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+ - Assange Talk Causes Judges Across The UK To Boycott/Walk Out Of Legal Conference->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Commonwealth Law Conference in Glasgow was subjected to walk outs and boycott once it became known that Julian Assange was to appear by video link from the Ecuadorian embassy to give a talk at the conference. The Guardian reports that, "Judges from Scotland, England and Wales and the UK supreme court had agreed to speak at or chair other sessions but withdrew – in some cases after arriving at the conference centre– when they found out about Assange’s appearance. Among those to boycott the conference were the most senior judge in Scotland, Lord Gill, and two judges on the supreme court, Lord Neuberger and Lord Hodge. A spokesperson for the Judicial Office for Scotland said: “The conference programme was changed to include Mr Assange’s participation at short notice and without consultation. Mr Assange is, as a matter of law, currently a fugitive from justice, and it would therefore not be appropriate for judges to be addressed by him. “Under these circumstances, the lord president, Lord Gill, and the other Scottish judicial officeholders in attendance have withdrawn from the conference.” A spokesman for the UK supreme court added: “Lord Neuberger and Lord Hodge share the concerns expressed by Lord Gill and his fellow senior Scottish judges ... “As a result of this unfortunate development, they trust that delegates will understand their decision to withdraw from the conference. ...” A spokesman for judiciary of England and Wales said: “The lord chief justice shares the concerns expressed by Lord Gill and Lord Neuberger ... He agreed with the position taken by both, and the judges of England and Wales also withdrew from the conference. ...”""
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Comment: Re:A bit off topic (Score 1) 239

Here is the text of the speach that Winston Churchill gave at Fultun. The phrases you show as being attrributed to Churchill don't appear there, nor do they appear to be Churchill's words, nor do they fit with history. That doesn't seem to be a genuine quote.

The second attribution also seems highly unlikely.

Comment: Re: better idea (Score 1) 166

by cold fjord (#49506717) Attached to: UN To Debate Lethal Autonomous Weapons

The Taliban never had any intention of handing over Bin Laden. Al Qaida was integrated into the Taliban government. The Taliban had previously shown they wouldn't negotiate in good faith when the US tried to extradite Bin Landen following his indictment in the US after the Africa embassy bombings and Cole attack.

9/11 was an act of war consistent with Bin Laden's declaration of war against America in the 1990s. The Taliban though they would just ride out the storm and ignored the ultimatum. It was a bad choice.

Do you reall think that the Taliban would have handed him over? Just curious.

Comment: Re:Marijuana's capacity to REVEAL TRUTH (Score 1) 291

There are many restrictions on gun ownership in the US, so that is nonsense.

Gangs, thugs, rapists and thieves break into the homes of the old and infirm, not the other way around. There are laws governing carrying firearms off one's property, including in cars.

This is just a small sample of defensive firearms use.

Comment: Re:Mass Murder (Score 1) 246

I will freely admit that I did not examine your links, as I have no way to evaluate their accuracy.

So you just stopped by to chat? That's nice of you. Did you have anything in particular you wanted to chat about?

I have to tell you that your declaration raises so many interesting questions. Are you usually stymied by information on the internet? How is it that you inform yourself?

Possibly the historynewsnetwork site was trustworty, OTOH, I would not be willing to give much weight to the posting of a columnist unless I knew a great deal about him.

I guess you have to keep an eye on George Mason University. No telling what they'll try to pull.

As to Michael Medved, he isn't exactly an obcure figure.

It all depends on how you define "gens". It originally meant ...

It's a pity you didn't look through the articles at the links. It included this gem which would have saved you a post:

Were American Indians the Victims of Genocide? by Guenter Lewy
Guenter Lewy, who for many years taught political science at the University of Massachusetts, has been a contributor to Commentary since 1964. His books include"The Catholic Church & Nazi Germany, Religion & Revolution, America in Vietnam," and "The Cause that Failed: Communism in American Political Life."

