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Submission + - NSA Finds New Snowden Emails ->

An anonymous reader writes: Vice News has been engaged in a FOIA lawsuit against the NSA to obtain "all of the emails Snowden said he sent to agency officials that "raised concerns" about NSA surveillance". As a result of that lawsuit Vice News reports, "Snowden said the emails he wrote about "indefensible [NSA] collection activities" were sent to the NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGNIT) Directorate Office of Oversight and Compliance, as well as to the Office of General Counsel and the Office of the Comptroller. But the NSA said it could not locate those emails. The only email that came close to what Snowden described, according to the NSA, was one he sent to the Office of General Counsel in which the whistleblower asked a question about NSA legal authorities in training materials. The NSA declassified that email last year. Last week ... a government attorney revealed for the first time that it found three emails Snowden said he sent to the NSA's Oversight and Compliance office, one of the offices that would have handled his complaints. However, those emails did not raise any questions or concerns about NSA surveillance ... "They concerned him doing his job of providing tech support to them, not raising concerns about NSA programs," ..." One is left to puzzle over Snowden's ability to obtain so much but apparently not his emails.
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Submission + - BigTech Jobs: Americans Need Not Apply->

An anonymous reader writes: Companies are taking advantage of a new Department of Homeland Security program designed to get around the limits on H1-B visas. The Optional Practical Training (OPT) program allows foreign nationals to live and work in the U.S. on a student visa after graduation. Employers receive a tax benefit for hiring OPT participants over Americans, as they do not have to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes for aliens on student visas.
Fundamentally, the OPT program, like H-1B, allows BigTech firms to flood the labor market, creating artificial competition and pressuring the standard of living earned through decades of hard-fought labor reforms. The cost savings, meanwhile, get siphoned up by private technology firms, many of which grew out of taxpayer-funded military programs.

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Submission + - Was Einstein the First to Invent E = mc2? ->

An anonymous reader writes: Tony Rothman writes in Scientific American that, "No equation is more famous than E = mc2, and few are simpler. Indeed, the immortal equation’s fame rests largely on that utter simplicity: the energy E of a system is equal to its mass m multiplied by c2, the speed of light squared. The equation’s message is that the mass of a system measures its energy content. ... According to scientific folklore, Albert Einstein formulated this equation in 1905 and, in a single blow, explained how energy can be released in stars and nuclear explosions. This is a vast oversimplification. Einstein was neither the first person to consider the equivalence of mass and energy, nor did he actually prove it. "
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Submission + - Judge orders State Dept, FBI to expand probe on Clinton email server->

An anonymous reader writes: In a hearing over Freedom of Information Act requests to the State Department, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said that former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn't comply with government policies. He ordered the State Department to reach out to the FBI to see if any relevant emails exist on Hillary Clinton's email server. Judge Sullivan was surprised that the State Department and FBI were not already communicating on the issue following the FBI's seizure of Clinton's email server and three thumb drives of emails. More than 300 emails are being examined for containing classified information, and dozens of the emails were "born classified" based on content. Some of those emails were forwarded outside the government. There are also clues emerging about how some of the classified information made its way onto Clinton's server. The email controversy is beginning to show up on the campaign trail, an unwelcome development for Secretary Clinton. Reporter Bob Woodward, who helped bring down President Nixon, said the scandal reminds him of the Nixon tapes. It is interesting to note that the post-Watergate reforms have helped move the investigation forward.
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Comment Re:Where is Commander Adama when we need him? (Score 2) 189

Someone in the car industry needs to stand up and say "There will be no networked computers in my vehicles."

Somebody better find him quick. I'm pretty sure that I've heard that either Google or Apple was creating a driverless car that acknowledge direction by answering, "By your command."

Comment Re:Let's wait until al Quadia discovers it (Score 3) 189

The US military is the only entity that has actually ever carried out attacks like this

I would say his concern is well founded.

And your claim is nonsense. Consider the case of Vasili Blokhin, for instance. General Vasili Blokhin pressed a "button" (trigger) and killed the Polish army officer corp. (Admittedly he pressed that "button" repeatedly.) This was around the time that the Soviet Union confiscated food from the Ukraine to artificially create a famine and kill 7,000,000 people by the slow death of starvation. (Death was quicker for the people that walked into the grain fields to pluck some grain to eat - they were shot on the spot.)

The Katyn Massacre

In March 1940, General Blokhin personally executed all 8,000 of the captured Polish officers on 28 consecutive nights in a basement execution chamber at the Soviet secret police headquarters in Kalinin. The soundproof room was specially constructed for the murders, with a sloping concrete floor and a hose to wash away the blood.

One at a time – 250 a day – each of the Polish officers was led into the room in handcuffs, where Blokhin awaited in a butcher’s apron, cap and shoulder-length leather gloves. Each prisoner was then turned around to face a log wall, and Blokhin would shoot him in the back of the head . . .

The other 14,000 Polish intellectuals captured during the Soviet invasion met a similar fate, although not directly at the hand of General Blokhin.

Admittedly this is only a drop in the bucket of the 100,000,000 people killed by Communist regimes, but it is revealing.

Submission + - Hugos Refuse To Award Anyone Rather Than Submit To Fan's Votes

An anonymous reader writes: You may remember way back in April there was a bit of a kerfuffle over the nominees for the Hugo Awards being "too conservative" based on a voting campaign organized by a group of science fiction fans who wanted to promote hard science fiction over more recent nominees. This was spun as conservatives "ruining" a "progressive" award. The question was left: would the final voters of the Hugo awards accept these nominees, or just take their ball home and refuse to give out anyway awards at all? The votes are in and we know the answer now: they'd rather just not give out any awards.

