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Comment Re:You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 1) 228

At least if you spouse is ignorant of this its likely they are investing in the partnership in ways that would be against their interest if the marriage isn't sustainable. If they were aware of your misbehavior and would stop doing that in light of it you have induced them to act against their own interest by misrepresentation. That is basically the text book definition of FRAUD.

No it is not.

From USLEGAL.com:Fraud is generally defined in the law as an intentional misrepresentation of material existing fact made by one person to another with knowledge of its falsity and for the purpose of inducing the other person to act, and upon which the other person relies with resulting injury or damage.

Note the "inducing the other person to act" and "resulting injury or damage."

The reason it is tolerated is because progressives hate the idea of the family unit. Its a little to autonomous and independent for them so they do what they can break it down including stacking the legal framework against it.

Utter fucking nonsense.

Comment Re: Go Vegan (Score 2) 212

Straw man: I never said there was a "scientific reason" to avoid meat. As an aside (not the point of my original response), there are certainly moral reasons and sustainability reasons. You continue to support your non-sequitur. Whether or not our brains would have evolved this way without consuming meat (baloney or not) has NOTHING to do with whether it is feasible now (ie not "stupid from a physiological standpoint"). And your wild plants rant also has nothing to do with the feasibility. Full disclosure: I am NOT a vegan.

Comment Re: Go Vegan (Score 2) 212

Not only is going vegan stupid from a physiological standpoint (the fact is, our brains couldn't have evolved the way they did without meat; the fact that we could get away with eating vegetables came later after we selectively bred them to have a high enough energy density, and no vegan anywhere ever could survive off of truly wild plants) but some people have dietary needs that just can't work on a vegan diet. For example, if you're on dialysis, going vegan is practically a long drawn out suicide.

Non-sequitur. Whether or not our brains could have evolved the way did without meat (baloney), has nothing to do with whether or not being a vegan now is "stupid from a physiological standpoint."

Comment Re:Why is it ill-timed? (Score 1) 633

There have been 355 mass-shootings so far this year.

This statistic has been widely quoted, but it is a bit misleading. If you count every guy who shot at more than one person while robbing a liquor store a "mass-shooting", then yes, you will have stats like that. The truth is that we have had something like 74 true spree-shooting in the past 21 years. I might be mildly off, but I know I am correct or fairly close. Don't mix up all of the dopes robbing a convenience store with the loons who go into a movie theater and shoot people with the pure intent to kill.

Also, gun ownership has gone up more than 50% in the past 20 years and gun violence has actually dropped by about the same amount. It is just the big, flashy, spree-killings that are happening more often in recent years/month that make people nervous.

Let's assume you are correct with 74 in the past 21 years. That averages to about three a year. The question stands - when wouldn't it be ill-timed? Generally less than 4 months from last shooting.

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