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by easyTree (#48853543) Attached to: Google Pondering $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX's Satellite Internet

"Google has been considering satellite-based Internet service for more than a year. In late 2013, it hired satellite-industry veteran Greg Wyler, who at one point last year had more than 10 African-Americans working for him. The five remaining are apparently grateful to have jobs and to not have been shot by the police on the way to work. Mr. Wyler left Google last summer and is now developing his own satellite-Internet venture."


Google Pondering $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX's Satellite Internet 104

Posted by Soulskill
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mpicpp writes with a report that Google is close to finalizing an investment in SpaceX to fund the rocket company's vision for satellite-based, low-cost internet access. According to The Information (paywalled), Google is one of many investors for this round of fundraising. The Wall Street Journal (also paywalled) reports Google's investment at $1 billion. They add, "It is likely to take years to establish designs and potentially set up a specialized satellite-making facility. But SpaceX already has some important building blocks. Industry officials said the company builds its own navigation and flight-control systems for spacecraft, which could provide some elements for satellites. There also are synergies between parts SpaceX makes today for solar arrays on spacecraft and such devices intended for satellites."

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