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Comment: Overblown Story About Nothing (Score 4, Informative) 111

by coastal984 (#48157861) Attached to: Journalists Route Around White House Press Office
After reading TFA, this is much to do about nothing. One piece of "news" requested by the White House to be removed included paring down an article of the President's visit on the "Tonight Show" based on an agreement with the show not to release too much about the content of the show before broadcast - a common show biz rule. Another was a line about the First Lady working out in a hotel gym, while another was a piece about the President honoring a retiring long-time White House journalist with a cake and a humorous quip. The only thing of possible substance here is the 4th mentioned report where a reporter had sour grapes about being left out of a photo op, and wrote a piece comparing his treatment to a freedom of the press speech the President had given days earlier.

In fact, they quoted other reporters saying they've never had a problem, and have never been corrected besides "spelling and factual errors".

What a sham post. Editors should be ashamed of themselves for trying to start a boiling political argument over nothing. Smells thickly of corporate motives, which is blatantly unacceptable.

Comment: HPSupport transferred me to a car dealership in NY (Score 4, Funny) 137

by coastal984 (#47764703) Attached to: HP Recalls 6 Million Power Cables Over Fire Hazard
I really wish I was making this up - I called asking about bulk replacement for my organization, and the email address they gave me was not working. So tier 1 said they would "transfer me to the team in charge of the recall." Well, I was connected with Scott, the service manager of a Chevrolet Dealership in upstate New York. Besides a good laugh, he obviously wasn't able to help me very much. *sigh*

Comment: Not unlike the colonial settlers from Europe (Score 1) 307

by coastal984 (#46660063) Attached to: Should NASA Send Astronauts On Voluntary One-Way Missions?
No, it's not exactly the same, but when Europeans set sail for the Americas, they had no intention, nor any guarantee, of going back. I'm not in favor of a "suicide mission", but if there's a reasonable expectation that we can keep them alive for the rest of their natural lives, then yes, we should consider investigating it. That being said, that's a massive financial commitment, and I'd much prefer a return method be an option.

Comment: Re:Antitrust lawsuit? (Score 4, Insightful) 303

by coastal984 (#46237595) Attached to: Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable In $44.2 Billion All-Stock Deal
No, it won't eliminate consumer choice because most often Cable companies have a government-authorized monopoly on a geographic area.

What this will do is create a powerhouse negotiator with the content companies as they would represent about 1/3 of all cable households. Who really hates this deal is those content companies, and the satellite companies. If allowed, Comcast will have the power to negotiate substantially lower TV subscription costs than Direct/Dish, and take money out of the content producer/broadcasters coffers.

The other side is internet... but I'm not sure that this is going to affect their DSL/FIOS competitors that much. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I think this is likely a secondary concern that lags behind the concerns of the networks/sat providers.

Comment: Re:Self Taught (Score 1) 655

This. I did a solid 5 years of traditional college... Majored in Architecture, Communications, and finally Business before saying "screw it" and sitting for my A+ exam after a couple of nights in a study guide book. Did a 6 month term on a corporate help desk before moving on to a municipal IT shop, where I've been for nearly 5 years, and have gained a TON of knowledge and experience. I'm simply a better learner by doing and figuring than I am by sitting in a classroom.

Comment: Re:TV? You mean, single-use device? (Score 2) 418

by coastal984 (#44811245) Attached to: Is It Time to Replace Your First HDTV? (Video)
TV's arn't going anywhere. If I were a single apartment dweller who never entertained, I'd be inclined to agree that I might never need a big TV and would watch everything on my laptop and/or tablet. But I'm not. The family watches TV together. Groups come over to watch games. Not to mention, hooked up to my 7.1 Onkyo system, I have my own little theater that just isn't replicated by my laptop in my lap. TV's have a long, long future ahead of them.

Comment: 9 years later, still won't trade my Pioneer Plasma (Score 4, Interesting) 418

by coastal984 (#44811183) Attached to: Is It Time to Replace Your First HDTV? (Video)
9 years ago, we shelled out 4-figures for a 43" Pioneer Plasma. Today, I swing through a Best Buy and HH Gregg once every month or so, and glance at the TV's, and simply put, the LCD's on the market that can match it's picture. (I couldn't care less about 3D). It's the perfect size for our den (sure, it could take a 48", or even a 52", but the 43" doesn't leave me wanting for any more picture).

Got what we paid for: Awesomeness and longevity.

I'm going to go knock on some wood now.

+ - Yahoo! Sports re-design sparks controversy, disdain from users

Submitted by coastal984
coastal984 (847795) writes "Yahoo! launched their latest redesign over the past couple of weeks, revamping their utilitarian Yahoo! Sports section with a new-age, modernized look, which features a much darker, graphical background, and light, larger text. Only problem is, the sports buffs that frequented Yahoo! Sports loved the basic, easy to read and comprehend presentation that the old site used (Which was a predominately plain white background, and smaller, dark text. Thousands of users took to Yahoo's uservoice page to express their discontent, begging for the old design back. How will Marissa Mayer and her team respond to the swell of negative criticism, if at all?"

"Bureaucracy is the enemy of innovation." -- Mark Shepherd, former President and CEO of Texas Instruments