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Comment: Re:An interesting death spiral (Score 1) 502

by jcr (#47611629) Attached to: Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company

But there are a number of customers who can't leave. Some are simply the poor who can't obtain the credit for the capital costs, others are people in poor solar/wind locations; and then there are the high density customers who simply can't obtain a sufficient amount of renewables from their property such as tall buildings and factories.

I would expect those customers to still be better off, because lowered demand for coal and oil will drop the prices of those fuels.


Comment: Re:How Google Trains Their Recruiters - Old IT Guy (Score 1) 108

by jcr (#47607841) Attached to: LinkedIn Busted In Wage Theft Investigation

I'm not interested in another battery of wanna-be MENSA admission tests.

I never interviewed at Google, because I know several first-rate developers that got screened out by those hoop-jumping exercises. I have one friend there who asked me several times to apply, but he couldn't tell me what he was working on. Turned out his project was Google Earth. Might have been interesting to work on, but I think I did much better for myself and my career by going to Apple.


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