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Comment: yawn (Score 1) 202

by ypctx (#28495289) Attached to: The Battle Between Google and Facebook
Just by quickly scanning the article, it looks like their world domination is intended to hinge on the "Facebook Connect" thing for websites --- which Google already has an answer to: the "Google Friend Connect". (Correct me, if you indulge in reading 20 page advertising articles about nothing.)

All in all, saying that "Facebook is going to dethrone Google" sounds to me as saying "Somalian pirates are going to defeat US army and then dominate the western society."

Facebook: blah blah dominate blah blah
Google: yawn (removes Facebook from search index)

But to stay objective, Google should seriously do something about the abomination named Orkut, which runs on .aspx. But I guess they don't care too much - their intent is to social-networkize the whole web using open protocols - and open thinking - which is why they will succeed.

Comment: don't sell, license and patent (Score 1) 412

by ypctx (#27903807) Attached to: What To Do When a Megacorp Wants To Buy You?
I will append my opinion here, because parent is probably the only comment that mentions licensing.
Can't believe the licensing option wasn't mentioned more in this discussion - if you've got a killer IP, then approach the MegaCorp's competitors, and offer non-exclusive licensing deals to the MegaCorp *and* their competitors, at the same time.
That will make them think twice about developing the product themselves from scratch and losing the edge during that time.
Put the first money you make towards a patent application, assuming you are a prior (first) art.
Don't sell out in these times, if you've got a place to live and something to eat, the money is just a piece of paper. Money can dramatically devalue from one day to another, MegaCorps can fall or downsize to the bone.
It all depends on whether you really believe in your idea.

Comment: what waporware? (Score 1) 565

by ypctx (#27857059) Attached to: Duke Nukem For Never
Exactly as the name says, it will be in development forever. It's the customer expectations based on this misunderstanding, that was misguided.

On a more serious note though, maybe now it's the time for the company to do the right thing and open source / free domain the game for everybody to finish. Even if in the form of a Quake3 mod, or based on its engine.

Comment: Re:Obligatory film reference.... (Score 1) 102

by ypctx (#26615299) Attached to: A.I. and Robotics Take Another Wobbly Step Forward
They have, but the only effect of that was - upon seeing two crew members talking in a sound proof area - an immediate suspicion of mission endagerment followed by ejection of said sound proof area to the outer space and blasting it to pieces with an ion cannon, as to lower the probability of its return to an acceptable value.

Comment: Re:But if the banks were forced to accept a strait (Score 1) 873

by ypctx (#26204139) Attached to: The US economy is heading toward ...

The reason we are in this mess is allowing of sub-primes to the general population, relaxing the the debt-to-net ratio for some institutions from 12:1 to 30:1, not regulating predatory and misleading lending practices and because credit default swaps were explicitly NOT regulated.

And logically, I think the next question is: Was at least one of the above points done with the intent to actually create the current crisis?

The herd instinct among economists makes sheep look like independent thinkers.