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Comment: Re:A number of countries?? Say it ain't so! (Score 1) 73

by click2005 (#47179647) Attached to: Vodafone Reveals Warrantless Wiretapping

The government and politicians will listen eventually, and all it takes is a lot of letter-writing and actual voting.

That just shows how little you know about how government works. I suggest you watch if you want to learn the truth.

Lawrence Lessig's SuperPACs might be the only thing that could actually change things and even that is a long shot.

Comment: Re:Or call your credit card company ... (Score 1) 228

by click2005 (#47174155) Attached to: AT&T To Use Phone Geolocation To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Except that is a great segue into a scam.

- The last four digits of your card are pretty easy to get - they are typically printed out on paper / transmitted in the clear.
- If they have your email (not hard), and they can get you to respond to your message, then they try to have you give them the rest of the card number (for security) and, for even more 'security' your PIN number and
- Profit!

Seriously? Are you stupid enough to give out your PIN ever? If the person is giving this out, no amount of security is going to help.
There are any number of ways that the CC company could verify the authenticity, the last 4 digits was purely to identify the card.

Comment: What??? (Score 1) 35

by click2005 (#47147311) Attached to: Interviews: Jennifer Granick Answers Your Questions

"It interferes with the sanctity of search, which should be about getting people the most relevant results. Instead, it allows individuals to try to hide information about themselves, even if true. "

So only Google, governments & the MPAA/RIAA should be allowed to manipulate search results? Search results are already contaminated so how is giving everyone the chance to do it worse than a select few?

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