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Submission + - Why Microsoft's Anti-iPad Strategy Will Backfire->

snydeq writes: "Microsoft's isolationist tack toward Apple's iPad will only make Windows, Office, and SharePoint less relevant to users, predicts Mobile Edge's Galen Gruman. 'Microsoft's strategy to isolate the iPad from its Office and SharePoint technologies could easily backfire and instead sequester Office and SharePoint from the greater mobile market, where the growth actually is. ... To prevent that fate, Microsoft should untie Office and SharePoint from Windows. Doing so would give Microsoft productivity platform dominance across most of the computing market. In other words, the iPad could be a new platform for Microsoft's historic strategy of "embrace and extend" to win in markets where it had little presence, as it did in the Internet and in the server realm.'"
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Comment Re:How dare they sue us! (Score 1) 381

I've never seen a single picture frame that looks like an iPad.

So you have never seen a picture frame in the shape of a rectangle that has either a black or a white border?

Were you out hunting a woolly mammoth when you fell into the icy water and only recently thawed yourself out?

Comment Re:Good Idea (Score 1) 951

As soon you get used to it, then you will work faster.

That is true. When my master gave me my first whipping, i didn't like it one bit. But after a while calluses formed and it was perfectly fine. In fact I now use the crack of the whip to help me keep a good steady pace while I'm working the fields.

Comment Re:Ron Paul 2012 (Score 2) 499

You are injecting too much politics into this. Do you really think that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh's audience have the economic power to cause a major commodity to rise to an all time high? For a major commodity like gold to go up in price some major players have to be getting in on the action. And in fact, China and India have been buying large amounts of gold.

And it makes sense why people are buying. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world economy right now. There are fears from austerity measures in Europe as well as debt/unemployment woes in the US. Gold makes a very nice hedge. If the fears are justified then there is no bubble. But if you are so sure that you know more than the market, feel free to short gold.

Inflation has not been the problem over the last few years

Considering that the FED's definition of inflation excludes food and energy prices, I tend to dismiss anyone that says inflation isn't that bad.

The gold standard would be a great thing for very few people. and I'd bet dollars to donuts that you aren't actually one of them

Despite its occasional ups and downs, gold is pretty good at keeping its purchasing power. The dollar is not. Inflation is a real killer for people on fixed incomes, so I fail to see why you think price stability is only good for the rich.

Comment Re:Great way to cut down on the affiliate link spa (Score 1) 623

It's a more difficult case to make, but California ought to pass a law, saying, if you want to do business in this state, you need to pay our sales tax

I have a better idea. How about they keep their hands off the net before they make it as pathetic as the California public schools, roads, DMV, or anything else the California government controls

Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.