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Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 402

,,,are Geeks.

They would like to be, but lack the essential 'hacker' mentality required to Be a Geek.

Most of them are unimaginative morons, although highly educated.

A highly educated moron is easy to achieve with modern education; they can calculate something without any understanding whatsoever.

In other news, there are No True Scotsmen.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 2) 402

I think that's the main reason I can't watch that show, and to this date haven't watched a full episode yet. Every time I hear the laugh track I want to gag. What is this, 1965? If they're going to do it that way, at least have a live studio audience like Married with Children had that actually responds appropriately to what's happening when it's genuinely funny.

Um, they do have a live studio audience

Wait a moment. There's at least EIGHT people who appear twice in that photo, and it's not a simple stitch together either. Check it out. Definitely the "live studio audience" isn't all that it's made out to be.

The pictures were taken on "Bring your identical twin and sit away from them" day.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

"Gun free" is not intended to be a message to criminals. .

It may not be intended as a message to criminals but it is most definitely interpreted as one. Hey look easy pickings, is the message they read.

You seriously misunderstand mass shootings if you think "easy pickings" is the criteria used for site selection. Look at history - it's places where people have a grudge for some reason - employment, schooling, girls, whatever.

Comment Re:Good idea - on one condition (Score 1) 1291

Guaranteed income is a good idea as long as it's predicated on mandatory sterilization for recipients.

Not to be "mean". Part of the original issue is increased efficiency of production together with population growth. We can provide all of the people with labor from a small portion. We need to restore balance to the production vs. consumption and part of the equation is reasonable population level.

Sign me the fuck up! Being over 50, I'd be happy to get a vasectomy in exchange for free money for the rest of my life.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 2, Interesting) 403

Posting AC just because I am going to mention a very unpopular angle:

The one thing the CIA and FBI directors are missing is how foreign propaganda can quickly become US memes. I have seen pictures and memes from Syria wind up as daily fodder on Occupy and other FB based groups. Same with Daesh memes like "Straight outta Kabul". They may lose militarily, but they can easily get their propaganda videos onto YouTube or FB for consumption.

Back in the '80s, a company distributing Russian or East German propaganda videos would be shut down and everyone involved arrested for providing aid and comfort to the enemy, to even treason by showing enemy propaganda. Now, showing an ISIS video is "hip" or a snide thing to do, especially today.

Hearts and minds... stop the influx of propaganda, and you will win back the US populace. Let the propaganda continue constantly on how the US is the evilest entity to ever take part on history's stage, and you only will get more government distrust and hatred, when in reality, those are the people keeping US residents' schools unexploded and your eyes unpopped.

That is what they don't understand... stop the influx of propaganda, and you will get your citizens back. Let the memes flow, and every single military engagement will end just like Viet Nam, no matter how good the generals are.

So, be more like North Korea and stop incoming messages you don't like? Great strategy!

Uncertain fortune is thoroughly mastered by the equity of the calculation. - Blaise Pascal