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Comment We are talking drops in the ocean not seawater (Score 1) 117

With respect, I was teaching engineering students about corrosion before this site even started so unlike you I am not making shit up. The tiny amounts of chlorine required (wikipedia says 0.5 ppm to 2 ppm you utterly lazy creature), as there is in the drinking water in some places, fail to do measurable damage to stainless steel fittings that they come in contact with when used as drinking water. It's nothing remotely close to the amount of chlorine that is in seawater which attacks many different types of stainless steel. It's nothing remotely close to the concentration in a swimming pool. Look it up instead of making it up - that's what I did but I looked it up first in 1990 and have read a bit since. Now it only takes seconds to look it up - wikipedia has it FFS.
So why do you wish to spread such misinformation? Does it give you some sense of power over the kiddies to make them believe something you just made up? They should look for themselves instead of falling for shit from you or taking my word for granted.

Comment Re: America (Score 1) 391

Yes, but what did Bush do about it?
Blame it on Clinton if you like (also an example of influence on the economy) but Bush could have done something between 2001 and 2008 when it all fell apart, which is my point about how having someone asleep at the wheel is a poor influence on the economy.

Comment Re: America (Score 1) 391

I disagree. That WWII bury them in bodies attitude was still very much in place among the leadership in the 1980s as shown by how the USSR Afganistan campaign was run among other things. It looks like they expected to lose a lot but keep on going in the minor cities.
Remember that Stalingrad lost more of it's population than Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

Comment Above poster seems to be on acid instead of bleach (Score 1) 117

Translation: more than enough to damage the equipment.

WTF do you get something as utterly ridiculous as that from? If you made it up - why? The difference is several orders of magnitude. The drinking water in my city has a concentration of chlorine several times higher than this bacteria can stand, and domestic bleach is far more concentrated again yet still unlikely to "damage the equipment".

plus, it's an added cost, both in time and materials

True, but that's life when you are squirting a deadly bacteria laden aerosol into areas where people are breathing. Some expense to avoid doing that is considered tolerable.

Comment Re:Guaranteed to put stress on any car? As if. (Score 1) 114

No, it's perfectly legal to use the left lane, as long as you occasionally pass people on the middle lane.

Now, as for people doing 280+, I have yet to see one.

You're looking at one. Not very often, but an M3 will get you to 290. There's the occasional supercar as well that I've seen pass me when I was doing 220 or 240.

It's not very often that you have to make way when you're doing over 200, but it happens.

In reality, on sections restricted to 120, you'll have trucks going 90 on the right lane, most people averaging 120-130 on the middle lane, and some doing 150 on the left lane.

True, it's not quite as simple as I made it, but in general, people drive speed limit +10.

Comment Re:Just wait (Score 1) 114

Firstly, in Germany the driver will not pull a gun on you anyway, because we're not maniacs armed to the teeth, we have strict gun laws, and very few shooting sprees.

Secondly, what makes you think the truck won't call the cops (or at least a control center) when you smash the cab window and hit some kind of emergency stop? Or when the freight doors are opened at an unauthorized location?
What makes you think there won't be a camera or three, streaming pictures of your face to the control center?

Your scenario is not very specific to automated trucks. It's a standard robbery with some details adapted. I don't see this as a major point. Especially not in Germany which is a very safe and very densely populated country. These trucks are not likely to be on many completely empty roads.

Comment depends (Score 1) 110

Which country has the best on-line personal privacy laws that would made it patently illegal for any actor, state, or otherwise, to access my information?

Depends which country you want to protect yourself from.

If you are mostly afraid of US companies and the US government, put your server into Russia. They laugh in the face of US companies that make any demands.

For strong privacy laws, many european countries have laws in place much stronger than the US, but beware that they usually have a "if you agree to it, anything goes" clause (which is why these small "I agree to ..." checkboxes are so important there.

Comment Re:Guaranteed to put stress on any car? As if. (Score 1) 114

Yes, it's pretty much a national custom. Also, Germany has extensive driving school with compulsory minimum hours, and driving instructors teach you strongly to signal. You can actually fail the driving test if you don't signal.

However, I disagree on the velocity differences. That depends very much on where you are driving. Some parts of the Autobahn have a 120 km/h speed limit and there you basically have two speeds: 80 km/h for the right lane, mostly filled with trucks, and 120 km/h on the 2nd and 3rd lanes.
On other parts, however, you have no speed limit. Which means you are driving 180 on the middle lane, passing a truck doing 80 on the right lane, and someone going 280 passes you on the left lane. That's two 100 km/h speed differences right there.

Comment clueless author (Score 3, Informative) 114

one environment guaranteed to put stress on any car: the German Autobahn

Uh, no?

Have you ever actually driven on the German Autobahn? It is probably the most simple environment for an autonomous car, because absolutely everything is very clearly defined and built to standards. You have very reliable road quality, width, signaling. No traffic lights, roundabouts or intersections. Very few traffic rules (basically speed limit and whether or not trucks are allowed to overtake on this stretch). Construction sites are about the only tricky spots you will ever encounter. Even incoming and exiting traffic is very simple to handle, because there is one and only one way in which it will ever happen.

If I were to write autonomous driving software, I would start with the Autobahn, and then go to more complicated road systems later.

For trucks, even speed is trivial. The general high speed of trucks is 80 km/h, so if you are a truck you stay on the right lane and stick to that speed and that's it.

Left-lane driving on the Autobahn is more interesting, especially for foreigners (you think you're going crazy fast in your rental car at 190 km/h (about 120 mph), and there's this BMW behind you signaling to get your slow ass out of the way). But we're talking about trucks here.

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