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Comment: Re:Eisenhower was right (Score 1) 492

When you have a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.

When you're surrounded by nails, and standing around holding a hammer, people will wonder why you're not hammering. As long as you're not Jewish. In that case they'll try to convince you that you're surrounded by petunias and daffodils.

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They aren't part of Israel (so the inhabitants don't get any rights as citizens) and they aren't allowed to become a separate state (if they try they get bombed and 'settled' some more).

The problem seems to be that every time Palestine gets some degree of freedom, it results in more rockets and shells falling on Israel. Not exactly an encouraging trend if you're considering giving them more freedom.

It might also help if the government of Palestine didn't have "destroy those Jews over there whom we won't even call Israel because we don't recognize the existence of such a state" as a major part of it's official policy.

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It is quite similar to what the Nazis wanted to do. Not the Holocaust, but Lebensraum - they wanted to remove the 'inferior' Slavs from the land they wanted to occupy. Just like what Israel is trying to do now to the Palestinians

You really have to be a complete fucking idiot to say something that ignorant. Yeah, Israel wants the "inferiors" gone so badly that they let them immigrate, give them citizenship, and let them hold elected office. They provide them with more rights in Israel than they would enjoy in Muslim-run countries. Meanwhile they continue to endure constant attacks while providing electricity, fuel, food, and medical help for the population which is attacking them.

Seriously, you're either mentally handicapped or you're intentionally lying. There's no halfway point here.

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Didn't your mother teach you that two wrongs don't make a right?

If you're basing foreign policy on things you learned from your mother, you're doing it wrong.

I disagree with Hamas methods and I do not in any way support them. But I disagree with Israel's methods as well. Hamas hiding weapons in a school does not justify shelling that school when it is full of children.

Yes, it absolutely does. Israel makes every reasonable effort to avoid hitting civilians, but when Hamas encourages people to sit on top of known targets it's completely fucking impossible to avoid killing them. The South Park Movie has a satirical bit where the US Military uses a tactic called "Operation Hide Behind The Darkies", which involves having their white soldiers hide behind all the black troops. They also tie black soldiers to their tanks and airplanes. Humorous at the time, but that's essentially what Hamas is now doing in Palestine, except with women and children.

"You can't blow up our rocket launcher, look at all the kids we duct-taped to it!"

And people like you just lap it up.

United States

When Spies and Crime-Fighters Squabble Over How They Spy On You 120

Posted by timothy
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The Washington Post reports in a short article on the sometimes strange, sometimes strained relationship between spy agencies like the NSA and CIA and law enforcement (as well as judges and prosecutors) when it comes to evidence gathered using technology or techniques that the spy agencies would rather not disclose at all, never mind explain in detail. They may both be arms of the U.S. government, but the spy agencies and the law enforcers covet different outcomes. From the article: [S]sometimes it's not just the tool that is classified, but the existence itself of the capability — the idea that a certain type of communication can be wiretapped — that is secret. One former senior federal prosecutor said he knew of at least two instances where surveillance tools that the FBI criminal investigators wanted to use "got formally classified in a big hurry" to forestall the risk that the technique would be revealed in a criminal trial. "People on the national security side got incredibly wound up about it," said the former official, who like others interviewed on the issue spoke on condition of anonymity because of the topic’s sensitivity. "The bottom line is: Toys get taken away and put on a very, very high shelf. Only people in the intelligence community can use them." ... The DEA in particular was concerned that if it came up with a capability, the National Security Agency or CIA would rush to classify it, said a former Justice Department official.

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by c6gunner (#47540175) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

There is a disparity here that we need to take into account.

You haven't demonstrated a disparity. Assault is assault regardless of whether some guy thinks it should be taken seriously or not.

It's also easier to sexually assault a woman with a grab, as grabbing her boobs counts and grabbing my chest doesn't.


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Have you seen the videos from Fuckushima? Or read about what happened in Chernobyl? Or almost happened in TMI? Apparently not.

Yep! Which is why I know that you're full of shit.

Then again, the fact that you used the words "nuclear apologists" in the very first sentence of your very first comment was also a dead giveaway; after that, even someone who isn't intimately familiar with those incidents would still know you're full of shit. You realize you're on Slashdot, right? Not NaturalNews?

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