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Comment: Re:The Wild West of the internet (Score 1) 39

by clonehappy (#49743255) Attached to: FBI: Social Media, Virtual Currency Fraud Becoming a Huge Problem

They don't know exactly who I am at all. That would take an IMEI number and a database that they don't have.

Completely untrue. When you sign in to Facebook on your device, they have access to your phone number (if you haven't already voluntarily given it to them) and device ID (not IMEI, but a unique identifier). They also get to have access to your contact list. All of your friends have also given them their contact lists. It isn't hard to correlate all those lists and numbers, combined with messaging histories and usage patterns, to know exactly who *everyone* is, even if you DON'T have a Facebook account.

That's the part that bothers me the most, is that even if I've never used their services, they still have a profile on me.

Zuckerberg was absolutely right when he called his users dumb fucks

Comment: Re:Rand Paul seems to get a pass here (Score 1) 438

by clonehappy (#49585221) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules

I think you're absolutely correct. Why the fuck should I give up the only cookie I have (or anyone else has) left to some lazy, union slob (or the CEO or anyone else for that matter) without a fight? I wouldn't expect the union worker to give me his cookie. But yeah, fuck the middle class or something right?

Comment: Re:sort of like Antifreeze and pets/wildlife (Score 1) 104

by clonehappy (#49548355) Attached to: Bees Prefer Nectar Laced With Neonicotinoids

This is why I always try to purchase the "Low Tox" antifreeze for my vehicles. Should I ever be stranded in a remote location without water, I could survive for days just by cracking the draincock on the radiator. Plus, I don't have to feel as bad about parking my car over the storm sewer and emptying out the cooling system when I do a flush!

Comment: Humans (Score 3) 193

Does anyone else notice that in every article where there is someone lecturing us in a denigrating fashion for something "bad" we do or have done, they have to refer to people in the third person as "humans". They never say "we", or even "humanity", no. It's always "humans", like the person doing the lecturing is above the level of us filthy "humans".

Is it nanny-talk 101 to speak of us in such a manner, or are the people doing this of another species?

Comment: Re:Students + Anonimity (Score 3, Insightful) 234

by clonehappy (#49488625) Attached to: Can Online Reporting System Help Prevent Sexual Assaults On Campus?

His common sense probably let a lot of child molesters go free. Family court judges are notorious for being dismissive about abuse claims and I know a lot of a adults who still bear a grudge because a judge would not believe one of their parents was abusing them.
Sadly, your uncle is not a counter example, he is more likely an example of the problem.

Sorry "you know" a lot adults who got diddled by grandpa (I don't know a single fucking one, but then again I don't hang around with people like you). That's what we call "anecdotal evidence" and it isn't worth jack shit. The exact same reason family court judges can't just throw everyone in jail based on some he-said, she-said bullshit. Common sense is not an example of the problem, pussies like you are. If you had your way, I'm sure a judge could just (without evidence, of course, like all authoritarians enjoy) throw people away because mommy said daddy touched little Johnny or Janie. Sadly, people who let emotions rather than facts or common sense (like yourself) are starting to ruin enough lives that these things are finally coming to light.

Better to let 1,000 guilty men free than imprison 1 innocent man. You know, the way it's supposed to work. In a free country, not the kind you like (I hear Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Iran are nice this time of year). If you want innocent people to be jailed because of feewings, get the fuck out. You don't understand what freedom and liberty really are.

Comment: Reinforcing Echo Chambers (Score 1) 279

So, posters on message boards deemed "anti-social" or that have views that are not tolerated by the community are now the definition of troll? Wow, that's a good way to make sure opposing viewpoints never get heard. The "algorithm" will just drop any message that goes against the "party line".

I'd imagine there are plenty of places where if you stand up for your individual rights and privacy you'd be marked a subversive and the community wouldn't tolerate your presence. How about speaking of the value of equal civil rights for all humans on the kkk.org forums? I'm pretty sure the community would be pretty intolerant to your viewpoint there!

When did the definition of "troll" become someone who has a viewpoint that you don't necessarily want to hear? A troll, for those who don't know, is someone who legitimately goes out of his or her way to get a rise out of someone just for laughs. Someone who is passionate about an issue that may go against popular opinion or a political narrative doesn't make them a troll. Not having the best grammar and writing skills doesn't make you a troll.

