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by cold fjord (#46797943) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

The Russian armies continuing to mass on Ukraine's borders?
Russian special forces and intelligence agents infiltrating Ukraine and instigating insurrection and incidents?
The Russians violating the Open Skies treaty to deny Western and US compliance inspection over-flights of Russia to hide their activity?
The UN finding that the Crimean election wasn't quite as free as claimed?
Putin admitting that the "little green men" in Crimea were, "surprise! surprise!," Russian soldiers after all?
Jews being told they must "register" in an area of Ukraine controlled by Russian separatists? which echoes the problems Russia has with National Socialists?
Russia taking up the "anti-fascist" fight after "defeating fascism" in Poland in 1939 (splitting it with the Germans), "defeating fascism" in Finland in 1940 (annexing Finnish territory), "defeating fascism" in Georgia in 2008 (taking territory from it), and now volunteering to "defeat fascism" in Ukraine despite the fact that Russia seems to be unable to defeat fascism at home?
That momentum is building in Ukraine's legislature for rearming with nuclear weapons which will ironically be accepting Putin's advice offered on Syria?

Ironically, the notion of reacquiring nuclear weapons as a security guarantee is a position publicly advocated by Putin himself: "If you cannot count on international law, then you must find other ways to ensure your security. ... This is logical: If you have the bomb, no one will touch you." -- Is Ukraine about to go nuclear again?

Most Ukrainians are neither loyal Russians nor fascists

Putin has promoted the notion that ethnic Russians were in danger. There has never been evidence for this unless you count as brutal repression a failed attempt to revive an old law making Ukrainian the sole language for court hearings and government forms. Putin calls for greater autonomy for the south and east of Ukraine, and more rights for Russian-speakers, while doing all he can to obstruct elections that would bring them back into the political process.

No doubt there is more. Do you have an inside scoop? Is it, as I fear, that the US is at fault?

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I will add this:

Beans and frozen vegetables are your friends. Get a crock pot. Make a crock of beans, divide them into servings and freeze them to use as needed. Beans are good nutrition. Meat and bean dishes go much further than just meat. A crock pot is also great for turning less expensive cuts of meat into a feast.

I find that frozen vegetables are much handier than canned, they keep nicely, and don't have all the added salt or other ingredients. Having them in the freezer makes adding vegetables to a dish, or making a side dish, very easy. You can easily have several different types or mixes to use as desired. Spinach in the omelet, mixed veggies in the stew, and so on. Getting those vegetables into your diet is better than just going for a burger and fries all the time.

Eggs are a great source of cheap protein, and sometimes they even go on sale. You can hard boil them to keep them longer.

Keep an eye out for sales on various fruits and vegetables, such as apples, sweet potatoes, or potatoes, and buy a bunch.

Frozen bread dough can be quite a bit cheaper than already baked loaves. Having some in the freezer during bad weather means you can have bread in case there is a run on the store (as sometimes happens) and the shelves are bare.

Raman can be tasty, filing, and tempting, but you might want to leave it as an occasional treat with all the fat and salt in the standard cheap stuff. Nutritionally you're probably better off with a potato.

You'll know you're developing the right mindset if you look at the price of a standard fast food "meal deal" and think to yourself: "I could buy a pound/half kilo of hamburger, a loaf of bread, and add a few pennies of potatoes and eat for 3-4 days for that! If I made a meat and bean stew it would be all week!"

Plan ahead. If you are going out, bring a container of water and a snack, such as an apple. That way you can avoid the temptation of soda and a candy bar. It's cheaper and better for you.

If you do it right, eating fairly cheaply can be healthy too.

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I'm pretty sure Europeans are more worried about the US starting the next war.

I'm pretty sure that Russia has fixed that problem for the Europeans able to make a reasoned judgment that might have actually believed that. The ones that still believe that tend more towards viewing the world with a constant filter applied and it will take an actual occupation or perhaps bombing to adjust it.

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Somehow you managed to either misunderstand or get wrong nearly all the important points you tried to make.

The A & B example I showed wasn't an illustration of terrorism but of the effect of different levels of information and how they could influence choices of action. How did you both miss and misuse that?

The information about terrorist groups changing communications methods has been in the news on multiple occasions. It wasn't "made up on the spot," you are simply uninformed. And for some reason the logic does not occur to you than when the media says the intelligence agencies watch X that terrorists and others might avoid X. I don't see how you can do that.

What we know from reliable sources is that only the highest levels of the terrorist hierarchy, the senior commanders, that provide high level guidance have generally been protected by the more advanced and labor intensive methods, but the lower levels that actually have to get things done according to some sort of schedule not so much. The lower levels have been much more vulnerable to having their communications intercepted, but Snowden has been tutoring them through the media on the things to avoid.

Snowden's leaks only show technical capability for intercepting communications, what they don't show is the machinery of repression and mass active monitoring that 1984 would require.

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it's not the bigotry, its the fact they have no zoning laws and some megacorp can build a fertilizer plant next to residential housing and kill people when it explodes
or build some oil refinery next to someone's home and poison their air and water

While I'm sure that Texas has totally managed to avoid the scourge of zoning laws, the California approach has its own drawbacks that are becoming apparent, especially as California is now practically speaking a one party state run by Democrats with super majorities able to pass whatever they want.

California: CEOs Rate It Worst U.S. Business Climate For 8 Years Running
Hundreds of Thousands Flee Democrat-Run California
Just How Bad is California’s Business Climate?
California, a bad bet for business - Why would new enterprises come to a state like this?
Texas v. California: The Real Facts Behind The Lone Star State's Miracle
State leaders closely watch migrating millionaires

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No, I don't. It wouldn't help if I did. Few people here are up to serious if casual fact based discussions on the matter let alone professional level ones. Fear isn't needed, only an open mind, rational thinking, and knowledge. Many of the threats are already known to various levels but people choose to ignore or disparage them because it suits their purposes, or they aren't up to a serious discussion.

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