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Comment: Re:Bad summary of two separate issues (Score 1) 173

No one will, because it's none of the government's business.

Like robbery and murder are "none of the government's business"? Uh huh.

Oh, wait; you're an authoritarian,

Lacking fundamental defects in your understanding of the Constitution and law doesn't make you "authoritarian."

you will happily sacrifice the constitution and people's liberties in the name of safety


and appealing to fallible authority figures to 'prove' that you're objectively correct.

That darned Constitution and the Constituional offices it created. Who does that "Supreme Court" think it is? Just becuase the Constitution created it ....

After all, if your whimsical and defective view of the Constitution isn't authoritative, what good is it?

Comment: Re:Bad summary of two separate issues (Score 1) 173

I don't remember a lot of planes getting hijacked in the US before the TSA showed up.

Either you don't know the history of hijackings or your memory is defective. Hijackings were a problem that resulted in increased security decades ago.

But the TSA has gotten real good at the "take our freedoms" part.

LOL. No.

+ - Programmers: Why Haven't You Joined The ACM?-> 1

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh (300774) writes "The Association for Computing Machinery is a storied professional group for computer programmers, but its membership hasn't grown in recent years to keep pace with the industry. Vint Cerf, who recently concluded his term as ACM president, asked developers what was keeping them from signing up. Their answers: paywalled content, lack of information relevant to non-academics, and code that wasn't freely available."
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Likewise, the militarization of domestic police forces and their gradual shift from a community law enforcement role to more resemble a national occupation force complete with armored vehicles and heavy crew-served weapons.

A SWAT team per city / county, a few of which might have a light armored vehicle, is an "occupation" army?

You don't suppose you might be overstating things a bit, do you??

Comment: Re:Not hanging out at the Klan Lobotomy Clinic? (Score 1) 509

I thought you had started keeping your company to those too stupid and racist

And there you are. see that your eliminationist propaganda falls apart at the merest scrutiny.

What do you mean? Hamas prints its charter on good paper and still intends to destroy Israel.

Hey, racist fool, you're responding to a post that debunked the propaganda point you're trying to use.

Not so much "debunked" as tried to distract and confuse what the facts actually are.

Not only were those rockets not fired by Hamas, but Hamas were the ones who arrested [] those who did.

Did you have the roster of who fired them? I doubt it. The only reason that hamas would arrest anyone attacking Israel isn't because they disagree with act itself, but the timing, or the competition.

Hey, racist fool, does that mean that Tel Aviv should be leveled in the same way as Gaza, because of murders committed by squatters in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and everywhere by the IDF? As the occupying power, Israel would be responsible.

That would be disproportionate, committing a major war crime as revenge for simple murder. And Gaza isn't being "leveled."

Hey, racist fool, by your own reasoning any violence against Jews in the Middle East doesn't count,

That certainly seems to be your usual line - Jews don't count, killing Jews doesn't count.

Which racist, genocidal flag flies over you house, cold fjord?

A paper towel emblazoned in script: Uberbah. And it isn't so much "over" the house as in the alley, in a large object shaped like a can. It will probably be gone by 6:30 AM tomorrow, or if not, someday, as it heads to the ash heap of history.

+ - US Department of Homeland Security Providing Online Open Source Code Testing-> 1

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cold fjord (826450) writes "ZDNet reports, "At OSCon, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ... quietly announced that they're now offering a service for checking out your open-source code for security holes and bugs: the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP). ... Patrick Beyer, SWAMP's Project Manager at Morgridge Institute for Research, the project's prime contractor, explained, "With open source's popularity, more and more government branches are using open-source code. Some are grabbing code from here, there, and everywhere." Understandably, "there's more and more concern about the safety and quality of this code. We're the one place you can go to check into the code" ... funded by a $23.4 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), SWAMP is designed by researchers from the Morgridge Institute, the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana, Indiana University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Each brings broad experience in software assurance, security, open source software development, national distributed facilities and identity management to the project. ... SWAMP opened its services to the community in February of 2014 offering five open-source static analysis tools that analyze source code for possible security defects without having to execute the program. ... In addition, SWAMP hosts almost 400 open source software packages to enable tool developers to add enhancements in both the precision and scope of their tools. On top of that the SWAMP provides developers with software packages from the National Institute for Standards and Technology's (NIST) Juliet Test Suite.""
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Comment: Re:I know you're trying to be funny, but... (Score 0) 728

by cold fjord (#47555091) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

When someone does something that can fuck up an ecosystem that literally millions of peoples livelihoods rest on and billions of dollars flows through, then ye not only is being abusive acceptable it is fucking required.

Actually no, it isn't. Professionalism is required. Abuse is unhelpful.

Its this special snowflake bullshit from people like you that makes others ~want~ to not only verbally but physically abuse every single one of you.

That is a defect in your/their character that could lead to serious problems. Growing up would be a good start, and maybe some counseling.

You might want to remember this: making a habit of engaging in "physically abuse" might leave you lying in the street some day. The world is full of way tougher people than you, many of whom won't look it, and some of whom are armed.

