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Comment Re:Big Surprise (Score 1) 483

Either the NSA has some good shit on everyone in power, and/or everyone in power values convenience over the interests of the people.

That's all you've got? You can't think of not only more possibilities, but better ones? How about: Incoming Presidents quickly come to the realization that they grossly underestimated the threat to the country once they receive full intelligence briefings and realize that their campaign stance in some cases was based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation. That seem more likely than the nonsense false choice you offered.

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score 1) 483

It's like she's bragging that she supplied the gas chambers at Auschwitz, and for a very reasonable fee.

That is unhinged. The NSA isn't the SS. Unlike the SS the NSA isn't involved in genocide, running death camps, gassing jews, gypsies, homosexuals, et. al. It is a signals intelligence agency that helped to defend the West against Communist bloc aggression, and the tens of thousands of terrorist insurgents trained by al Qaeda.

And since the NSA was operating against al Qaida you apparently consider them to be a wrongfully oppressed virtuous minority integrated into greater society when in fact they are extremists with a goal of conquering the world for Islam and exterminating the Jews (rather like the SS). It is unclear to me if you approve or disapprove of this goal. Since you apparently cast them as the Jews in your twisted rendition of this shall we assume you approve of their goals?

You apparently cant' tell friend from foe, or separate a Mengele from a Wallenberg or Schindler. And you Goodwined the thread to boot.

How did you end up so morally confused?

Comment Re:Well, now we know she h8s the US Constitution (Score -1, Troll) 483

That, and the fact that it's TORTURE, ....

Is the use of a knife on a body torture? Maybe when it is a sadist carving you up to cause pain, but what about when it is a surgeon removing a tumor? The US has routinely waterboarded members of its military. Are you claiming that it tortured them? That isn't what Eric Holder said when he was Attorney General. He specifically said that it wasn't torture. Coercive? yes. Torture? No, not as it was done.

...the sort of thing we prosecuted people for in the past as a war crime.

A common claim, usually made in reference to the Japanese, but it isn't true. What the Japanese did was different than what the US did to a total of 3 (three) members of al Qaida ending in 2002.

It's also completely useless for gathering information, because all you get is garbage - someone will tell you whatever they think you want to hear to make it stop, even making shit up.

That seems to rely on some big and potentially false assumptions, and doesn't appear to be necessarily true.

Waterboarding Has Its Benefits

U.S. and Pakistani authorities captured KSM on March 1, 2003 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. KSM stayed mum for months, often answering questions with Koranic chants. Interrogators eventually waterboarded him ... KSM’s revelations helped authorities identify and incarcerate at least six major terrorists:


Jesse Ventura put it rather well when he said something on the lines of "Give me Dick Cheney strapped to a folding table and a pitcher of water, and in 5 minutes I'll get him to confess to the Manson Family murders."

Jesse Ventura doesn't seem to understand the point of interrogation even if he does understand coercion. It is probably a bad idea to rely upon his views on this.

Comment Re:Business As Usual (Score 1) 113

I'm surprised how this is actually news, every government keeps dossiers on foreign government officials in a database.

It's a little different when the foreign government steals the adverse data from your government so they (foreign government) can use it against you.

It is also a little different when the data stolen covers millions of employees over decades and involves some of the most intimate personal data.

And this is before anyone uses that treasure trove of data to perpetrate massive financial fraud and theft.

Remember when people used to post how they wanted to see their own government crippled and impotent, and that they didn't give a damn what China did, what it stole because China couldn't do anything? (Oh, and now it turns out Chinese agents take people against their will (dissidents, others) out of many countries.) Good times, good times.

Comment Re:Politics of homeopathy (Score 1) 414

The "facts of the matter" seem destined to elude you since you seem to prefer polemic, straw men, and false choices to actual investigation of the ideas to claim to be curious about. Don't worry, citizen, nobody here will force you to become better informed or to consider uncomfortable ideas that might be in discord with the party's teaching. So enjoy your pint, and don't forget to pay your party dues this month. Oh, the links? Not random at all.

Comment Re:Homeopathy as euthanasia. (Score 1) 414

Nice that you're pointing out that socialized medicine denies people care, and you think they should. I think one of the best instances of that I've heard of was the state being unwilling to pay for treatment, but they we're willing to spring for a suicide pill. Isn't socialized medicine wonderful? Feed the compassion.

I also like the contrasts. People here get all upset and indignant at the idea that an insurance turning town treatment (which tends to be rhetorical in these discussions) but cheer on the state telling people, "Meh, we don't want to give you any medicine, you're just going to die." I wonder what they will think when it is their turn?

Comment Re:Homeopathy as euthanasia. (Score 1) 414

She had stomach cancer, didn't she? Hmmmm....

Thousands of cancer patients to be denied treatment

Common drugs for breast, bowel, prostate, pancreatic and blood cancer will no longer be funded by the NHS following sweeping cutbacks

What a relief, stomach isn't on that list.

Comment Re:Homeopathy as euthanasia. (Score 1) 414

You know nothing about the NHS, or indeed state healthcare.

You don't say? Live and learn, I guess. Or is that live and don't learn? What do you think the Veterans Administration is in the US? Hint: State healthcare - fully government owned and operated healthcare. It has been a source of major scandals for years, and manages to kill people in the process. Of course the NHS does make the news from time to time, doesn't it?

Thousands of cancer patients to be denied treatment

Common drugs for breast, bowel, prostate, pancreatic and blood cancer will no longer be funded by the NHS following sweeping cutbacks

Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders

New NHS spending scandal: £3.3 billion wasted on agency doctors

Thousands die of thirst and poor care in NHS

Up to 40,000 patients die annually because hospital staff fail to diagnose a treatable kidney problem, a figure that dwarfs the death toll from superbugs like MRSA

The US healthcare system would probably stand a chance if it weren't for the so called "Affordable Care Act" passed by the Democrats. Big problems are coming.

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