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Comment: Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 328 328

Police with a warrant can open doors, break chains, crack safes, pick locks, take your keys, or do pretty much anything else they want to do to get access to your private information.

Then let them break the encryption themselves, they shouldn't be allowed to force me to help them.

Comment: Re:Very broken system (Score 2) 212 212


  • Each card and ATM is given a public/private key pair.
  • The public keys are signed by the bank's private key
  • Every card also contains the bank's public key

When the card is inserted, the ATM asks for the card's public key

  1. The ATM then verifies that the card's public key was signed by the bank, using the bank's public key.
  2. The ATM then encrypts a block of random data with the card's public key, and asks the card to decrypt it.
  3. If the card successfully replies with the same random data, it has just proven that it has the private key that it claims to have

Then it's the card's turn to repeat the same process:

  1. It asks the ATM for its public key, verifies that it was signed by the bank, using the bank's public key.
  2. The card encrypts a block of data with the ATM's public key, asks the ATM to decrypt it

At this point, both the card and the ATM know that they are talking to the appropriate device. Each device can then generate a symmetrical key for that session, and encrypt it with the other device's public key, and use those keys for any further communication.

Comment: Re:Off-topic advice (Score 1) 116 116

The way that Apple did. A single binary (whether executable or library) can contain code for multiple instruction sets. There is no need for separate areas on the file system for 32- or 64-bit support, there is no need for separate 32- or 64-bit builds of the OS, etc.

Comment: Anonymous Proxy (Score 2) 200 200

Couldn't these Australian Journalists use an American as an anonymous proxy of sorts? That is, when you find a good source of information, tell him/her to reveal the information to an American, and then use that person as your source. You can then freely name your source, but that source can't be compelled by the Australian courts to name the original source.

Every problem can be solved by adding a layer of indirection ... or beer :)

Comment: Re:For the Nth time now! (Score 1) 532 532

Wow, I never knew that a powered-down iPod was less likely to become a projectile than one that is turned on. You've really educated me on the physics in the imaginary world that you inhabit.

And as to ignoring the safety breifing, who the F cares about the safety briefing? It's the same thing every time and it's all common sense information. Really, the nearest exit might be behind me? My seat floats? Wow, I'd be dead in a crash if I didn't hear those little nuggets of wisdom for the 7 millionth time.

If the alertness of the passengers was as important as you claim, nobody would be allowed to sleep, eat or go to the bathroom on planes; nobody would be allowed to read books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The problem with repeating this "you don't know how many times" is that everyone already knows that it isn't true. Repeating lies over and over again just convinces people that everything you say is a lie (c.f. The Boy Who Cried Wolf)

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