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Comment: Re:Grounds for termination (Score 1) 450

So here's another one - don't work for a place large enough to have a legal department that can get you sacked :)
I'm in the resource exploration sector, and things can move slooowly. Ten year old emails do get dragged out at times when the client wants to have a bit more done on a project. Data tapes from the 1970s even get dragged out of storage at times when the client has lost the original. So sometimes business convenience outweighs the risk of negative outcomes from legal discovery.

Comment: Sometimes there is very bad advice (Score 1) 450

That's an interesting answer kids, pretend to be self-reliant by sponging off others and start a business when you have little experience on how to do anything involved with it. Why would we want the kids to have their attitude adjusted to that?
A different answer is to get some skills together so you have something to sell first. If you can't keep it in your pants long enough to get that far before having kids then why do you think you have enough self discipline to run your own business anyway?
This "get your attitude adjusted" shit is condescending and hilarious in this suggestion where an "entrepreneurial type" is supposed to sponge off their parents. It sounds more childish than entrepreneurial to me.

Comment: Re:In Office Politics... (Score 1) 450

I don't play office politics, but I do document everything

Now that's a good tip, a related one is you are responsible for stuff that other people use make sure you have excellent logging/records/snapshots/real backups/etc. There really are "dog ate my homework" people out there that will try to get you sacked for losing emails/documents/etc that never existed as a distraction from them not doing the work in the first place. It won't cure them but you will no longer be the path of least resistance so they'll try their tricks out on others instead.

Comment: Re:1 thing (Score 1) 450

The link doesn't answer the question as to whether that 55% and 70% is from the total of people who were interviewed or the total of people who got the job. If it's the latter then that's bad news for people who do negotiate.
Also it's going to depend on the position and past experience. A recent graduation with no work history doesn't have much to negotiate with and it could be a race to the bottom if the employer considers all recent graduates to be equivalent. In other situations there is a lot more room to negotiate.

Comment: Re:1 thing (Score 1) 450

Most people are terrible at salary negotiation. Based on various studies with some degree of variance, overall they suggest about 55% of men do not negotiate their wages, and about 70% of women do not negotiate their wages. That is NO NEGOTIATION AT ALL.

It's age old and about positions of power. When unemployed there's a strong desire not to risk rejection of a chance to get scraps from the Lord's table by asking for more scraps or better quality scraps.
Risk takers can get that higher salary or they can get shown the door. The outcome is not always obvious. It seems to be easier to negotiate terms for a job you don't want since you are not so worried about pushing things too far and losing the chance.

Comment: Re: 1 thing (Score 1) 450

That's fine but it doesn't really help with "what-do-you-wish-youd-known-starting-your-first-real-job".
Negotiating salary for that first job is an exercise in trying to get screwed over as little as possible since a typical line taken is that the applicant is worthless due to no employment history in that field, and some utter bastards will really push that view on the kids who are just starting out. Then they say something about being "generous" to the "worthless" applicant and offer as low as they can.
It is of course all lies to trick the applicants into a race to the bottom - if they thought the applicants were "worthless" they wouldn't have made it to the interview.

Comment: Re: 1 thing (Score 1) 450

Sadly the even worse loser is the one that doesn't play their game and gets shown the door.
In a lot of places they only employ recent grads because they can screw them over for salary, but where else is a recent grad going to get a job? If you have part time work doing something unrelated to your study that can keep you going long enough to be able to refuse those that want to screw you over more than most or the dead end posts where they chew through recent grads and offer no chance for advancement.
That first job is probably going to be very disappointing but you need something on the C.V. to show that you are capable of working in your field of study a living.

Comment: Pay off debt, start living on 50% of your income (Score 1) 450

If I could give some advice to my past self, it would be to immediately start living on half of my income. That way, I could have paid off debt immediately and started saving.

I wasn't interested in finances back then, but great blogs have cropped up since, like Mr. Money Mustache.

It's about early retirement and I'm not so much interested in that. But after ten years of working for the Man, I wanted to start freelancing. Turns out that if you have a family, you want to have quite a bit of money stashed away when starting.

So I kept working in a job I lost interest in, just to save half a year of income. Only then could I make the step towards starting a business for myself.

Comment: Still needs another vulnerability (Score 5, Insightful) 76

by cerberusss (#49813311) Attached to: Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits


The researcher who discovered the flaw, Pedro Vilaça, said the vulnerability can be used to (some examples) that is invisible to the operating system in the writeable flash memory

So to summarize: as a user, you can sometimes write to EFI memory.

That's currently all there is to it. There's no rootkit, there's no malware, etc. Just this space where you can hide and survive an OS wipe and reinstall.

I'm sure some will come up with a payload that uses this space to hide itself, no doubt about it. But currently, this is all there is to it.

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