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Comment Why do you think doctors want ads banned? (Score 1) 305

Price controls and a ban on doctor kickbacks are the real things needed.

I suspect this is what's really driving doctors to want the ads banned. In the old days, pharma companies would "market" to doctors (i.e. kickbacks) to promote their drugs. Now they've cut out the middleman and market directly to the consumers.

Comment Too busy working (Score 1) 229

...old talent doesn't understand the new stuff.

A more accurate statement would be "old talent is too busy working to learn new stuff" or "management thinks it's cheaper to hire new grads than invest in existing talent" or "management doesn't recognize self-taught skills that don't have a certification" or "old talent has been around long enough to know that currently trendy buzzword is not an appropriate solution".

Comment MANY people knew about it (Score 4, Insightful) 494

Theoretically possible perhaps, but what incentive would "lone wolf" coders have for making the mechanical engineers look good? Even if the mechanical engineers who designed the engine and pollution control systems didn't know about the code changes, they should have had a good idea of what the approximate test results should have been, and if they were way better than expected it should have raised major red flags. Same goes for QA. Even if the change wasn't caught in a code review, the too-good-to-be-true results alone should have raised questions. I bet lots of people knew about this and either didn't want to risk their jobs by asking about it or were told "don't worry about it, it's a decision made above your pay grade". Unfortunately, we live in a world that demonizes whistle-blowers.

Comment Elsevier is desperate (Score 3, Insightful) 125

This partnership says more about Elsevier than it does about Wikipedia. With so many researchers abandoning them, they are willing to make deals with Wikipedia, an organization they would have laughed at just a few years ago, just to maintain some kind of relevancy. I think it shows how desperate they truly are.

Comment Stability, not features (Score 1) 254

I've been forced to work with LibreOffice for the last year after working in MS Office for a decade. For me the problem with LibreOffice is not features but stability. LibreOffice Calc will frequently freeze and/or crash if I'm working with large data sets (no complicated calculations, just a lot of raw data that Excel can handle without problems). LibreOffice Write is okay (in fact, it handles old versions of MS Word documents better than the new version of Word) but random weirdness with images and tables moving around makes it hard to trust. Fancy features I can live without, but the lack of stability drives me crazy.

Comment What rip off? (Score 1) 154

Nobody is "ripping off" the military. They negotiated a bulk buying discount through the DISA. To save time/avoid some paperwork, they decided to go around DISA and pay commercial rates like non-military customers. You can't buy your groceries at the local 7-11 and then claim you should get the lower Costco prices because you're a Costco member but just could be bothered to drive to Costco.

Comment industrialized farming (Score 5, Interesting) 131

Dr. Grandin: Over the course of your career you have seen (and promoted) many changes in the humane treatment of livestock. However, over that same time period you've witnessed the decline of small family farms in favor of large-scale industrial farming with it's focus on economic efficiency. Overall, do you believe farm animals are better or worse off now?

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