This is purely a push by establishment websites to automate the moderators who go through and do the wholesale deletion of any and all viewpoints that go against the "party line" with robots so in the case of any kind of populist backlash against the predetermined narrative and status quo, they won't have to rely on humans that (possibly) have critical thinking skills going outside the box.

Comment: Re: Warning!!! (Score 1) 116

by clonehappy (#49447413) Attached to: 'Let's Encrypt' Project Strives To Make Encryption Simple

I'm not sure why I'm responding to you, as it's obvious to me that you're being disingenuous. Doing the "right thing" is obvious to most people. If you have no moral or ethical compass, then I'm sure this one's hard for you.

But anyone who was taught right from wrong knows that wholesale monitoring of the private communications of citizens in a free country is a bad thing. It can only lead to abuses and tyrannical actions by those doing the spying. Opposing something that foments tyranny is being on the right side of history.

Wishful thinking is going along to get along and hoping that history won't repeat itself. Rolling over to every abuse of authority gives a group of people already predisposed to sociopathy the psychological approval they need to commit more and larger abuses because they think we're all marks and they can just continue to pull the wool over your eyes. It can go no other way, unless you stand up for yourself.

If you stick your neck out, it might get you decapitated, or it might not. But cowering ensures the negative outcome every time. The choice is up to each and every one of us.

Comment: Re: Warning!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 116

by clonehappy (#49446711) Attached to: 'Let's Encrypt' Project Strives To Make Encryption Simple

Cowards like you have never changed the world. Sad, really. Not that I think I'm going to, or anything, but for fuck's sake man stop being a pussy! If we're so beaten, and privacy's so dead, then what the fuck have we to lose by figthing for what's right?

I'd rather be suicidal and on the right side of history than get to live a meek, shallow little existence cowering in my hole waiting to die, afraid to say the wrong thing or think the wrong ideas. Sure, someone may eventually kill me or persecute me because I believe in freedom and liberty and privacy, but they won't be taking away my dignity. I've done nothing wrong, and I have the right to think and say what I want (as do you). I, for one, will be exercising those rights until I'm six feet under.

Being cowards and letting everyone roll over on us is how we got in this mess in the first place. It's not too late to take ownership of your historical defeatism and try to affect change.

Comment: Nonsense (Score 3, Insightful) 1168

This is all just a distraction and pandering to a political base. No business that likes money and wants to continue making money will be discriminating against anyone. Big corporations surely don't care who or what you sleep with in bed at night if you want to give them money. Small businesses can't afford to lose a sale. And if a small business decides to put their own religious beliefs in front of making money, then so be it if they go under.

This is another "look over here; be outraged!" political move by the establishment to make sure no one is looking at any of the important issues facing us on the world stage while at the same time furthering the "left/right" political divide and causing more animosity amongst the LGBT community that the "straights" are trying to oppress them (even though no one, straight, republican, or otherwise actually supports legalized discrimination).

Comment: Re:Wrong target (Score 1) 56

by clonehappy (#49357799) Attached to: Google Loses Ruling In Safari Tracking Case

Why not both? Apple should be held accountable for their software ignoring the flags set by the user (if that's actually the case, and I'll get to that later), but Google should be held accountable for exploiting a weakness in someone else's systems.

If I were to exploit a bug for profit, I'd get to look forward to federal PMITA prison. When large corporate conglomerates do the same thing, they get to laugh about how they didn't cause anyone financial losses, so they should get away scot-free.

That being said, the "Do Not Track" flag was never a setting that stopped tracking cookies from being set by websites, it was an extra flag sent along with your request that said "Pretty Please with Sugar on Top, Don't Track Me, Okay Guys?", which any websites were free to (and I assume they all did anyway, especially Google) ignore. I don't ever remember a setting in Safari that disallowed cookies but wasn't "Private Browsing" mode. Private Browsing just clears everything when you close the browser, so the only other setting could be the "Do Not Track" flag.

Which anyone who was paying attention should have realized was completely bogus to begin with.

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