Submission + - SPAM: US Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton's Email Server Kept In Bathroon Closet

An anonymous reader writes: The decision to use a private email server for official duties by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has proven to be controversial one, and the controversy continues to grow. It has been revealed that Secretary Clinton's email server was provided by a "mom and pop" operation in Denver Colorado, and that Clinton's email server was kept in an old bathroom closet converted into a "server room." One former employee was amazed at the revelation that Clinton was a customer given their lack of resources and limited security — they didn't even have an alarm. Another employee thought company facilities were hardly the place to house state secrets. And state secrets is indeed what it held as the number of classified emails has now climbed to more than 300, including two identified as Top Secret/Secret Compartmented Information. The company that hosted Clinton's emails, Platte River Networks, says it is highly likely that a full backup of the server was made which means it is possible that classified emails could still be in their hands. The company says it is cooperating with the FBI. The FBI appears confident it can recover some of the material from the hard drive of Clinton's server, which had been "wiped," and is attempting to determine if Russia or China gained access to it.
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Submission + - Clinton Surrendering Email Server/Data To Feds After Top Secret/SCI Mail Found->

An anonymous reader writes: Hillary Clinton's lawyer has surrendered three thumb drives with copies of emails from her server to the Justice Department, which is also where the controversial Clinton personal email server is destined as well. The FBI determined that Clinton's lawyer could no longer retain the thumb drives after two emails from a small sample were found to contain information classified as "Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information," which would also taint the server. There is no evidence that encryption was used to protect the emails. From the limited reviews to date Secretary Clinton and her aides exchanged emails containing classified information with at least six people with private email addresses. So far four of Clinton's top aides have turned over emails to the State Department, and there are demands that six more do so. The State Department's inspector general has stated that his office is reviewing "the use of personal communications hardware and software by five secretaries of state and their immediate staffs." Current US Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that, "it is very likely" that China and Russia are reading his emails.
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Comment Re:It is what it is (Score 2, Insightful) 332

You may recall that it was the civilized world that would have needed to retaliate against Imperial Japan.

The question isn't what some random people in Japan consider to be a war crime, the question is what is the law, and was it violated? If it was violated, were there mitigating circumstances?

How many Rapes of Nanking did the Allies commit? How many Unit 731s did the Allies have that were experimenting on prisoners? Where were the extermination camps of the Allied powers? The Allies had fewer people deserving punishment because they weren't engaging in the sort of wholesale barbarism that were part of the Aixs nation's practices.

Comment Re:It is what it is (Score 2, Interesting) 332

That isn't so much sarcasm as it is simply wrong. What constitutes a war crime is determined by treaty and the customary laws of war. Threat of retaliation is a recognized means of encouraging compliance with the law of war by the enemy. The US has prosecuted its own service members for war crimes as well as war criminals from among the enemy.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 232

That's quite a little rant you put together, but it doesn't change the facts.

Fitness standards in both the US Marines (not to mention the US Army and other services) are "gender normed" rather than the same. Example:
Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test Points - Male
Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test Points - Female

Judging women on the mens scale will cause their scores to plummet.

Despite your attempt to misquote me and distort the meaning of what I wrote, the fact remains that the female office you so approve of wrote this:

But there came a point when I could not persuade my body to perform. It wasn’t a matter of will but of pure physical strength. My mind wanted more, but my muscles quivered in failure after multiple attempts. I began to shiver as I got cold. I was told I could not continue


Current and Past SOCOM Commanders Split on Women in Combat

The current SOCOM commander is limited in what he can say as a serving officer. The former commander is not so constrained and seems to have some insights that you lack. Do you plan to write him and insult his penis too?

You should probably read this paper:
New British Ministry of Defence Review Paper Shreds Case for Women in Ground Close Combat

Special ops forces fear standards will be lowered for women

Men in U.S. special operations forces do not believe women can meet the physical and mental standards to join their ranks, and fear the requirements will be lowered to integrate them into the elite units, polling shows.

The surveys, reported by The Associated Press, found widespread concerns in special ops that Pentagon leaders would "capitulate to political pressure, allowing erosion of training standards."

Some women already in the elite forces expressed similar worries, the AP said.

Frankly I'm amused at the silly insults you hurl at me, and find your attempts to denigrate me both pathetic and ineffective. You know nothing about me other than I have a view different than yours, one that is shared by no small number of warriors and people who have looked these matters on a serious basis. For all you know I could have been callsign leader in a Fireforce, or a member of C Squadron, a Seabee, a USAFSOC PJ, a Legionnaire with 2e REP, an FBI HRT sniper, an armored cavalry troop commander in 3rd ACR, or simply someone that bothers to be informed. Whatever I've done in life you'll probably never know what it was since I value my privacy more than I value the approval of Internet "tough guys."

For all your claims as to having "made the grade," or "made the cut," all of which are both vague and unsubstantiated, I don't see you bringing much to this discussion beyond what we could get from a communist dog catcher in some university district in Melbourne. Perhaps you actually were the chief supply clerk, underwear exchange, 1 Commando, or maybe something more interesting. All you seem to be today is just another internet "tough guy" twisting words and hurling abuse to try to compensate for a bad argument derived from strong political beliefs of dubious merit.

Pro tip: "Stand in the door!" does not mean you should queue at a building exit to wait for quitting time and the race to the parking lot.

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