The Genocide Convention was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 9, 1948 and came into force on January 12, 1951; after a long delay, it was ratified by the United States in 1986. Since genocide is now a technical term in international criminal law, the definition established by the convention has assumed prima-facie authority, and it is with this definition that we should begin in assessing the applicability of the concept of genocide to the events we have been considering.

According to Article II of the convention, the crime of genocide consists of a series of acts" committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group as such" (emphases added)....

That seems to be pretty specific and testable information. But if you have "no way" to do so ...

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 239

As a Jew I find this extremely tragic, as we've been building our future on some sense that we need to escape and defend ourselves rather than make peace with those around us.

The problem that you are overlooking is that some of the people around you don't want peace, they want dead Jews. There are many kinds of peace, including the peace of the graveyard. It is an emormous mistake to settle for peace on those terms.

I very much doubt that Goebbels would be happy with the state of Judiasm today, especially since there are so many Jews. As district leader of Berlin he shipped Jews to where they were being exterminated. I also doubt that he would be happy since the Jewish state has managed to defend itself so many times against Arab/Muslim threats to destroy Israel and slaughter the Jews.

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 1) 239

As the propaganda minister, yes he would of been in control of spreading hatred for Jews, but it is hard to condemn that during wartime when spreading hatred and dehumanizing your enemies is standard practice. And it might not qualify as heinous enough to actually count as a crime against humanity.

Lets take a look at that. There is a disparity you are not acknowledging.

Soviet Union: Country with government at war with Germany, had army, navy, air force in massive quantities
Poland: Country with government at war with Germany, had army, navy, air force in meaningful quantities
France: Country with government at war with Germany, had army, navy, air force in significant quantities
United Kingdom: Country with government at war with Germany, had army, navy, air force in significant quantities
USA: Country with government at war with Germany, had army, navy, air force in significant quantities
Jews: Peaceful ethnic minority in Germany and other parts of Europe that often made important contributions to society.

Germany treatment of the prisoners of:
Russia: severe mistreatment, many died
Poland: severe mistreatment, many died
France: Relatively humane treatment
United Kingdom: Relatively humane treatment
USA: Relatively humane treatment
Jews: Germany used modern bureaucratic methods and tools of industry in an attempt to exterminate all Jews in German occupied territory.

On what reasonable ground could Jews be targeted for even worse treatment than the Russians? They were productive members of German society, not an invading foreign nation. They were targeted for death based purely on ethnic/religious hatred.

It is easy to condemn Germany, the Nazis, and Goebels for the propaganda in service of genocide against the Jews, and the genocide itself, not to mention the waging of wars of aggression by Germany.

If that gruel is too thin for you, fear not. Goebbels had a more direct hand in the Holocaust as well.

Making Berlin 'Judenfrei'. The decimation of Berlin's jewish population by railway deportations.

Now, more than elsewhere - the population of Berlin suffered more Joseph Goebbels, the infamous Minister of Propaganda. In the German capital, he was also an ambitious Gauleiter (District leader). The virulent antisemite wanted Berlin to be 'Judenfrei' (Nazi-German for 'Free from jews') - and he even bothered Hitler with this. On August 19th 1941, Hitler promised the fanatic Gauleiter to 'transport' the jews out of 'his' city when the possibility was there. Only one month later - Goebbels confirmed that this day came closer. In an diary entry of September 24th, he wrote that Hitler stated Berlin would be the very first city to be 'Judenfrei' indeed. The deportations were in sight. Another month later, at October 24th, Goebbels wrote

"Gradually, we start with the evacuation of the Berlin jews to the East. A couple of thousands are already on their way. In first instance, they go to Litzmannstadt (Nazi-German for: Lodz). This causes commotion in the affected circles. The jews ask for support in anonymous letters to foreign correspondents. (. . .) It is annoying that this topic is getting attention in the world’s media, but we have to deal with it. The main thing is that the Reichshauptstadt (Berlin) is made Judenfrei. I will not rest before this goal is totally realised."

