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Comment Re:"Truly free", but with Intel inside(tm) (Score 3, Interesting) 340

...but with Intel inside..I laughed...

Why does that make you laugh? Please, do tell, what's the open alternative.

I think the fact that it has Intel inside, but is called "Truly Open" is what makes it funny. Until I saw the hardware, my first impression was that they had sourced open source hardware, to be truly free and all.
Just because there is no open alternative, doesn't mean that it is "Truly Open".

Comment Arbitration Package (Score 2) 147

Maybe I'm missing something, since I've never had to go through arbitration (or small claims court). But couldn't a lawyer/firm put together a kit to show you what you needed to do to take these cases to small claims court, or even requesting arbitration? Do companies have a time limit for arbitration? I could only imagine if a law firm did a "class" action style sign up for these kits, and charged people a small amount of money for it (generic kit, couple hours, sell it for like $10 even) that it would cost these companies a large sum of money to respond to all of them.

Comment Re:Change the assignment (Score 1) 284

This is so true, I'm taking some college courses online and I've picked up the solutions manuals for the courses. I'm not using these for the assignments, but I do use it to see what I've done wrong when my teachers provides no feedback. The one "awesome" teacher just attaches a word document for his marks, and this is just a copy and paste from the solutions manual. This is probably the teacher I've hated the most while doing courses online, he'll give you a mark like 5.74 out of 6, and then just the word document with no idea why the one number you got wrong was worth .26 of the assignment.

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