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Comment What rip off? (Score 1) 154 154

Nobody is "ripping off" the military. They negotiated a bulk buying discount through the DISA. To save time/avoid some paperwork, they decided to go around DISA and pay commercial rates like non-military customers. You can't buy your groceries at the local 7-11 and then claim you should get the lower Costco prices because you're a Costco member but just could be bothered to drive to Costco.

Comment industrialized farming (Score 5, Interesting) 131 131

Dr. Grandin: Over the course of your career you have seen (and promoted) many changes in the humane treatment of livestock. However, over that same time period you've witnessed the decline of small family farms in favor of large-scale industrial farming with it's focus on economic efficiency. Overall, do you believe farm animals are better or worse off now?

Comment Re:Giving it power (Score 1) 818 818

I don't understand why there has suddenly been such a huge push to eradicate the rebel flag. It isn't like there has been a sudden groundswell in people who are opposed to racism or race-related violence...

Same reason there is a sudden call for gun control/banning violent video games in the wake of a school shooting, or a call for increased airport security after and a terrorist attack, or a call for mental health advocacy after a celebrity suicide. In the wake a tragedy, people feel the need to do "Something" (or more correctly, feel the need for someone else to do "Something"). Generally, that "Something" has little or nothing to do with preventing future tragedies. When the news cycle moves on to the next tragedy, it will be forgotten.

Comment Passengerless vehicles? (Score 1) 435 435

As many others have pointed out, the windows serve many purposes beyond aiding the driver. In fact there is very little in a car (other than the controls and instrument panel) that are specifically intended for the driver (mirrors maybe?). A better question would be, what could change in a passengerless vehicle (package or pizza delivery, street cleaner, snow plow, Google Street View camera car, etc)?

Comment National Security? (Score 1) 169 169

Even if you buy the argument that a trade agreement is a national security issue, the level of secrecy is still outrageous. Congressional oversight committees regularly deal with REAL top-secret, national security documents and do not have this level of restrictions.

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