. . . Already in this early stage, deportations were connected with the Holocaust. By November 1941 till January 1942, 4000 jews were sent to the ghetto of Riga - where Nazi authorities knew that 'Einsatzgruppen' ('Special Forces') executed these jews.

Nazi Germany pursued the destruction of the Jewish people till the end. They spent enormous amounts of scarce resources (trains, manpower, economic losses) to pursue their evil end. They damaged their own war effort to pursue their evil end of destroying the Jewish people. Why? Hatred. That hatred has infected more than just Nazi Germany.

Sadly, Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Middle East, and is popular in other places as well. There are Muslims with the same goal as the Nazis - destroy the Jewish people. Like the Nazis they are willing to damage their nation to pursue this goal.

The terrorist group Hamas, which forms the government of Gaza, has the destruction of Israel in its charter. They are unwilling to recognize the right of Israel to exist. This is made achieving peace agreements nearly impossible for the Palestinians.

Likewise Iran plans to create a "Palestine" free of the Jewish state and all that implies. At one level this is quite odd when you think about it since Iran and Israel were allies under the Shaw of Iran's government. Israel never did anything to Iran to deserve being target for genocide by Iran. But that was before the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Once Iran was ruled by Shia Muslim clerics, Iran declared Israel an enemy and that it is at war with Israel, the Jewish state. This is based purely on the religious hatred in Iran.

Iran now has missiles that can not only reach Israel, but reach Europe as well. They already have a nuclear warhead design for those missiles, and will soon have a transient and unreliable limitation on its ability to produce the nuclear material to mate with its warhead design to create nuclear tipped long range ballistic missiles. Other Muslim nations, Sunni Muslim nations, see Iran's march towards nuclear weapons and are starting their march towards nuclear weapons as well.

Meanwhile Europe continues to disarm, even in the face of threats from Russia. Russia's ambassador to Denmark just threatened the use of nuclear weapons against Denmark if Denmark participated the missile defense program intended to protect Europe from Iran's threat. What makes this more troubling is that Putin stated a few weeks ago that he was willing to brandish nuclear weapons to take Crimea from Ukraine.

The future doesn't look bright.

Comment: Re:I'm shocked, I tell you! (Score 0) 128

Anybody else surprised by this?

Truth, justice... is simply not the American way.

Truth and justice have been part of the American way, but not all Americans have made it their way. Have you?

The problem grows worse when society says there is no such thing as truth. and justice becomes a mockery.

Can anyone identify a land of universal truth and justice, in which no fault can be found, outside of myth or prophecy?

Comment: Re:GCHQ (Score 1) 133

by cold fjord (#49501801) Attached to: Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA

GCHQ has no jurisdiction in Ireland. Different country, not part of the UK and all that.

You aren't saying that GCHQ conducts no signals intelligence operations on servers or signals in Ireland, are you? I hear they've been known to operate in other countries. And fanacy that, the UK and Ireland share a land border.

No secret intelligence protocols between the UK and Ireland?

Comment: Re:I'll take it (Score 0) 294

>> For the dude doing it...what's the penalty again for punching out a TSA idiot?

Seriously folks - you may have a lovely country, but this sh!t keeps my tourist dollar in my bank and unspent.

If you actually believe that then you may not be smart enought to enter the country*. The Guantanamo Bay detention facility has only been used for holding individuals that were either members or thought to be members of al Qaida or its associates. I'm pretty sure that "punching out" a TSA employee isn't going to qualify for that.

*You do realize that there really isn't a qualification like that, right? Just making sure.

Comment: Re:Mass Murder (Score 1) 246

Where do you go to school? I had that hammered into me in grade school.

Hammered is probably the right word since it was PC indoctrination, not education.

To the point: Reject the Lie of White "Genocide" Against Native Americans

Detailed: Were American Indians the Victims of Genocide?

User hostile.