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Comment Re:Haven't I heard this before? (Score 4, Insightful) 112

I'm all for jumping on the good, old-fashioned Comcast hate train when it's deserved (like my increasingly saturated 105M cable connection that struggles to provide 50-60 during peak periods), but please explain to me how someone running the Xfinity hotspot on their router makes them have a "really vulnerable wifi connection"?

There are two separate networks being broadcast from the access point. One, which connects to the customer's LAN, is available for the owner to use at full speed. The other, which does not connect to the internal LAN, only to the outside world, and is rate limited to ensure full performance of the customer's provisioned speed and is available to outside users. Outside users must authenticate using their Xfinity credentials to connect. These credentials are logged, so if any nefarious activity originates from the connection it will be attributed to it's rightful owner.

The internal network is still password protected (well, as protected as any wireless network can be, I suppose) so no one will be connecting to your private network.

I agree that the Xfinity hotspot should be opt-in because it uses electricity and adds extra RF to what is usually an already noisy spectrum band, but this in no way, shape, or form, makes your wifi connection "really vulnerable". No more vulnerable that wifi already is, anyway. Stop fear-mongering.

Comment Free Speech melts Special Snowflakes (Score 4, Insightful) 226

Essentially the argument against free, anonymous speech is that people will show the world exactly how they feel deep down inside. They won't filter, they won't self-censor, they won't be politically correct. And that's A Bad Thing(tm) according to the powers that be, so we have to shut it down. What a cowardly fucking attitude to have.

Grow a fucking set and learn to deal with criticism. Some people don't like me for whatever reason. A few even probably HATE me. And that's absolutely their right to do so. In fact, it's a pillar of free society to be able to have whatever opinions you like, whether or not it hurts someone's feelings, or (gasp!) makes someone uncomfortable or shatters the fragile little ego of some useless millennial* leech who can't attain respect on their own merits so they have to demand respect from society through the control of thought and language to protect themselves from the truth.

I think pure, unadulterated, uncensored, open speech is the most beautiful thing in the world. As hateful or unpopular as much of that speech is, it's how someone really feels and that person deserves to have their say just as much as any special snowflake or "safe space" dweller. In fact those snowflakes are the majority amongst the millennials of my generation due to their narcissistic addiction to social media and their tendency to be "followers". Where are the safe spaces for the minority of us who can still think critically and for ourselves, peer pressure and popular opinion be damned?

And if comment sections are so overrun with said incorrect thoughts, you have to wonder if maybe the people censoring them are the ones that are "incorrect".

Comment Re:Current plan (Score 2, Informative) 155

Every Verizon SMARTPHONE (did you even read the TITLE of the post?) being sold today has a SIM slot.

And no one ever said buying outright would historically (it will now) lead to a lower monthly bill. I said that you were always paying full price for the phone whether you were stupid enough to do it outright or take the subsidy which is what anyone with half a brain always did.

Comment Re:Current plan (Score 3, Informative) 155

You must be the idiot.

All modern Verizon LTE smartphones (2011+ or so) have been fully compatible with GSM/UMTS networks for years now. And yes, they're completely unlocked and can be used on any carrier worldwide. You are aware that LTE is a GSM-based standard, aren't you? And that Verizon uses SIM cards even for authentication to their CDMA network, right? And that Verizon phones are some of the MOST compatible phones on the market since they can be used on any GSM carrier for at least HSPA level connectivity AND Verizon, too? And that a modern Verizon LTE smartphone s fully compatible with the majority of T-Mobile's LTE service and can work fully on their network in most areas?

And even that you were paying "full price" for the phone even way back when Verizon was strictly an IS-95 CDMA network. It was baked into the cost of the service and was enforced through the 2-year contract. You did know that as well, didn't you?

Submission + - One In Four Indiana Residents Lost Data in Electronic Records Firm Hack->

chicksdaddy writes: Four million patients of more than 230 hospitals, doctors offices and clinics had patient data exposed in a May hack of the Fort Wayne, Indiana firm Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), which makes the NoMoreClipBoard electronic health records system, according to the Indiana Attorney General.( The breach affected 3.9 million people. But it hit MIE's home state of Indiana especially hard. In all, 1.5 million Hoosiers had data exposed in the hack, almost a quarter of the state's population, the Security Ledger reports. (

But the breach affects healthcare organizations from across the country, with healthcare providers ranging from prominent hospitals to individual physicians’ offices and clinics are among 195 customers of the NoMoreClipboard product that had patient information exposed in the breach. And, more than a month after the breach was discovered, some healthcare organizations whose patients were affected are still waiting for data from EMI on how many and which patients had information exposed.

“We have received no information from MIE regarding that,” said a spokeswoman for Fort Wayne Radiology Association (, one of hundreds of healthcare organizations whose information was compromised in the attack on MIE.

According to MIE’s statement, released on July 24, individuals who received services from Fort Wayne Radiology Association and a variety of other imaging and MRI centers were also compromised when a database relating to the healthcare providers was breached in the incident, MIE said. That contained data going back more 17 years and involved another 44 healthcare organizations in three states: Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - 10 years of Intel processors compared->

jjslash writes: An interesting look back at the evolution of Intel CPUs since the original Core 2 Duo E6600 and Core 2 Quad processors were introduced. The test pits the eight year old CPUs to their successors in the Nehalem, Sandy Bridge and Haswell families, including today's Celeron and Pentium parts which fare comparably well. A great reference just days before Intel's new Skylake processor debuts.
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Comment Re:2035?? (Score 1, Insightful) 231

Enough with this shit. The "gold standard" Google cars aren't even close to being able to drive themselves autonomously today. WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP THINKING THIS IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN???