You and everyone else is just another human being, no more holy or sacrosanct than any other.

And no less.

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Because they do things like this: []

That isn't an indication of fascism, which is a particular political organization of the state. If that allegation is true is may constitute a war crime - if it is true and there are no mitigating factors. The truth of that allegation isn't clear, and it is completely unrelated to the organization of Israel's government.

Let's check another source.

HRW’s Credibility Gap: 14 Versions of the Abed Rabbo “White Flags” Incident

Such highly-charged moral accusations, and the repeated use of terms like “war crimes”, are largely based on Palestinian “testimony”, while the ability to verify these allegations is very limited or impossible. Although HRW repeated the misleading claim (in its Sept 10 statement) that its “on-the-ground investigations found no evidence of Palestinian fighters in the area at the time”, HRW had no researchers in Gaza until weeks after the fighting. Their entirely non-transparent, “investigations” apparently consisted of recording Palestinian statements in an interview process that is readily subject to manipulation, conducted by HRW officials who lack professional credentials and have a clear bias, (in this report, Joe Stork ) and are therefore impossible to evaluate.

As in numerous other examples of highly flawed HRW “investigations” (Gaza Beach, the 2006 Lebanon War, etc.), as documented in detail in NGO Monitor’s report “Experts or Ideologues ”, the evidence shows major inconsistencies and contradictions in the Abed Rabbo incident. NGO Monitor, CAMERA , and other researchers have documented at least 14 significantly different versions of the story. NGOs have published 6 distinct accounts, and 8 others are from the media. The evolution of these accounts also suggests motivations for promoting allegations that may be far from the truth.

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During WW2, multiple nations and groups were savagely "victimized" (that's an understatement but we'll go with that as an euphemism): Jews, Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, etc. It is clear that the most affected were the Jews.
WW2 ended, the deeds were documented, everybody eventually moved on. Everybody but Jews.

Two years after the end of World War 2 in Europe the Jewish people were again threatened with genocide.

Azzam's Genocidal Threat

Of the countless threats of violence, made by Arab and Palestinian leaders in the run up to and in the wake of the November 29, 1947 partition resolution, none has resonated more widely than the warning by Abdul Rahman Azzam, the Arab League's first secretary-general, that the establishment of a Jewish state would lead to "a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades."

That threat hasn't really gone away, and if anything it is expanding.

UN chief denounces Iran to its face over calls to destroy Israel

So my advice to Jews and anyone else who acts like that: stop blowing things out of proportion!

Perhaps you can forgive their concern about being the victim of real genocide given that they have both experienced it within living memory, and have been realistically threatened with it repeatedly since then.

Comment: Re:maybe (Score 1) 509

The lawyers tell me that under the Geneva Conventions, collateral damage including the killing of innocent civilians is acceptable if it is necessary to achieve a military objective.

Why don't you explain the military necessity of blowing up a hospital when the IDF itself admits that the only military objective was 100 meters away.

Obviously that isn't really possible ..... when you omit critical information. Fortunately I can address that.

Terrorists fire rockets from Gaza hospital

The IDF said that after days of consideration it has begun to attack the Wafa Hospital compound. The military claimed the hospital has been a hotbed of terrorists activities, with gun and anti-tank missile fire originating from the cite. ....

The al Wafa hospital was evacuated last week after a number of phone call warnings from the IDF.

The hospital, which serves as a rehab facility had gained attention after a group of activists moved in to be alongside 17 patients could not be evacuated.

Nevertheless, they were moved last Thursday to a nearby hospital as Israel struck targets that rattled the facility.

So it appear that there was more than just rocket fire coming form the site, which addresses the question of military necessity. Also note that the Israelis actually called ahead to warn about the coming strikes. That humanitarian gesture could reasonably be expected to permit some of the Hamas fighters to escape.

Comment: Re:Scale and proportion. (Score 1) 509

Your claim about the number and frequency of rocket attacks is essentially false. There has been a steady stream of rocket attacks this year, as there are most years.

List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, 2014

You seem to be arguing that Hamas can attack as much as it likes as long as it isn't very successful due to Israeli diligence, and those attacks should just be ignored. That is ridiculous. An attempted attack is just as serous a matter as a successful attack, just as much an act of war. Israel is well justified in defending itself against those rocket attacks using proportionate means, which is what it is doing. Hamas launches artillery rockets, Israel replies with bombs and artillery.

It doesn't matter which faction did the firing, Hamas is the governing authority of Gaza, they are responsible.

Your argument about scaling Palestinian Arab deaths is nonsense. Who are the "Palestinians"? They are simply the Arabs that live in that area of the Middle East. The Middle East has well over 100,000,000 Arabs living in it. There is no scaling required to count deaths among the Arabs.

Of that one thousand dead, many hundreds of them are Hamas gunmen, others are human shields (another war crime by Hamas). Then there are those killed by Hama's incompetence or criminality.

Why The Press Keeps Qualifying That They're Not Sure Who Struck UN School

He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.