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Comment: Re:To FCC (Score 5, Interesting) 290

by chipschap (#48661491) Attached to: Hotel Group Asks FCC For Permission To Block Some Outside Wi-Fi
I always find that interesting. The high-end hotels, charging hundreds of dollars per night, also charge outrageous fees such as $20 for 24 hours of internet access, two dollars for a local phone call, etc. The $50 motels give you all of that for no extra charge. The only explanation I can come up with is that the high rollers just expense it all and don't care about the cost.

Comment: Re:limited resource (Score 1) 93

by chipschap (#48650513) Attached to: Librarians: The Google Before Google

I am an "old guy" and in "my day" (don't you love these geezer expressions?) the library was all there was. If you lived in a big city the amount of information and knowledge available to you was much greater than if you lived in a small town with a small library. Up to date reference books? Most of them were a decade or more old.

It all had a certain quaint charm to it--- I always loved visiting the library--- but it was unbelievably ineffective. It is so much better today, when incredible amounts of information and knowledge are available to just about anyone, anywhere. And if you want an honest to goodness up to date reference book, Amazon and the Amazon marketplace will have it and can get it to you quickly, and, at least much of the time, affordabley.

(As alluded to in posts above, sometimes too much --- sorting through the chaff is the issue now.)

Comment: Re:Not unexpected. (Score 2) 141

I'm neither an Apple nor a Microsoft user. There is no need for me to criticize either of them (especially from a standpoint of a non-user with limited knowledge). I just ignore them and go on my own way. I'll leave the complaining to people who actually use their products.

On the other hand, I can see complaints from non-users on the basis of compatibility. I do get tired of people saying "send me a Word document" and the like, but they just get whatever LibreOffice puts out and that will have to do. It generally becomes a non-issue. (I don't deal often with complex formats that use every feature on the menu.)

Comment: Re:Sounds more like technical short-sightedness (Score 1) 250

by chipschap (#48526341) Attached to: Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

I left my iPod Shuffle in a pants pocket and put in through a wash and dry cycle. It didn't survive[1]. Am I better off or worse off? I certainly never used iTunes, though; I managed it with a Linux application.

[1] Apple's hardware is pretty solid, but this was a little too much.

Comment: Please get it right, it's not $200 (Score 1) 134

$200 for the 40-year old paper includes membership. Non-members get the paper for $15. Can you please not misrepresent?

Not that I'm defending this. The article should be free, and $15 is way too much (even the 24-hour "rental" for $3 is too much). But it isn't $200.

Comment: Re: Time To Change That Windows Icon (Score 1) 192

I'll politely disagree. I've been using Linux Mint Mate for a number of years with great satisfaction, doing anything from writing novels to hacking Lisp code to maintaining my websites. I don't mind the Chrome UI, but if I did, there would be other choices, such as Pale Moon.

I watch people struggle with Windows 8 and I'm glad I'm not there.

Comment: Re:I am not going to convert (Score 1) 245

by chipschap (#48288207) Attached to: Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime

Heh. I still use RCS :) Definitely good enough for one person projects. I use it (in conjunction with EMACS) for fiction writing.

My point? Fit the tool to the job. RCS is old and doesn't scale well, but what I'm doing only requires something simple and straightforward. CVS, SVN, GIT --- all are overkill for me.

Comment: Re:One thing the JWs got right (Score 1) 669

by chipschap (#48282793) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

The tradition was, in order to prevent the divine name being pronounced by accident, that the vowels for "adonai" were placed in the letters of the tetragrammaton. If you read that as written it sounds like "yehovah". As I understand it, a dumb Middle-Ages Christian scribe transcribed this as-is without knowing the background, with a "J" which sounds like "Y" in German. In English that got pronounced as "Jehovah."

So the JWs got it completely wrong. Their religion is named after a nonsense word due to a scribal error. But none of them seem to know it. A couple of times when they've come calling, I've asked them if they know the origin of the word "Jehovah" and I get blank stares.

Comment: Re:The key is balance (Score 1) 158

by chipschap (#48232555) Attached to: The Problem With Positive Thinking

I think you need to have confidence in yourself and believe that you can do something. But then you need to do the actual work, solve the problems, work for success. To me, there is a difference between fantasizing about success and believing in your ability to achieve it.

In other words, I know I can do X. But to do it, I must do A, B, C, D, and overcome obstacles I, II, III, and IV. That's positive thinking combined with realism and the willingness to do what you have to do.

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