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Comment Re:Eagerly looking forward to this technology (Score 0) 154

You're fucking joking, right? I wouldn't have a car programmed by someone else to do who-knows-what if you paid me to use it.

Software glitches and shitty programming are fine on computers, hell, they keep me in a paycheck. But hurtling down the highway at high speeds with steel and glass all around me? No thanks.

You must be one of those mentally ill "transhumanists" or something, that somehow think machines programmed by humans are somehow more capable than humans themselves.

Comment If it's ever touched a major provider's server (Score 0) 74

Expect it to be indexed and viewable at will by the United States or just about any other modern Western government. It doesn't matter if it's "archived" there or not, it's archived there. Once it hits a server and gets replicated for backups and redundancy, it exists forever. Deletion does nothing. A log is kept (even if it's just in the backups) of every email, chat, IM, SMS, etc. you've ever sent or received. You can bet on it.

Comment How about the FCC just does its job? (Score 5, Interesting) 173

If someone is interfering with a licensed station, why doesn't the FCC investigate the source of the interference? In the old days, if you were being a nuisance to a licensed station, you were in for a world of hurt if being intentionally malicious. At the bare minimum, and idiot user would have had their equipment confiscated for being clueless.

Is it too hard for them to actually go out and do the one thing they unquestionably have the authority to do? Or is this just another power grab by the FCC and the administration to quash tech freedom wherever they see fit in the name of "safety".

Comment Re:Maybe we should ban pools (Score 0) 822

Swimming pools are used for recreation, to relax after a hard day at work, to provide some entertainment on the weekend and can be beautiful just to look at.

Guns are used only for racist white people to kill brown people with and are scary, haven't you been keeping up with the media's narrative?? (sarcasm off)

Never mind that the vast, vast majority of guns are never used in a crime, gun deaths are nearly half the level that they were in 1990, and that a large swath of the population use guns for hunting, sport, self-defense, protection in the wilderness, provide entertainment for people, and are collectible and can be beautiful just like anything anyone as a hobbyist may collect or be an aficionado of.

And that passing laws to ban something means that only people who don't care about the law will possess that item. But don't worry about all that, guns still have to be banned and stuff. For The Children(tm), remember. Are you a terrorist?

Besides, swimming pools will be on the list soon enough. I'm sure somewhere down on the list of recreational activities or items people enjoy, some nanny-stater has swimming pools on the roll of things to be banned from the common unwashed masses. We just have to wait for them to manage to take everything deemed more important away first. I really wish these control freaks would just go away already. It's really getting tiring having to hear their incessant childish bleating about guns all fucking day long.

If they think it's so scary to have guns in the hands of the citizenry, why don't they just move to the any number of wonderful gun-free utopias that they trot out every time this discussion comes up? Oh yeah, that's right. Because most of those places are shitholes, have violent crime problems of their own, and it's really not about safety or children or any of that drivel, it's about taking something away from someone else for their own good, because of course, they always know best!

Comment Re:mailto: (Score 4, Insightful) 111

It's not.

Just like every meatspace annoyance turned into public hyperventilation when translated into computer annoyances, now every regular computer annoyance means public hyperventilation when translated into mobile annoyances.

Even for slashdot, calling this an "exploit" is a fucking stretch. But oh yeah, fuck Apple or something...

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