I would venture to bet things like lane guidance and the ability to drive a straight line on a limited access highway will be required by 2035, but if anyone thinks cars are just going to magically drive themselves everywhere in 20 years, they're out of their goddamned minds.

And I'll still be driving my manually driven car. Fuck you if you think I'm going to let Google drive for me, they can't even build a usable fucking smartphone in'll be a cold day in hell before they're responsible for safely piloting me around in a 2 ton death machine.

Comment The World is Scary, Film at 11... (Score 2) 381

If this wasn't more blatant political pandering and yet another attempt to censor the Internet by the fucking Brits, I would ask whether or not anyone is smart enough to realize that the world is a scary place. We don't let kids wander around aimlessly in real life, we have designated areas, usually our own homes, the homes of trusted friends and neighbors, schools, etc. where children are allowed to be and operate with minimal controls.

When we take children to the city, or the store, or anywhere else that Bad Things Can Happen(tm), they are closely supervised and monitored. Now, I realize that that's impossible on the Internet. So, instead of trying to get some kind of verification method, tld, or whatever not-gonna-work flavor of the week they can come up with, why not just have a ".kids" tld or something that only has approved kiddy-friendly bullshit then set up your connections so that's all the kids can get to? All the big sites could set up .kids friendly pages, so there wouldn't be a need for anyone under, say, 12, to go anywhere else. And 13+, they're practically adults anyway and can handle the unfettered internet.

It would be so much easier to set up a whitelist than any of these half-cocked identity schemes for political brownie points, but again this is all about pandering and censorship, not protecting children, so no real solution will ever be put in place as the regulators don't want their favorite bogeyman to disappear.

Comment Re:Crapdroid? No thanks. (Score -1) 154

As someone who has been using Android since "donut", iOS since 2.0, and BlackBerry since BB OS 4.5, I can safely say Android indeed jumped the shark somewhere around the 4.0 ICS era, possibly 4.1 JB. 4.0 seemed to be the best mix of stability and functionality. While stability has increased through the 4.x series into 5.x, it seems as if functionality continues to be removed from the user while making it harder to root to do what you need it to.

I've actually been liking iOS a little more, and BB 10 a LOT more the more I've used them lately, and I've also been having less and less need for my Android phone. It's a fun toy at this point, but not much more. While I would mark the parent comment as "Troll" in general, I'm starting to get behind the sentiment of Android LOLOLOL.

The "new, shiny" of pocket computing has worn off. If I need to get real work done, I'll use a real computer. If I need a web browser/basic apps and the ability to communicate on the go, I'll use a smartphone. Web browsing and basic apps are done much better on literally every other platform. Even BB 10 and WP 8.1 are smoother, have a better look and feel, and are generally more stable, even though app selection is lacking. Android wins the "smartphone wars" in the same way VHS won the "home tape format" war. It's shotgun marketed at the lowest common denominator, performance and polish be damned.

Comment Just What I've Always Wanted! (Score 1) 252

I've always dreamed of this mode of transportation!

Imagine having a car that's never just sitting idle, depreciating in the driveway or the parking lot at work, when it could be being productive all day long!

Yes, indeed! I've always wanted a car that rather than being my own space to unwind on the drive home could be busy shuttling smelly people and their kids, smelly goods, etc. around the city all day! I could have all kinds of new coffee stains in new places because people aren't paying attention to the pothole that the automated piece of shit is about to drive straight over. I could even have new types of stains on the interior!

Imagine that, even the local corner hooker could use my car as her own personal "by-the-half-hour" motel room! More new types of puddles on the interior to examine and enjoy the aroma of. How exciting!

And nevermind the wear and tear and mileage, Uber is paying me! Another added benefit, I bet by the end of the day I wouldn't even have to decide on what to have for dinner, because there would be plenty of yummy new types of food scents in the car. And probably some garbage to clean out of it, you know how people are with "public transportation". And speaking of, why would anyone bother taking the train or bus when they can just use some other chump's car? And with that, the constant maintenance, repair and replacement of said car. Yes, that's the key! Consume MORE!

As an aside, I've actually gotten to experience this mode of transportation in my life. The kind where it smells like curry and cigar smoke, with something sticky underneath the seat. It's called a taxi. There's a reason I drive my own car and don't take taxis. They stink, they're beat up pieces of shit, they drive all day and night, and they're operated by someone other than me. And I don't want my car to be a bunch of random people's own private subway car for the day. Fuck that.

Robocars (along with fully autonomous cars in general), are never going to happen, will never be practical, and are a stupid idea from stupid people who are too lazy, self-absorbed, and deluded to see why they don't work and will never work regardless of how much technology we throw at them.

Comment Re:A case of out of control Liberals (Score 1) 177

There's no 75% tax rate

You're absolutely correct!

From TFL: "The overall rate of social security and tax on the average wage in 2005 was 71.3% of gross salary"

And that was in 2005. I'm sure taxes have dropped dramatically in France in the last decade, as they have across the globe. (/sarcasm)

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