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Comment: The premise is idiotic. (Score 3, Informative) 251

by jcr (#48178313) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

Microsoft's "Surface" is just the latest round of their "tablet PC" debacle, which had been a continuous failure for over a decade before the iPad was introduced. iPad succeeded because Apple didn't try to shoehorn a desktop OS into a device where it clearly didn't fit.

To suggest that Apple should abandon a successful approach for a failed approach demonstrates that the author should find a different line of work, he's obviously out of his depth writing about the computer industry.


Comment: Re:Supreme Court (Score 1) 112

by jcr (#48111909) Attached to: National Security Letter Issuance Likely Headed To Supreme Court

Citizens United was not the correct ruling.

Actually, this is a rare example of something that the court got right. The government doesn't have any legal authority to infringe our freedom of speech, whether we act individually or collectively, and when acting collectively, whether that collective is a corporation, a partnership, or any other kind of organization. Opponents of the CU decision claim that the decision amounts to declaring that corporations are people, which entirely orthogonal to the question of whether the government can shut people up.

Bribes are not a protected form of speech,

Campaign contributions aren't bribes. Money given to a candidate off the books that they can use for hookers and blow are bribes.


Comment: Re:What's wrong with helicopters? (Score 2, Insightful) 203

by jcr (#48080415) Attached to: A Production-Ready Flying Car Is Coming This Month

if I could ride somewhere in this thing, get out of it and have it fly off and park itself elsewhere, then fine.


Flying cars need to be fully robotic to catch on. If they can be safely used by a child or a drunk, and they can navigate by themselves to pick people up, drop them off, and park somewhere, then their advantages over ground cars become compelling.


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Journal: Three years after Steve died... 1

Journal by jcr

I don't think I've written this down anywhere before, so here's my story about the first time I had a face-to-face conversation with Steve Jobs.

I was working for Richard Kerris in Apple Worldwide Developer Relations, on a group called the SWAT team. I was the Cocoa expert on that team, and I had colleagues who had expertise in UNIX internals, Windows development, and the Metrowerks tools.

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