Constitution, because you'd need several hundred thousand people to support you and join in (if not millions of people), otherwise you'd be quickly arrested or killed and the media would gladly label you a "terrorist" and "extremist". Your actions would then be used as further justification to take away more rights.

Comment: Re:Typical government official, breaking the law (Score 1) 538

Well, for a few decades now, Republicans have been more and more big-government (which is the exact opposite of the party platform). Generally at the national level though, they seem Democrats win (primarily due to people being against Republicans wanting to legislate the Bible) and their illogical response is to try to out-Democrat the Democrat candidate. Both Republicans and Democrats keep coming under more and more criticism for being too similar while support for third parties (primarily the Libertarian party) grows, but instead of acknowledging that the voters want someone more libertarian minded, they just insult that growing portion of the population and go even more extreme towards the things that Americans dislike.

We seriously need to change our voting laws that allow candidates to win with very low percentages of the vote and also push people to vote for "the lesser evil" instead of their preferred candidate.

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