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Comment: Re:That poor man (Score 1) 269

Cal residential rates average about 15cents/kwh, a 2.5KWH panel would need about 17.8 cents per kwh to save them $818 in the first year.

I don't know where you get your data, but I'm assuming that's the state average. In urban areas it is higher, much higher, especially if you go over "baseline." When I lived in Orange County we were never within baseline, because we actually turned on lights, cooked food, watched TV, and dared to run the AC when it was 100 degrees.

Comment: Re:The trick... (Score 1) 246

It is to clench your anus while the machine is being calibrated, prior to the questions.

An obvious solution would be to have a sensor in the seat cushion to detect the clenching. In the past, people cheated by putting a thumbtack in their shoe. Now, polygraphs are usually administered with shoes removed.

That is already standard practice for some polygraphs.

Comment: Re:Finally figured out who the Holy Ghost is (Score 1) 866

by coinreturn (#49684321) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

My girlfriend and I were wondering who exactly the Holy Ghost is. I mean, it's not God, and not his son Jesus, so who the fuck is it? I decided it was God's imaginary friend.

I feel sorry for you. May god have mercy on your soul. You should not blaspheme the holy spirit. I hope for your sake that you are an atheist because if you are not then you just doomed yourself.

Whether or not I am an atheist, I have not "doomed" myself. If there is a god and he is that petty, I have no desire to meet him, much less spend eternity with him. My god will have a sense of humor.

Comment: Re:Finally (Score 1) 866

by coinreturn (#49681523) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

Mormonism is to stupid to even comment on...

I'll help you out here: Mormons believe that some dude found some magical gold plates that explained all sorts of appendices to the bible, but for some reason said dude lost the plates so there is no evidence; you should have tons of wives and kids, wait only one wife now, but you have many in the afterlife; blacks can't make it to the best part of heaven, oh, wait, now they can; and special underwear gives you magic powers and makes you closer to God.

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